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Friday, September 20, 2013

Guest Blog: Paty Jager: Heroic Farmer

What makes a hero? Last winter I became a hero. My hubby went to Portland to an auction. He called saying he wouldn't make it home to feed the cows, I'd need to get someone to help me. My nephew was at work, our neighbor and my father-in-law were gone.

So Tink(my min-pin/Chihuahua), Boots(border collie) and I headed out earlier than we usually feed, catching the cows chewing their cuds. We jumped in the tractor, fired it up, and hurried to the gate. I hopped down, opened the gate, and drove the tractor and hay trailer through, hurrying to the edge of the field. I stopped the tractor, stepped onto the trailer, cut the twine on two bales and tossed them around. The cows and calves started fighting for the hay and I jumped down, hopped into the tractor, drove a little way and put the tractor in low. I hopped off the moving tractor and jumped onto the trailer, cutting baling twine and flaking four bales. The tractor headed toward a fence. I jumped off the trailer, hopped on the tractor step, opened the door and turned the steering wheel, heading the tractor to the middle of the field again and hopped back on the trailer to flake off four more bales. I hopped back in the tractor, drove it out of the field parked and closed the gate. Watching the happy cows eating, I had the feeling I'd just saved the world overwhelm me. A feeling I can relate to when I have a hero or heroine accomplish something hard.

A hero can be a person who believes in something so strong they find an inner strength.

I watched West Side Story for the first time not long ago. I've wanted to watch it for some time and finally found the DVD for $5 and waited for the hubby to be gone because he doesn't like musicals.(If there were ever two opposites when it comes to music- it's us) I thought there were some kind of cheesy spots, but there were also some very emotional/powerful scenes. The emotion for me came from Tony and Maria and the racial tension. I didn't like the ending from the Happily Ever After perspective, but I liked the emotion that was portrayed. Maria was a hero in my opinion.

Have you had a moment in your life when you felt like a hero?

Award winning author Paty Jager is a member of national and local writing organizations. She not only writes the western lifestyle she lives it. With fifteen novels and three novellas published, she continues to have characters cavorting in her head and enjoys teaching other writers. 

You can learn more about Paty at her blog;  her website; or on Facebook;!/paty.jager , Goodreads  and twitter;  @patyjag.

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Cara Marsi said...

Wow, Paty, you're my hero just for driving a tractor. I couldn't do that. I admire what you did to feed the cows. I can't think of a time when I've been a hero. Wish I could. Thanks for an inspiring blog.

Paty Jager said...

Cara, I'm sure there is a time in your life when you were a hero to someone. An elderly person you held the door for, a child who fell down and you helped up, a friend going through a tough time. Heroic deeds are usually the small things we do for others. Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

Melissa Keir said...

What an amazing feat. I thought you would have had an accident with all that jumping back and forth. I was waiting on the edge of my seat while reading. What a fun job though.

I'm sure I am a hero to someone in my life... whether my children or a parent of a student, or even the student. I just can't think of anything specifically.

Paty Jager said...

Melissa, I've been hopping on and off tractors my whole life. Moving and standing but I can say it is getting harder each year.

I do enjoy taking care of the animals. They never talk back and are always happy to see you! ;)

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