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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Who Is Your Favorite Bond?

This is the fiftieth anniversary of the first James Bond movie. There’s been a lot written about which Bond actor is the best one and which film is the best. I thought I’d weigh in with my own favorite Bond. Before I reveal him, let’s talk the Bond franchise.

The twenty-third Bond film, “Skyfall,” has just been released and it’s already the best-reviewed of all the Bond movies. Some critics believe Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever. I tend to disagree. Maybe that’s because I hated, hated, “Quantum of Solace” so much that it soured me on Craig as Bond.

However, I’ve recently seen “Skyfall,” and liked it. It’s entertaining, bloody, violent, with touches of humor. I didn’t love it, but I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. I like Craig better in this one than in the two other Bond films he did. But he’s not my favorite.

I’ve seen all the movies. When the first one, “Doctor No,” was released in 1962, it was amazing. We were still a sexually repressed society, so seeing Ursula Andress emerging from the ocean in that bikini was shocking and naughty. So was her name, Honey Ryder. The coolest moment in that film was when Bond was asked his name for the first time and he said, “Bond. James Bond.”

Who could forget the gold-plated body in “Goldfinger?” Or Oddjob’s hat?

We all know Sean Connery was the original Bond. He made five films before George Lazenby played Bond in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” That didn’t work out too well, and Connery was back in 1971’s “Diamonds Are Forever.”

Roger Moore took over in 1973 with “Live and Let Die.” Paul McCartney’s theme song for that film is, in the opinion of many, the best theme song ever. I agree. But Adele’s title song in “Skyfall” is a close second.

Moore made Bond films over the next twelve years, with Connery coming back for his last stint in 1983’s “Never Say Never Again.” The last of Moore’s films was 1985’s “A View To a Kill.” I remember not liking that one much.

Timothy Dalton starred in two movies and that was the end of him. Pierce Brosnan became Bond with 1995’s “Goldeneye.” He starred in four movies before Craig took over in 2006’s “Casino Royale.”

There you have it: a short Bond history. Just as each of our romance heroes puts his own stamp on our books, each one of these actors brought his own brand to the Bond part. Connery was sexy and suave and very sure of himself. Moore played it tongue-in-cheek, winking at the audience and letting us in on the joke.  Apparently Lazenby and Dalton didn’t bring much because they’re just blips on the Bond screen. Brosnan was more modern and likeable, not quite as suave as Connery or as amused by it all as Moore. Craig is very dark and serious.
So, who’s my favorite? It’s Roger Moore. I love the humor he brings to the franchise. Who doesn’t love a guy with a sense of humor? I think Moore as Bond is sexy, daring, and lots of fun. He’s a hero I’d like to spend time with.

Who is your favorite Bond and why?


Tina Donahue said...

I have to say Sean Connery, then Daniel Craig. I thought Pierce Brosnen was far too prissy to be Bond. And the absolute worst was Roger Moore. Didn't like him at all - didn't see him as Bond at all.

Adele Dubois said...

Roger Moore? I have to say, I'm surprised to hear you say that. He's definitely my least favorite. I think Pierce Brosnan was the best Bond, with Daniel Craig second, and Sean Connery third. The best Bond movies belong to Craig. Casino Royale was the best Bond film, ever. I plan to see Skyfall this week. Can't wait.


Cara Marsi said...

Thanks, Tina and Adele. Looks like I'm in the minority now with Roger Moore. I stand by him. I really enjoyed his movies. Connery is a close second, then Brosnan. Not Craig though.

Melissa Keir said...

Oh no! I loved Moore and Connery both for different reasons. I also liked this Bond movie with Craig but for a different reason... it really ties to the old Bond franchise as we see Moneypenny come into her own.

Craig's Bond was the prequel to Connery and so it made sense to see Skyfall come together.

But do you know the only movie that Bond was married in? The marriage didn't last- nor did that Bond!

cgtetreault said...

My fav bond would have to be Daniel Craig, followed closely by Sean Connery.

I have seen them all with my husband multiple times. And now my hubby has introduced them to my girls.

I actually did a blog post about Bond too a couple weeks ago.

Cara Marsi said...

Thanks, Melissa and CG. Melissa, I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes Moore. I do remember the movie where Bond was married, but I can't think of which one.

CG-I'm sorry I missed your blog about Bond.

I enjoyed Skyfall so Craig is redeemed in my eyes.

Harlie Reader said...

For me, its Daniel Craig. I'm young (45) and while I love Sean Connery as Bond, I grew up with Pierce (who I love anyway) and more recently Daniel Craig.

I didn't like the guy between Pierce and Daniel. See, I can't remember his name because he was so awful.


BTW, the first James Bond movie I saw was The Spy Who Loved Me and I liked Roger Moore...until I saw Pierce Brosen. *sigh* Nothing gets to me quickly then his accent.

Sandy said...

Cara, I loved the Bond movies. All of the guys brought something different to the franchise. My favorite Bond was Connery, second is Moore, and Brosnan was third. My least favorite is Craig.

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

My favorite James Bond is a toss up between the Irishman and the Scot.

I LOVE Sean Connery, but also loved Pierce Brosnan.

I haven't seen Daniel Craig in them yet so I can't say whether or not he's in the running. Guess I have to go see them soon.

Great post!

festival8 said...

