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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sexy Actor/Model John Antorino

Please welcome multi-talented John Antorino. It’s a pleasure to have him with us again.  From personal fitness trainer/nutritionist, to actor, to fitness model, underwear model, cover model, these are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his many talents and accomplishments.

Q: It’s been a while since your last time here with us. What new goals have you set for yourself?  Have you added any new talents to your experience?

A: Yes it has been a while. Thanks for having me back. Always a pleasure. I am constantly setting new goals and setting high standards for myself. Keeps me working hard and motivated. My goals recently have shifted a bit though. Instead of being completely career and workout driven, I am now more driven and focused on getting my Mom healthy and well. She is fighting breast cancer. I am doing the best I can to keep it all together and still maintain my work and allow career opportunities in. I have commitments to my sponsor Muscle Wiz as well as the romance novel publishing company that I will of course keep. And will always consider new projects and ventures as long as my Mom doesn’t need me and she is well and taken care of while I am on the road and working. New talents? I am pretty well-rounded and can do a lot of things pretty well. I’d to like eventually learn how to play the piano. And also like to learn some more languages. I can speak Chinese and Filipino language tagalog.

Q: In this party crazy world….What advice would you give to others that drinking and other bad habits aren’t necessary to have a good time?

A: Ahhhhh yes. I am always asked this question. Since I’ve never had alcohol or did drugs and sure have a great life and always a great time in my life without it all. My advice is simple. Just believe in yourself. And don’t be a follower in life. Too many people, most people are followers today and do what others do and try what others try. I like to be a leader. And be different. I can hang out with my friends all night and laugh and dance and act crazy WITHOUT alcohol and drugs. And still get up for the gym the next morning and not be hungover and feel sick. Not to mention the waste of money on these vices. Such a waste! Of money time and your health!

Q: You’re the sponsor face for Muscle Wiz, what’s your favorite product that you endorse?

A: Yes, great company! They are good to me. Provide me with all the supplements and products I need to stay in and get in the best shape for all my photo shoots and appearances. I honestly love all the products, but if I had to choose one or two….Would be the natural protein and the X3. For more info and to order go to: and use code: JohnAnt for discount and free shipping.

Q: You’ve achieved so much in your life thus far. How do you keep a level head and remain humble? My guess is home training, however I’d love to hear your answer.

A: Thank you! Yes I have. So blessed and grateful for it all too. I know it’s so rare today for people with success and even not with much success to remain humble and grounded. I don’t get it. Never understood that about people. But sadly it’s the way it is with many. I really just believe it’s just how I was born and how I am. As far back as I can remember I was always so appreciative of everything. And so humble, giving, and caring. And yes my Mom always kept me humble.  

Q: Everybody has triumphs and tribulations. Can you recall when your road to success may have been hampered and how you got past the bump to achievement?

A: Oh yes. Life is tough. And my industry sure is tough, cold, and cut-throat. I can’t really recall a specific time or incident during my road. But know there have been many trials and tribulations along the way throughout my career and path to success. Anything worth having and doing in life is worth fighting for and working for though. Always have to keep moving forward in life. And working hard for what you want. No free lunches and handouts!

Q: We all have ideals and teachings from our parents or outside influences. Did you have a male mentor in your life?  Also what ideals and morals did your mother instill in you that you have retained currently?

A: Yes I did. My Grandfather was pretty much my male influence and mentor. Also, I was a bit lost when I got into High School. And my High School wrestling coaches became huge for me in becoming a man and growing up. My Mother taught me hard work toughness kindness caring. And pretty much to be honest and not sugar coat things. Be real always. Which I am! 

 Q: Do you see yourself attending any author conventions? Working with more photographers in this field of romance?

A: Sure. I’d like to. I’ve been invited before, but schedule conflict didn’t allow me to attend. And no doubt about it I will be working with more photographers in the romance novel field. More covers to come!!

Q: You’ve suffered some recent losses in your personal life and are currently battling cancer with your mother. How do you remain strong? Be there physically and emotionally for those in your life? Do you have a strong support system to lean on yourself?

A: Yes I have. It’s been sad times. But I have to remain strong and keep moving forward and be there for my Mom and others that I love and help. I’m a strong man in every way. I was raised tough. Yes I do have a good support system if I need it. I have tons of friends and people that care about me. But I honestly don’t turn to people much. I deal with things on my own. I am the one always there for others. It’s just who I am. I am selfless. And I like it that way.

Q: You are a man who believes in charitable causes. Can you elaborate on the charity you’re focusing on currently for your mother?

