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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guest Blog: Jennifer Labelle: For the Love of Romance

My love of romance began from reading first, and writing second. Writing not only allows me to explore my imagination, but also allows me the escape into the world of my choosing, while reading gives me a break from my own mind and gives me a glimpse into someone else’s. There is nothing like a great plot with unsuspecting twists, a sexy hero or heroine that makes you want to sigh, and I especially love it when the emotion flows right off of the pages and into the reader. It’s the happily ever after when we finish the book, only to crave for more of it once we’re done. It’s what I strive for as a writer, and what I love as a reader…

Meet Jenna, and Sam, from Meant To Be. Two best friends who overcome unusual circumstances but despite all odds it only makes them stronger for it, especially when two hunky Irishmen enter their lives. *winks*

Jennifer: Good morning to you both, it’s nice to see you both again.
Sam: Morning, Jen, what’s up?
Jenna: Good morning, Jennifer. It’s great to see you again too.

Jennifer: Likewise. There have been a lot of changes in both of your lives lately, first with the trip and finding a new love, then with the move, and the transition with Jayden. How are you both coping?
Jenna: *fans face* I promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional. Um, the trip Sam sort of surprised me with to Ireland was the best thing I could have ever hoped for. After all, if it hadn’t been for Sam I’m not sure I would have ever met Brady. And, although he could never replace Tyler of course, Jayden loves him almost as much as I do. Plus, I think the move helped us to move on. There were too many memories I’d much rather not live through again, you know?
Sam: I think what Jenna is trying to say is that we’re all coping pretty well. Yes, she misses Tyler, and of course Jayden does too, but they’re both happy now. I see it on a daily basis, and I love my beautiful little God child, Jenna and Brady have blessed us with. And, as you can see I’m coping very well too. *she rubs her round belly* Caleb and I will have a playmate for Maddy in a few short weeks.

Jennifer: Congratulations to you both. Married life certainly suits you. Jenna I’m assuming Maddy is the daughter you and Brady share together?
Jenna: She is *smiles*

Jennifer: And, Sam, do you and Caleb have any names picked out for your little one?
Sam: *laughs* is that your subtle way of asking me if I know the sex?

Jennifer: I suppose so, yes. *shrugs*
Sam: Melina Jenna O’Connell actually. We’re having a girl. *grins* A little girl so Maddy will soon have a playmate to enjoy. Hopefully they’ll be the best of friends like Jenna and I are, and Caleb and Brady.

Jennifer: Congratulations again. I think it’s wonderful that two best friends married two best friends. So where are these men of yours today?
Jenna: Brady’s got Caleb practicing. *laughs* They’re with the children to give us a moment with you.

Jennifer: And to yourselves of course. So tell me, Jenna, how does it feel to have your story finally told? Yours is a unique one.
Jenna: That it is. I think you did a great job with it, and Brady was the best part. Although, I blush every time I get to the intimate parts. Sam gets a kick out of it, and makes sure to tease me. God love her.
Sam: Oh, I do not. *laughs* Although, I do crack up every time I read about the time you walked in on me and Caleb. *Sigh* he’s delicious isn’t he?
Jenna: *eye roll* He’s no Brady, but yes, Sam, Caleb is a very good looking man.
Sam: Well, of course Brady is a dish. He’d have to be, to be related to me.

Jennifer: *chuckles* The two of you are great.
Sam: Why, thank you, thank you very much.
Jenna: *wink*

Jennifer: *smiles* I’d like to thank you both for joining me today. It was a pleasure to write the book and I loved catching up with you. If I’m ever back in Dublin I’ll be sure to stop in to say hi.
Jenna: Oh please do.
Sam: Thank you, Jennifer. We’d love to have you.

If you all liked this interview, and would like a one of a kind erotic contemporary romance to keep you company this  coming summer then may I suggest checking out, Meant To Be. I’d like to thank Jenna and Sam for their time, and for the update.
I love happy endings, don’t you?

Jenna Baker is shaken up after her recovery with a near death experience. As if, being haunted with visions and losing her husband in a car accident weren’t hard enough. Could she be losing her mind? She finally moves on, only to have the husband she thought was dead suddenly reappear.

After the shocking task of convincing Jenna that she’s not seeing his ghost, Tyler becomes overwhelmed with guilt for saving himself and leaving her to almost die. Jenna’s recovery takes its toll while Tyler’s vulnerability gets the best of him. He’s harbouring secrets that will devastate her and as Jenna unravels the truth her life takes an unexpected journey.

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Jennifer Labelle resides in Ottawa, Ontario Canada with her husband and three beautiful children. After her third child she became a stay at home mom. In her busy household Jennifer likes to spend her down time engrossed in the stories that she creates. She is an active reader of romance (especially historical), mystery and anything paranormal. With an education in Addictions work she's decided to take a less stressful approach in life and hopes that you enjoy, as she shares some of her imagination with all of you.
Best wishes,
Jennifer Labelle


Melissa Keir said...

Wow Jennifer! It sounds like quite the tale! I love how you threw in a bit of mystery there!

Thanks for sharing your book!

Tina Donahue said...

What a beautiful cover. Sounds like an amazing story! :)

Cara Marsi said...

Jennifer, the new book sounds terrific. You know I love your sexy stories.

jean hart stewart said...

Lots of suspense hinted at. I'm sure everyone who reads the blog will want to read the book. Thanks for sharing..

Jennifer Labelle said...

Thank you for stopping by, ladies!

Jennifer Labelle said...
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