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Friday, July 26, 2013

What If?


Most writers know it all starts with two words: “What if?” With just that much, an idea of story is born. I have often joked that my ideas come from a little factory in Iowa and are delivered FedEx. The truth of the matter is that they often come when I am either sleeping or driving.

The recent releases of two of my books, Like Humans Do and Like Demons Do, came when I was driving to work. Now, I graduated from college with one of my majors in Religion.  It might seem incongruent to many that I have a fascination for what many might call new age topics, those on the edge of mysticism. However, I believe that there is no order of difficulty in miracles, and just because I am both religious and spiritual, I will be drawn forever to those topics that explore what the conservative world might consider impossible.

I have an acquaintance whom I have come to know as a friend named Mary Occhino, who used to host a show on Sirius/XM radio entitled “Angels on Call.” I loved that show, wish it were still on the air, and listened to it when I was going to my day job. One morning she and her son Chris were discussing the subject of walk-in angels. This subject had been thoroughly explored by a woman named Ruth Montgomery in her book, Strangers Among Us. The concept is that angels who have volunteered to come back to Earth “walk-in” to the body of a person whose soul is ready to leave early before completing his or her mission in that lifetime. The angel then lives as a human being until the person expires as originally intended.

Wow, what a thought! Could that really happen? Of course, I thought, once an angel becomes corporeal again. All human desires and vices would be that angel’s as well until once again released to be discarnate. Let the games begin. And begin they do in these two books.

Here are the blurbs:

Like Humans Do –Can good conquer evil when an angel blindly walks right in? Walk-in angel, Olivia, wakes up incarnated as a pregnant woman with no memory of being assigned to her mission. Guardian angel, Gregory, tells her the "zapping" was an error; however, her assignment is serendipitous-the unborn babies she carries are in jeopardy of possession by two nemeses from the dark side. Gregory volunteers to incarnate to help her fight the demons, but she won't know who he is unless they fall in love. Soon afterwards, Olivia is up to her angel eyeballs in trouble, with two gorgeous men courting her, a slew of demons diabolically plotting to make her fail, and one bossy mother-in-law seemingly under demon attack herself.

SLike Demons Do—In a soul exchange, Miranda, a walk-in angel, wakes up on a beach while being given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She discovers she’s been zapped out of the body of a dying eighty-two year old woman into the body of a thirty-four year-old wealthy woman who planned to drown in the ocean and leave her life of misery after being jilted by a lover.

Miranda discovers that she is there to save her friend, Olivia, and Olivia's twins from demons who have vowed revenge for sending Keara and Heinrich to long sentences in Hell. But, there's one catch. Miranda's former lover, Jared, whom she believes betrayed her in a former life, is also there incarnate. She swears she'll avoid him at all cost and stay focused on her mission: to battle a host of new demons led by Kendra, Keara and Heinrich's sister, Poseidon, demon of the sea, and the elusive Chameleon, Lucifer's demon of extreme corruption.

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ShoBobbye Terry is an award-winning author in both fiction and nonfiction and has also won awards for her poetry.  She penned five published novels and numerous short-stories in collections with co-writer Linda Campbell under the pseudonym, Terry Campbell, and since then has written. a couple of dozen books solo as Bobbye Terry and Daryn Cross. She is having a “five star” July 2013 with five releases: Joy Glows, an inspirational nonfiction book, Nothing Ever Happens in Briny Bay, an anthology of her Briny Bay novellas released from Turquoise Morning Press, Like Humans Do and Like Demons Do in the Angels Walk In series and Moonlight Magic, a volume of short works.


Melissa Keir said...

What a neat concept. I hadn't heard of Walk-in Angels until you wrote about it. I've always believed in angels but the idea of angels getting a chance to change someone's life in a human form is interesting.

Congrats on your five star month!

Cara Marsi said...

Bobbye, I love the idea of walk-in angels. I also love reincarnation stories. I've read a few of Ruth Montgomery's books. Your books sound incredible.

Bobbye Terry said...

Thanks Melissa and Cara for stopping by. I will have a third in this series but not sure of the release at this time.

jean hart stewart said...

What a great idea! Love the concept and the excerpts...Thanks.

Bobbye Terry said...

Thanks, Jean!

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