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Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Can't Be The Only One...

It’s finally starting to warm up in our neck of the woods and I actually feel like doing something besides griping about the weather. I’ve given myself permission to step away from the WIP so that I can finish up some last minute stuff for RT. Usually when I do this, I end up thinking about the WIP so in effect, I’m sort of working.

This morning, while eating breakfast I was watching some science program on how the size of any given species is factored. So, I’m watching a brontosaurus munching vegetation (that was so plentiful because of the large amount of carbon dioxide present) while listening to a scientist theorize about how much muscle it would take to hold up his neck. To make a long story short, the vertebrae of the neck were hollow and didn’t weigh the massive amount that the fossilized bone they were putting through some sort of x-ray machine did. As with everything else, I filed this away in the part of my brain that may one day need to develop a creature with a long neck and a massive body. You never know, I could venture into the science fiction genre, one of these days.

A couple of hours later, I’m taking a coffee break and learn that at one point in time, there were mayflies as large as a blue jay. It was speculated that because there was so much oxygen, the insect population grew larger. Good to know that I probably can’t have a brontosaurus and a giant insect on the same planet at the same time. Unless of course, some mad scientist…oh darn, there I go again.

I don’t have time to venture into the sci-fi genre. I have pants to hem, an RT promo basket to pick up from the florist, not to mention finding the last minute items that didn’t make it to the original “to do” list that I started in January.

What is it about authors that their brains never tune completely out of either the story they are writing or one that is suggested when they are supposed to be doing something else? I can’t be the only one.

Until next month,

Happy Reading!
Paris Brandon


Melissa Keir said...

You aren't the only one! My mind has too much stuff in there that I MIGHT use someday that I probably could write a book of useless information. Although I blame it on my students who love animal fun facts. Did you know that squirrels never find more than half the food they've hidden away or that butterflies taste with their feet?

Sandy said...

LOL You and husband would along just great, Paris.

Cara Marsi said...

My mind is filled with useless pieces of trivia. Melissa, there is a book called, The Book of Useless Information. Like a hoarder, we file these facts away because we never know when we'll need them.

Good blog, Paris.

Sandy said...

Paris, I'm coming back in here to apologize for posting my interview on your day. I swear my memory is getting bad.

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