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Monday, November 19, 2012

NaNoWriMo Update

Back at the beginning of the month, I had high expectations.  While I didn't necessarily care about attaining the 50K mark, I did want to make a serious dent in my NaNo project, and had a chat with my leading lady,  Lynne Harcourt:

Since I’ve been having issues with book #8, I thought I’d sit down with Lynne and pick her brain a little.

Hi Lynne.  How was your extended vacation?

Very well thanks!  Sorry; I just couldn’t stomach that red-haired kid you paired me with.

I had an epiphany of sorts this morning; how would you feel if I paired you with Shane?

(spits out her coffee)  SHANE?  You’re gonna pair me with playboy SHANE?  Oh good lord…..

Wait, wait, wait….here me out.  Nick goes off to Duke, and Shane knows both of you better than whatever-the-hell-I-named-the-red-haired-guy does.  And since I got the sense you quit ‘talking’ to me because of the zero chemistry-thing, and Shane really doesn’t have a storyline…

So it’s a pity-thing?  He’s gonna see right through that.

No; not that.  You two already have your tense moments, and I thought we could play with that.  Pairing you with a computer geek didn’t exactly work, so I thought another ball player-

Now I see where you’re going!  Keep talking.  So how do we ‘get together?’

I thought I’d keep it along the same lines as already written.  You return from NC tired, bitter, and Shane’s the first person you run into back on campus.  The sight of him reminds you of Nick, so you light into him, and in the process, he holds you to get you to stop hitting him.  Then exhaustion takes over….and common sense returns…..but the seed has been planted.

I’m not sure which way I want to tackle the racial issue; have your parents object, have his parents object, or both….and for sure have fellow students voice their issues.  So if you’re game, I’ll need you to stick around the rest of this month or so.  I need to get your book written, if we have any hope of it coming out next year.

You’re that close?  Wow….

Yes.  Caty’s book arrives in Feb; Stephanie’s in March, and I’m submitting Susan’s sometime around that time; I’ll be cleaning hers up in Jan, with the hopes of getting it subbed by the month’s end.  And then there’s yours.

I see.  You’ve been busy while I’ve been away!

Yes, I have.  And I’m going to have to interview some 500 princesses or Queens, so if I get remotely close to that process by Feb or March, I’ll be thrilled.

I’m going to compete for a 500 Princess?  Awesome!

Then Nick will see what he let go.

Do we ever get back together?

Not sure at this point.  I’ve written the finale, but don’t think you’re mentioned, except in context of dating Nick.  And that’s not written in stone.  And you don’t have to stay with Shane.  Just for the sake of this story.   And I’ll have to write some of it in book #9, which I’m also trying to ‘flesh out’ at the moment. 

Who’s the main character of #9? 

Donna.  It’s the Gambling Addiction one.  Or Kathy, with the adoption.  Then Taraand the snow issue, and an unnamed character with the drugs.  Then Cassie and her younger man, then the Reunion.  At this rate, I’ll have Arbor U knocked out by the year 2014 or 15.  Just depends on if I can get everyone to talk to me at some point.

You’re doing well, lady.  What’s after Arbor U?

Probably stay on the tame side of Romance…and finish my zombie story.  Thanks Lynne; sorry to yank you back to Reality here.

Write it well, and I’ll stay in your head.  But one more misstep, and I’m running back to Nicky.

I dove into the wip and did well, until day #12.  Then the ideas trickled; 'Shane' decided to talk to me during an impromptu walk, and I didn't have anything to write with or on; and when I finally did get the chance to write down his side of the 'conversation', it was like trying to decipher what's going on in a two-year-old's brain during a tantrum.  I've stalled out at 20 thousand words, two thousand more than when I began.  So in a sense, that's progress, yes?

Anyway; I've not turned into a witch this month; the family is still speaking to me; and I conquered my fear of being on live television.  I've also gone through three rounds of edits on my next release, so the month hasn't been a total loss!

I'm thankful that my mother is recovering rapidly from her health issues from last winter; my sister and her family can spend the holiday with us; my oldest son learned a valuable lesson this past year; my daughter gave birth to a healthy daughter; and my youngest is having a steller year in school, now that his medication seems to the correct one for his ADD.  It was a trying year for our family, but we're still together and hopefully the daughter and her boyfriend will soon be employed (they are currently in training and doing well!).

May everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels during this holiday season!


Harlie Reader said...

Way to go Molly. Sometimes are characters know us better than we do. :)

jean hart stewart said...

When your character wants to talk to you it's time to really listen.Most of them are pretty damn smart....

Sandy said...

Molly, you have to listen to your characters. They sound pretty smart to me. However, I like the geek idea. Can't you shape him up a bit. You know give him a black belt or something. lol

Molly Daniels said...

@Harlie: Sometimes, yes:) Unfortunately, not in this case.

@Jean: I was two blocks away with the dog on the leash, headed to pick up my youngest when all of a sudden 'Hey, you know what would be a GREAT idea...' landed in my head. Apparently he didn't appreciate the 'could you wait another hour until I get to my writer's meeting?' request!

@Sandy: I may have to return to the geek-guy. Wish they'd make up their damn minds....:)

Katalina Leon said...

I think you should give in and listen to Lynne. She sounds like a great character.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful interview.

When characters talk, writers need to listen!

Take heart because, if your characters are talking to you, they are no longer flat, 2D characters. XD

Praying for a speedy, full recovery for your mom.

Paloma Beck said...

I love how our characters can guide us onto a new course. Sounds like your character definitely knows what she wants. ;)

lily sawyer said...

I am glad your family is doing well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving


Janice Seagraves said...

Keep going, Molly, you doing great!


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