A: I do. I love it. I have always been a giver and love to give back as much as I can. Recently my charity of choice obviously is breast cancer with my Mom fighting the disease. I love St. Jude and give to them. But I am constantly giving and doing for others. I always give to lots of less-fortunate kids and families during Christmas and Thanksgiving. But also do things year round. I help several sick kids, mostly with cancer all the time. And always give food and clothes to the homeless.

Q: Your life is constantly on the go as you globetrot for your job. What do you do for downtime? Do you get a chance to enjoy your favorite hobbies?

A: Tell me about it! It’s been a great run. Been all over the world and made a good living. Met some good people and had lots of fun too. Downtime I like to relax and cook. Spend time with family. Get massages. Shop. Go to concerts and sporting events. Beach. Ride my motorcycle and waverunners. I do get a chance. Oh yes!

Q: What’s your all-time favorite movie?
A:That is a tough one. I’ll list a few here for you. Goodfellas, Rocky, Rudy, Heat, The Curious case of Benjamin Button…….

 Q: What in the near future can we look forward to seeing from you?

A: More book covers, ads for my sponsor- Muscle Wiz, underwear ads, more of the fitness and muscle mag spreads, and I’m sure TV and movie roles.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the pilot’s you are in? How and when are they aired and what is the deciding factor on additional seasons?  

A: I have done 2 pilots the past few years. And still keeping fingers crossed and hoping they get picked up by a network soon. One is called Variety Shac, Adult Swim for The Cartoon Network. My character is Igor. Funny role. I play a suit and tie guy meathead working in an office with all comedic women. The twist is I am so nerdy and shy. ME shy? Riiiiggghttt! Haha was so funny filming it too. The other was a pilot for HBO called The Republic. I play a modern day bounty hunter named Chris. Stars a few great old time actors- Marc Singer and Sean Young.

Q: You’ve been in tons of magazines and articles for fitness. Are there any magazine’s left you’d love to be featured in? 
A: Hmmmmm maybe Vogue and People magazine.

Q:If you could have your dream role as an actor, what would that role be and entail? 
A: Oh yes, I’d love to do a mob movie with Robert De Niro and/or Al Pacino.

Q: How hard is it to stick to your fitness schedule and eating habits? Do you ever have a eat whatever day?
A: Not that hard for me really. I’ve been doing it for so long. It’s like second nature for me. Such a routine and lifestyle for me. And yes of course I have cheat days. Love them!! Haha. Love to eat and cook and go out to dinners.

Q: How hard is it to work at having the right look for auditions? Do you have time to alter your appearance for their fit?

A: Not so hard for me. I don’t change a ton actually. But if I have the time and sides for the role I’m auditioning for I’ll do my best to come in character. Good casting directors can typically see you as the role already when they see you and hear you read. I also have a wide-range of pictures with many different looks.

Q: Have you ever considered writing a fitness book or program for the masses?

A: Yes I have. And I’ve been contacted by several people and companies to do them. And when I get some free time and slow down maybe I will. Don’t want to give away ALL my secrets and tips though…..Wink wink…

Q: Can you tell us about the Benefit for your mom you’re hosting Nov 17th in New Jersey?

A: My sister and I are putting it together. It’s to help raise money for my Mom’s treatments surgeries and care. Not to mention her time off from work. She has a long tough road ahead of her. And I’ll be right by her side all the way. It should be a great turn out. Lots of food and drinks. And a great Chinese auction. It’s in Atlantic city, New Jersey at a bar/restaurant- Ducktown Tavern Nov 17th from 2-6pm.

Q: Tell us where you see yourself in five years?

A: Five years I see myself married with 1-2 kids. Happy and healthy. I’ve been looking into opening my own restaurants. So hopefully have some restaurants. Have my Mom healthy and happy. Still doing lots of charity work and giving back every chance I get. I’d actually like to start my own organization to help kids with cancer and their families.

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Sultry Summers said...

Such a talented actor/model and all around guy. Good Luck John in your future. I sure could see you as a Gladiator or a bold Warrior in a Sci/Fi Fantasy. You'd look great in a kilt. So, it would appear your options in roles are wide open. I'll be watching to see you both in modeling and on the big screen.

Sultry Summers said...

Such a talented actor/model and all around guy. Good Luck John in your future. I sure could see you as a Gladiator or a bold Warrior in a Sci/Fi Fantasy. You'd look great in a kilt. So, it would appear your options in roles are wide open. I'll be watching to see you both in modeling and on the big screen.

Tina Donahue said...

John, you are soooo hot - but I suspect you know that. :) Loved all the photos, but #3 is my fav!

Adele Dubois said...

It's good to have you back at Romance Books 4 Us, John. I wish you all the best with your career.


jean hart stewart said...

A great interview, and what living, breathing woman wouldn't like your pix. Good luck to both your mom and you...

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Nice to see you again John. My heart goes out to you about your mother and all the strife you've endured here lately.

