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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Guest Blog: Renee D. Field: Can an Erotic Writer Write Sweet?

I think for many women writing romance can reflect where they are in their lives. When I started writing romance in my early 30’s I loved to write hot erotic romance. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to write the hot stuff, but personally, after being married for over two decades, I’m finding value in writing sweet romance. OMG did I just say that? Yes. Why? There is power in loving a man who has life experience, maybe some baggage with him and just maybe my heroine is now looking for something sweeter after having made her own way in her life.

I admit I never thought I could write a sweet romance but I have learned to trust my characters. The premises for this story I just finished writing was about two thirty-year-olds who had been high school sweethearts and who after years of going their separate ways realized they truly were right and meant to be together. The tone was extremely charming and light compared to what I usually write. I love that I created this sweet rural town and set it just outside Cape Code and my secondary characters and setting really added to the hometown charm. I plan to write the three-book series completely and then delve back into another new series I’ve mapped out and yes that will be a lot hotter.

One thing I discovered when writing sweet romance is that the limit on how far my characters can go when really getting it on was hard. How do you write without detailing all those passionate love scenes? I decided to leave a lot up to the reader and simply stated what had happened. Now, there are a few scenes, I’m sure my critique partners will get me to change as they might be a little too hot for sweet but until she gets back to me, I’m keeping them in.

I’d love to hear from both authors and readers? Readers when you pick up a sweet romance what are you looking for? Authors who write romance, I’d love to know how you tackle just how far to go with your characters?

Renee Field has been writing romance, erotic and sensual paranormal for well over a decade. She has over 12 books published with Ellora’s Cave and HQN Spice Briefs for her spicy erotic works and for the past two years has delved into the Indie world as a self-published author. She is a member of the RWA, and her local Atlantic Canadian RWAC chapter, and the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia.

Renee Field also writes nitty gritty and paranormal young adult under the name Renee Pace and in July 2012 created an on-line advertising company called StoryFinds, which is committed to showcasing both Indie and traditionally published authors.

She calls Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada home and is happily married to her hubby of over twenty years and is attempting to keep her sanity raising four active children.

She loves her view of the Atlantic Ocean and can be reached at

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Anonymous said...
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Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Renee,

I write erotic romance, but I just wrote a short sweet romance for an anthology call. There are two kissing scenes and that's about it.

By doing it that way, I had more of my word count for the story line. A good erotic love scene has to take time and a short story really doesn't have the word count.


Tina Donahue said...

I started sweet, then moved on to romantic comedy, then moved on again to erotic romance. It was harder for me to do erotic romance than it was to do the other two (romantic comedy was actually the easiest - wish it sold really well). You have to love it when someone who loathes erotic romance decides to review your book then condemns it for having so many sex scenes.

Melissa Keir said...

I love to have my books swing both ways from sweet to erotic. It gives you a much wider audience and reality is that some stories don't need all the sex. :) The tension and passion build up can be just as sizzling!

Carly Carson said...

I think it would be easier to switch from erotic to sweet than for a mother of 4 to keep her sanity! j/k! A writer is a writer. It's always good to challenge oneself to do something different. I don't deliberately read sweet, but some of my favorite romances have no sex so I know they can be great stories.

Sandy said...

I like the days when the love scenes were behind closed doors because it's so out in the open now. I can write either way.

Cara Marsi said...

I write sweet and sensual. I find I sometimes get tired of writing love scenes. I like to let the action happen behind closed doors. My very first sale was for a sweet book. As a reader, I can read all levels of sensuality. Sometimes it's refreshing to read a good story and let my imagination take care of the sex. When you write sweet, you have to more totally develop the characters because you can't rely on the lovemaking to do that.

jean hart stewart said...

I write historicals as well as erotica as well as in-between. Sometimes it's hard to get my head on straight. Erotica sells better, that's for sure.

Paris said...

I loved your post. Switching between the sweet and the erotic requires a different rhythm and sometimes that can be difficult because the story wants to flow in a particular direction. The only rule that I have is to be true to the story that I'm writing.

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