Craig #1. Connery #2. Brosnan #3. The writing is better with Royale and Skyfall and Craig's interpretation is darkest, deepest, and most close to Ian Flemming's vision for what Bond was supposed to be. I don't really count QOS because it was done during a writer's strike.

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Harlie, I think you're thinking of Timothy Dalton. LOL Yeah, he was not very good and I don't think many remember him as a Bond at all.

Denysé Bridger said...

Bond was married in On Her Majesty's Secret Service - the only film George Lazenby did because Connery was having his "never do Bond again" moment.

Favourite Bond - Timothy Dalton, because he looks the part from Flemming's books, and he brought the edginess to the role that has recently been evolved and developed by Daniel Craig - who by the way is the ONLY actor Sean Connery has publicly approved of as Bond.

I love all the movies for different reasons, and I think each actor who's played the role has brought something special and unique to it in terms of strengths and characterization.

Paris said...

Until Daniel Craig became the "Bond", my favorite was Sean Connery. Craig seems to bring that whole bad boy, street-smart image to a finer point and is closer to the Ian Fleming version (in my humble opinion:). I haven't seen Skyfall yet but it is definitely on my 'must see' list!

grammyellen said...

mine will always be sean connery. just love to hear that man talk. lol

Jane Toombs said...

Sean Connery. I liked him in other roles even before he became the first Bon. Th don't belive anyone since has quite captured the role. But ehn I haven't seen the latest Bond movie yet. Jane

Diana Neal said...

There were other Bond's besides Sean Connery? ;) Connery is my absoulte favorite with Brosnan coming in second. I haven't watched a Craig Bond movie and I probably won't. It's not that I don't like him as an actor, I just don't like the direction of the recent films. They're missing some quality the older films possessed.

Marilyn Puett said...

I thought I'd never like anyone as well as Connery. I liked Brosnan okay and tolerated Moore. I was absolutely aghast over the casting of Craig until I saw Casino Royale. Craig portrayed a "he-man" Bond who was no-nonsense and physical yet vulnerable and sexy. At the end of that movie I stood up and said, "Yes! Bond is back!" So he's my favorite Bond and I absolutely LOVED "Skyfall."

I think one reason Dalton didn't last long was his Bond came along in the beginning of the "safe sex" era and he was less of a womanizing 007. This is fiction, people. The viewer wants to see Bond wooing a woman and getting her. And Dalton was a little bland for my tastes, though not as bland as one-timer George Lazenby, who was a car salesman and model before his one trip around MI6.

Technically, "Never Say Never Again" wasn't an official Bond movie. It wasn't part of the Cubby Broccoli Bond franchise -- didn't have the Bond theme nor the iconic opening/closing with Bond in the gunsights, then turning and firing and blood streaming down the screen.

They've had a Bond marathon on SyFy and I've watched a couple of the old movies. It's interesting to see how the gadgets have changed and how much more sophiticated things have become as we've zipped along in the digital age.

However in "Skyfall" there were some wonderful nods to the older Bond movies including the return of the famous Aston Martin with its ejection seat.

Craig incidentally is the first actor to play Bond who was born after the Bond movies began and after Ian Fleming died. And did you see his bit in the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics? I loved it!!!!!

Great blog!


Katalina Leon said...

I love Sean Connery because he's dark and tough and no one handles dry wit, women and with as much sophistication and irony as ol' Sean!
Plus when he was young Sean was just too damn handsome! The first Bonds were something wonderful.
I really LOVE that Daniel Craig has breathed new life into the Bond franchise. I loved Skyfall and I know Ian Fleming would have been proud.
I put Casino Royale and Skyfall in the top five Bond films.

Cara Marsi said...

Thank you, everyone. I'm learning so much about Bond. You've all contributed some new info. And, Marilyn, you're a Bond savant. I've not read Fleming's books, but I've heard that Craig comes closest to Fleming's Bond. Unlike Marika, I'm old. LOL. I'll never forget my first Bond movie, Dr. No. The first movie of any genre is mind-blowing. Like when I saw Jaws for the first time, or Star Wars. You never forget your first time.

Debra St. John said...

My favorite Bond is Pierce Brosnan. He brings the perfect amount of sexy and charm to the role. I did't care for "Casino Royale" when it came out, which like you and "Quantum" soured me on Craig.

I do like Connery, Moore, and Lazenby as Bond, too. I didn't care for Dalton at all.

Everybody has their own opinion, of course. And perhaps it's the changes over time that keep the franchise going!


Cara Marsi said...

Thanks, Debra. I think you have a point that the changes keep the franchise going. The fact that we're all talking about our favorite Bonds keeps the franchise going too.

Ginny Swart said...

Sean Connery every time! He could do another James Bond right now and I'd go, even if he played Bond in his wheelchair...! Ginny

Cara Marsi said...

LOL, Ginny! Bond in a wheelchair. I agree Connery is still sexy.

Fiona McGier said...

Pierce Brosnan! He's the sexiest and still managed to portray Bond as a real man with doubts and concerns about his lifestyle. For my Mom it was Sean Connery, but then she married a Scotsman.
I did like Timothy Dalton, but his 3 (not 2) movies were way too violent and dark. I really don't like Daniel Craig...Bond is supposed to look like a sophisticated British man who went to Eton, NOT an Irish thug who has had his nose broken too many times. Sorry, he looks too much like a soccer hooligan to me!

Marianne Stephens said...

Sean Connery...even as he aged, he still had that smile and tone that intrigued me!

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