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Monday, April 8, 2013

Interview With Model, Jason Aaron Baca

Hello Everyone,

It's my pleasure to welcome model/actor/author, Jason Aaron Baca today.  I have a lot of questions for you Jason, but first would you give us a bio, so we may learn a bit about you.


Sure, my name is Jason Baca, I was born in San Jose California. I live in Los Gatos California. I’m 38 years old. I grew up playing baseball as my only sport though I believe most thought of me as an overall excellent athlete at any sport. I am a romance novel cover model as well as fitness magazine routine model.

Q.  One of the things I have learned about you is that you wanted a career in baseball.  Why did you quit pursuing this path, and how did you get into modeling?

A. Yes, you are correct, I did want to. In high school I was being scouted by the Montreal Expos as well received several letters to play for such schools as USC, USF, Fresno St.,U Nevada Reno & a few others. I didn’t have the grades in high school to attend any of those schools and decided on a junior college. Once at college, that is where my baseball career met its end.

Q.  How did you meet your wife and how long have you been married?  Sorry girls, Jason isn't available.  Smile!

A. We met at a local grill/restaurant. Yes she captured me with confident skill. J

Q.  Do you have children, and if not do you want children?  Smile!  I think I know the answer to this question since you like to spend time with your nephews. 

A.  I love children, but not for myself. It wouldn’t be fair for the child because I am such a busy person. I do love my nephews and can’t wait until they are big enough so that I can teach them how to play baseball if my sister so chooses to have them be athletes.

Q.  Have you had any nicknames, and if so how did you get them?

A.  Chewy is what they call me.. When I was in little league baseball our coaches gave each of our players a nickname. Each of the names stuck..  One of us they called “BooBoo” And to this day when/if we run into him, that what we call him.

Q.  Something else I've learned about you, Jason, is that you're a cat lover, and that makes you one of my favorite people.  They are such wonderful animals.  Do you like other animals as well?

A. Yes, I LOVE cats. I had one that was my best friend for many years. She’d scratch anyone else that would try to pet her. But not me. For me, she had all the love. See I knew how to approach her and when to give her her space. Yes, just like the wife J

Q.  Jason, I see you have done some acting.  Do you intend to pursue acting, or focus on your modeling career? 

A.  I’ll just stick with the modeling. Yes I did a little acting but it's not for me. Acting takes special talent and a sort of disassociation from the body. You can’t hold back when you do it or you look funny. I don’t have that in me. I tried but then I saw the way it came out on camera and…. No…

Q.  Jason, I was looking at some of your roles in your acting profession, and I noticed some roles marked credited and others marked un-credited - what does this mean?

A. I believe that means that in the end of the movie when they roll the credits you won’t see the name credited.

Q.  Tell me a bit about your experience as a double for Freddie Prinze Jr. in I Know What You Did Last Summer and any other roles you would like to talk about.

A. Sure, I get this a lot. Love answering it to because I know you guys just love the juicy gossip going off camera. I was on location as his double for that movie for 3 weeks in a town called Fort Ross, Ca. which is just north of Bodega Bay, CA. It was quite a memorable time for me because I had never interacted with movie people before. It was a lot of fun and became friends with 3 of the 4 main actors in the movie. Freddie was cool and kept doing a Hulk pose when he’d see me because I had some muscles back then. So he thought because I’m his double that that meant our bodies were alike… J

Besides that, all of us were between 18-23 yrs old so we all had a lot to visit about. I could tell you one thing that I witnessed but if I went and said what I saw then I think it would end up in the Enquirer.

Q.  I see you have written several nonfiction books, Jason.  What made you decide to start a writing career?  Do you plan to branch out into fiction?

A.  Yes, I did write a couple books for fun. Nothing serious but I did write 2 books designed to help other models market themselves. No, I won’t branch out into fiction. You romance novelists are too skilled! I’d get to about page 2 and say “ok now what do I put?”

Q.  LOL  I have read that you love chocolate and you once ate a dozen glazed Krispy Kreme donuts, and I want to know how you can do that and still keep your modeling physique?  I would gain 20 pounds with that one dozen. 

A.  J  Yes I can honestly say it was a good thing that the Krispy Kreme donut store closed down near my house. Yes, I have many food temptations. I am a big fan of Mr.Goodbar’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. To give you an example of how much I love them, they had a sale going on at my local supermarket where they had an entire box full of Dark Chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. (approx. 40 cups) So I saw it. I saw some other shopper glancing at it too but there was only one box left so I cut them off and grabbed it J

On my drive home from the store, I couldn’t resist the thought of that sweet deliciousness crossing my lips so I tore the box open and just turned myself loose! I remember being at a stop sign where there were cars stopped in front, behind and around me…  I felt like a girl… at a bar… at closing time… Everyone was just staring at me. I didn’t care, and just kept going for it.

Chocolate is one of those things where I can’t just wet my lips… I gotta drink my fill.

Q.  LOL Jason, I think you are a really good guy, and it has been fun getting to know you.  Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

A.  Well the pleasure has been all mine! Please… don’t think that if you eat Reese’s you’ll get in shape.  I am a bad influence when it comes to that. Once in a while sure.

Q.  Where can a publisher or author purchase stock of you to use for cover art?

A.  They would go to  and just follow the steps in the journal section.

Thank you for being with us at Romance Books 4 Us today.   We hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we have.

Find out more about Jason Aaron Baca at his advertising page at:


Margaret Taylor said...

Hi Jason, thanks to your wife for sharing you with us today! You sound like a great guy and she's an extremely lucky woman!

I hope my publisher will use you someday! I could do so many nasty things with a face as handsome as yours on my cover!

Melissa Keir said...

Hello Jason. Thanks for sharing yourself on the blog! So much we didn't know about you! All the best!

Tina Donahue said...

Whoa - HOT - I especially like Stone Guardian. :)

Cara Marsi said...

Hi, Jason, I loved getting to know you. What an interesting story you have. If you scroll down to the right of our blog you'll see your picture on my cover, Franco's Fortune. I love that cover, and you look exactly like I picture my hero. Thanks for joining us today.

Anonymous said...

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Paris said...

Hi Jason,

LOL! I'm afraid I would have tried to talk you out of half of the RPC's. Mr. Goodbar and RPC's are two of my favorites:)

Thanks for visiting and sharing your experiences and some of your wonderful covers!

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Hi Jason,

I'm a fan! I happened to win a cover last year and I used it for one of my vampire novels and LOVE it. It is up as cover of the month for YouGottaRead Review this month too. Already won third place in book trailers. So, to say I'm a fan is an understatement. :) Keep bringing them Jason! Delighted you stopped by for an interview and let us know a little more about you and your career.

Sandy said...

Jason has been trying to get in here, but his computer is blocking him from getting here.

Thanks, Margaret, Melissa and Tina for stopping by.

Sandy said...

Cara, so glad you like your cover, Franco's Fortune.

Paris, always nice to meet someone else with a sweet tooth.

Cynthia, I hope your cover wins the award.

Kenzie Michaels said...

Hi Jason:) Always nice to get to know the man behind the face!

KT BISHOP said...

a good interview

Janice Seagraves said...

Jason, your wife is a lucky gal. BTW, I love special dark Reeses too. :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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