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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Guest Blog: Sultry Summers: Why I Write Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance

I always loved books with either science fiction, or fantasy spicing up the romance, it only seemed the genre I would enjoy writing, and it has been the mainstay of what I write. However, occasionally I write a contemporary, and plan to try my pen at a historical soon.

I have been published for about 10 years now, with around nineteen books, either in e-book and or print. Over the years, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about writing and publishing, and I’m still learning. I started writing to publish late in life, and I truly envy the younger writers who found their ‘muse’ earlier. 

They are in their most productive years. During that time for me, I was working in Environmental Science, Water Technology, and enjoying raising my daughter and taking vacations with my family. I was, however, writing during those years, but those were private stories, at the time, some I have since published. I hope to be writing more in the coming months and years. Keep your eyes open for new works.


High Lady Zera of Seti-Cronus had held her throne for less than a day when High Lord Sarc of Alphxorn marched into her private gathering room and presented his proposal of marriage. Days earlier, she had refused Sarc’s offer, made through his ambassador, sarcastically suggesting he make it in person.

Again, she refuses him. Sarc, already half in love with what appears an Ice Queen challenges her to defend her throne and her rule by a sword duel. Zera’s reputation as an undefeated swordswoman already well known to him, Sarc is determined to win to reunite their worlds. With a ruthless horde of space pirates threatening both their worlds, only together can their peoples triumph against the invaders.

A dynamic duel ensues between the two. A potentially deadly dance of dominance and passionate attraction, the two leader’s parries and slashes takes them from the privacy of the gathering room up the dais to the Crystal Throne of Seti-Cronus. Zera draws first blood. Not a serious wound, but a small amount of his blood pools on the seat of the throne.

Unhindered by the slice, Sarc appears energized. Strangely, Zera feels her mysterious, heirloom sword become too heavy to lift with one hand, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. In a polished maneuver, Sarc flips Zera’s sword away, slicing her hand. A small amount of her blood joins Sarc’s on the throne. Unseen, their blood is absorbed.

High Lord Sarc, now ruler of both worlds, looks down his sword at Zera laying defeated at his feet. Moments later the Clear Crystal Throne turns to a Blood Ruby Throne…

Blood Of The Ruby Throne presents the reader with a sensual romantic adventure full of outer space adventures with the threat of marauding, conquering pirates. Courtly intrigue, traitors, and of course sword duels fill the action packed pages, with love always at risk between two powerful ruling personalities, yet only their love can save their worlds.

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