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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gotta settle down and write!

The past month has been a terror. Moving to new house is always traumatic, but most of unpacking is done and the house is very livable. Still to be unpacked are boxes and boxes and boxes of books. I won't have room for them all, and it's going to be damned difficult to decide what to keep.

Through all this I've been editing my latest elf book in the Passionate Pursuit series. Three more still to come to round out in the eight in the series. Here's an excerpt, slightly sexy.
PG excerpt from Dangerous Pursuit. Coming the end of this month from Ellora’s Cave.

 "He was perfection in the body of an irresistible male. A honed body proclaiming daily exercise, long-limbed and exuding a power that beckoned without his even exerting it. A beautifully shaped head with hair of a light blond shade she’d never seen. Even though his mother’s was the same color and longer, still she thought Vale’s was more arresting. Floating when he turned his head quickly, sometimes allowing a glimpse of his peaked elf’s ears. She thought those ears incredibly sexy. And his riveting eyes. Set under arched brows, their darkness unexpected considering his moon-white hair. All the more commanding because of the rarity of the combination.

He wanted her now. Wanted her badly. She knew that too. But if she gave in to the deep-seated urge to encourage him what would happen? An urge she could scarcely control was with her constantly when with him. She wanted nothing more than to have her hands explore every plane and crevice of his perfect body. She’d end up flat on her back, that’s what would happen. In one big hurry. She hadn’t missed the way his cock had sometimes swelled and pushed against his pants. And they’d have the world’s hottest love affair in history for a month or so. Her panties grew soaked every time she let herself imagine the glorious pleasure she’d find in his arms. She’d never let a man bed her, she hadn’t wanted to, but Vale made her whole body throb and crave to let him be the first.

But how long could he resist the constant lure of other women trying to entice him into their beds? Women with seductive skills she couldn’t match. She had no experience with men. She’d disappoint him no matter how she tried. She knew nothing of the physical side of love. When men had attempted to flirt with her or kiss her she’d been repelled. What if Vale repelled her in the final stages of making love? Such a thing seemed unlikely, when he heated her blood with every glance, but she didn’t have enough experience to be sure.

Much better to enjoy his company while she could and keep him at arm’s length no matter how her treacherous body urged her on. But oh, how she longed to take a chance at what he so plainly offered. To let him fold her in his strong arms and bend his irresistible lips to hers. Why did Vale alone have this effect on her? Her nurses’ mind told her perhaps it was finally time to have someone stir her body, but she thought it more than that. She could almost feel his powerful body molded against hers. His barely restrained desire would doubtless teach her so much she craved to know. "

My other coming novel, soon to be pubbed. A sexy Regency story, based on a little known fact of that period. You'll have to read it to know what it is!

"She grabbed a kettle and headed for the back door. Best to bring in some snow to melt. Water was the prime necessity. As she opened the door she saw Sebastian, wielding a shovel and attacking the drifts from the previous night. He’d not put on his greatcoat, and had stripped off his jacket. As his shoulders flexed she could see his powerful muscles. His corded chest and abdomen strained when he heaved snow to the side of the path.
As he threw the shovelful up and onto the snow bank that was higher than his head, she stood transfixed. No matter what else she thought of him, he was the most handsome specimen of sheer, viral manhood she’d ever seen. Actually, the most she’d even dreamed of. He was magnificent.
Not that she was prey to such blatant perfection.
He seemed to feel her presence, and he turned around and grinned. “I love physical activity, even if it’s something this prosaic. I seldom get a chance to actually indulge. This feels good.”
Almost speechless, she looked around and saw the jakes at the end of the path and her mouth quirked in amusement.
“A most necessary effort, my lord. I’ll have breakfast ready when you’re done.”
His grin widened as he leaned on the shovel.
“We’re going to be together for a few days and I detest this ‘my lord’ business. Please call me Sebastian.”
She turned and then looked back of her shoulder.
She hesitated and then surrendered. Even if it were only a few days, she’d love to use his name.
“And I’m Caroline. But I’m usually just Caro to my friends.”
His dark eyes flashed and then stared into hers.
“Then I’ll definitely call you Caro.”
He resumed shoveling, while she stood, flushed and flustered out of all proportion. He was a practiced rake who knew how to tie women in knots. That burning glance meant nothing.
This was just his routine way of charming a woman. She’d pay no attention to any of his light-hearted ways. Still she paused to watch his magnificent physique as he tackled the mounds of snow.
Snorting to herself at her foolishness, she filled the kettle with snow and brought it in to swing on the iron spike set over the fire. They’d need more snow, lots more, but his physically inclined lordship should be glad of an excuse to keep exercising that beautiful body."
So are these women in trouble or not? Please comment and let me know if you like these excerpts. I can also be found at and www.ellora', Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.



Have lots of reading fun today.  You can find more excerpts at my website, Or at my publishers,
Thanks for reading this.....



Tina Donahue said...

I feel for you, Jean - I've moved more times than I'd like to count. Always a hassle.

Love your excerpt - and your covers - wow!

Many happy sales. :)

Melissa Keir said...

Moving is a huge undertaking. Sometimes it's easier to just sell the whole house with everything in it. :)

I loved the excerpts and that cover for your Christmas hot!

Cara Marsi said...

Both books sound wonderful, Jean. Moving is always stressful. Try to take it easy. It will get done.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks to all you lovely ladies, Tina, Melissa, and Cara. You're all so right, it will all get done. Have reached the enjoyment stage now. A bit more to unpack but it can wait...

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