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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yahoo is at it AGAIN! AACK!!

I'm angry...just like my friend on the left. Just when we thought we were safe with yahoo...after the calendar fiasco last year...they've decided to "improve" yahoo.

CRAP. It's worse than before! When will they learn that "If it ain't broke, don't FIX it"????

I've been hearing stories about people not finding groups, etc., all week. But, from what I saw, nothing had changed.

UNTIL Thursday. Then WHAM...I fell into a Yahoo hell hole!

1. I can't find all my groups. 20 groups show on the page. Where are the other 50??? Including some from my publishers? And, ones I rely on to do promotional work??

2. I can't "fix" the banner that now appears for two of my groups. I had square icons for both groups. If I try to remove the banner and put in an icon, it comes out fuzzy and isn't sized to fit a banner.
Right now, I have a Chinese (?) banner for one group and a nondescript couples' banner for the other.

3. Albums? Where the hell did they go?

4. Calendar? It's still there, but now called "Events". Gee. Thanks for all the warning about this.

Wait a minute. Was there a warning? Anyone receive one?

5. Files. Why is the Files section empty?

6. Home Page. I can't edit the wording. Home Pages don't show when I click on groups. Conversations (message) pages show. To find the Home Page, you have to click on "About".

And, there's so much more. I swear, maybe Yahoo wants us all to leave. I worked hard to get two groups going and set up a promo schedule with other groups. Moved my fan letter list to one group. If they can't find me, I'll lose members/fans.


If everyone goes to , look on the far top right next to your user name, you'll see a little wheel. Click that to open and then click Suggestions. You'll see a lot of angry posts to yahoo and can vote/add suggestions. Here's their standard response:

We deeply value how much you, our users, care about Yahoo! Groups. Today we launched our first update to the Groups experience in several years and while these changes are an important step to building a more modern Groups experience, we recognize that this is a considerable change. We are listening to all of the community feedback and we are actively measuring user feedback so we can continuously make improvements.

I've started to get some responses from my many "suggestions"/questions, and some make no sense at all...and don't "fix" anything.

What about you? What's your experience?
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Tina Donahue said...

Yahoo sucks, plain and simple. The groups are a mess. It's hard enough to promo, but now this?

Mary Jo Putney said...


I totally agree on telling software geeks that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but I'm actually commenting here because I think we may have an e-mail problem--I'm getting yours, but you don't seem to be getting me replies. This is all I could think of to do about it!

Mary Jo

Sandy said...

I noticed this first with the calendar. I couldn't find chat dates just the dates I'm scheduled and no one else. I just didn't have time to mess with them.

Now, Facebook is at it again and, do I dare mention MySpace. lol It never ends.

jean hart stewart said...

Yahoo is driving me crazy. I'm not a computer geek in the first place and I don'r need things to be harder.

Marianne Stephens said...

Mary Jo,
I've sent two messages using two different email addresses...thanks for letting me know about this through our blog!
I've also sent your email address to Sandra K. Marshall...she'll be getting in touch about the interview.
Thank You!

Melissa Keir said...

It is really messed up. Why do they want to be like FB and change things??

Yahoo used to be so nice!

Paris said...

I've been having trouble with Yahoo and Facebook, too. I have no idea what is going on but I hope they fix it soon. Not that I'm hoping for miracles because that's just asking to be disappointed. Yahoo seems determined to fail.

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