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Friday, August 2, 2013


Welcome everyone to the Dog Days of August hot weather! Are you ready for Fall yet?
My post this month is about what inspires your writing. Where do you get your ideas for the next great novel? Where does your inspiration come from?

Mine? They come from many different places and when I least expect. 

The other day, I visited my new speech therapist. Seems I have what is called VCD or Vocal Cord Dysfunction. Never heard of such a thing, but it sure does explain some things that have been going on with my voice for a while. Basically, I have a lazy larynx, combined with the “Silent Reflux” I’ve had trouble breathing if I talk too much or cough. That in itself has been a problem. I like to talk. Ha! Ha!

So my point is I got inspiration for a future story based on other information the doctor provided. The storyline for the story came together on my drive home. The next day, while I was preparing for a virtual blog tour with interview questions and more, the question of inspiration came up several times. I got to thinking again about how important that is in the writing process. As I prepared the many blog posts, I kicked the idea around in my head, but all the concentrated effort to figure out the direction I want to take my “inspiration” I came to a screeching halt when a fellow author posted an interesting post by another about how readers find their books. Some of you may have seen it, and if not here’s the URL: Well, that was an eye opener.

My inspiration for a story took a backseat to what I plan to do with my promotion side. I’ve written a lot of books in my brief career, three and a half years since my first release, and now I need to concentrate on getting the word out more than I have in the past. Beef up what I have in place and work on some of the points brought out in the survey results. With this ever-evolving industry, you have to know everything it seems.

My full-speed ahead writing blog posts came to an abrupt stop for a few minutes while I read the article and reassessed what I’ve been doing for promotion. This weekend I’ll be making a few changes and see what happens. Hopefully, somewhere in the few hours I might even get some writing done on that new inspiration.
I’d be interested to know what your thoughts are on this readers’ survey above. Do what we’ve been doing or change up?

Until next month,
Cynthia Arsuaga



Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Cynthia.

My inspiration generally comes from everyday events. "Take Me Away" was inspired by the problems Lindsay Lohan was having (at that time). "In His Arms" was inspired by what happened to Jaycee Dugard. "Deep Dark Delicious" had its genesis in "The Next Food Network Star" shows.

Ideas just pop in my head when I start to watch the news. :)

Melissa Keir said...

I'm like Tina...I did read that article too and was interested to see what other people thought. After all, we are a supply society and we need to get our supply to the demand. I'd love to know more about how you're changes work out.

All the best!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks so much for this link. I'm surprised book trailers do so little. Looks like I'd better reassess where my money goes...

Paris said...

Interesting post! I find inspiration at the strangest moments but I have to admit that it's never happened at the doctor's office. Hope your voice is better soon.

Thanks for posting the link again. The survey was an eye-opener and I'm rethinking my publicity strategy!

Cara Marsi said...

I got inspiration once from a very handsome young doctor I saw for a throat problem. He looked like a hero in a Harlequin Presents--black hair, green eyes. For some reason Presents came to mind when I looked at him. I used his looks in several short stories. I too found the readers survey an eye-opener and it's influenced what I'll be doing with future promo.

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