Wishing you the best!

Paris said...

Wonderful interview, as always. Good luck with your many ventures and I'm holding good thoughts for your mom and family.

Sandy said...

John, I understand how you feel about your mother. I lost my mom to ovarian cancer over 14 years ago, and I still miss her. You're a good son to be by her side.

My hubby and I give to St. Judes, too, and many others. We always help those who are too helpless to help themselves. You're a nice young man, and you deserve someone to love and your two kids. Smile!

Hales said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies!

John it was great getting to know more about you. God Bless you and your mom. I hope you fulfill even more of your dreams :P

Hales said...

Tina I swear that is my fav too I need that imagefor a book cover :P HEll I'll make up a new story just for it!

Drew Kalter said...

John, you're an inspiration to us all! My prayers and blessings for your mom!

Anonymous said...

Sending light and love to your Mom John. Stay strong but allow yourself to be sad that this is happening to YOUR Mother. May God bless you both.

I'm always interested in your personal life John... are you currently in a serious relationship or do you prefer to keep that part of your life separate. You share so much about your family and growing up but we never hear of someone special in your life. I do hope there is someone that you consider your significant other so that you have someone to take care of you on occasion.... maybe even just someone to help you through this when you are a little down. I know traveling and trying to make a name for yourself in acting/modeling can be tough on finding
a stable relationship in one place.

All the best to you and your family.

Dr. W.J. VerMeer said...

I have never met John, but we have writing each other on line for 10 years. He has been a great help to me in addressing my own health problems, and many times does not wait for me to write and ask for his advice. He often writes me and asks how I am. Aside from all the physical attributes that he has, I have appreciated more his caring spirit and great heart. There are very few people like that in this world. I truly appreciate John. He is one in a million. I surely think of and pray for him, his mother and sister during this difficult time. I just trust that all things will be well in the days ahead. John, you are a super guy, and never forget that. Dr. W.J. VerMeer......

Anonymous said...

Does John see these comments? I wish he'd answer some of these people that posted comments and had questions.

Prayers for your Mom.

John Antorino said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words and compliments!! And for the well wishes and prayers for me and my mom. Much appreciated and needed right now. This is an interview with plenty of information and questions that the interviewer wanted to ask me. This here is a comment area. And not a question and answer area to put ALL my business and personal life out there. NOT necessary. Thanks again everyone!! And authors and publishers feel free to email me if you're interested in using/buying some of my pictures for covers:
All the best- John Antorino

Becky Grove said...

John your looking great as you always have! Sending prayers for your mom, as well as to you & your family. Please keep us posted to her progress, best wishes John!

Julie said...

Great interview! John you are an amazing talent and man. Truly one rare man and person. And one of a kind in this world. Your work has always been stellar. You set yourself from the pack. Always have. A class and aura about you. And a special caring heart to match. Just Superb! Anyone that gets graced by your being and prescence is blessed and lucky. Any woman that gets your time and attention should count her lucky stars. WOW! May God continue to bless you and give you and your Mother strength during this difficult time. She raised an angel and all-around wonderful beautiful, perfect man.

Lisa said...

John should be a role model of what it is to be a "real" human being. Such wonderful qualities, selfless and loving. Words can not describe John, but his actions do. I am blessed to have met him and i believe that whatever he touches will turn to gold. His beauty exudes from the inside out. Wonderful interview!!!

Valerie said...
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Anonymous said...

Great Interview! I am looking forward to reading his book.... We grew up together and it feels great to contribute to John's success.... I know he will make it to the top. You go boy!!!!
Your Friend,

Ami Erelah said...

Was thinking about you in surgery while working in the OR.
Got amoment to read and reflect on the great article written about you published on November 1,2012with the prestigious --Romance '4' Us-- very impressive!!!
When you came to existence and emerged the mold was broken for ever....what materialized into fruition was every mother's dream and woman's ideal. You are an amazing beautiful son and a man with a strong sense of self and purpose. Your mind is courageous as is your valient spirit and soul which are abundant in goodness and benevolence.
I am proud to say that you are my friend and fortunate to enjoy your talent,grace,diverse career and warm friendship.YOU are ABSOLUTE a gentleman of refined taste,tenacious goals,defined accomplisments and distinguished success. YOU are man of EXCELLENCE!! Without a waivering thought you can always count on me for support,my ptayers,positive thoughts and good wishes are with your sweet mom,loving family and you. THANK YOU for being so strong and an admirable example to us all you area pillar of strength and a solid rock in the mid of a turbulent storm. You make all the difference in your mom's and your familie's life.Blessings to you and your precious family.... for they are your true treasure and are living deep in your nurturing heart.
Hugs of support and encouragement.
Ami (Erelah)

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