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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Not Christmas Yet

It's November, which means it's time for my annual rant. I'm not ready to hear sleigh bells or see snowmen everywhere I look. Christmas is over a month away and there's another major holiday (in the US, anyway) to enjoy between now and then. That's right: Thanksgiving. Give one of the nations' few original holidays its due and hold off on the Christmas festivities until after the turkey  leftovers are gone.

Now don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. While it's pretty much a secular holiday in my household, I'm very much into the whole idea of gift giving and making merry. Almost every culture on Earth has some sort of festival during the darkest time of the year, and there's a reason for that. When the weather gets bleak and historically, food starts to get scarce, it's important to have something to cheer people up. But, perhaps because I am such an overgrown kid about Christmas, I like to savor the season. If I drag it out too long, then I run into the gloomy situation of getting bored with it. I'd rather look forward to December than break out the holiday CDs early. That way, even the event of starting the season is special.

More significantly, I like to enjoy Thanksgiving as a stand-alone holiday, not as the run-up to the big one. I refuse to spend that day Christmas shopping. (And I avoid black Friday like crazy.) Mostly, though, I think we've lost the simpler pleasure of Thanksgiving in our manic rush toward December. Whether your Thanksgiving  celebrations have religious elements or not, taking time to appreciate the good things in our lives is never wasted. Harvest festivals are another age-old tradition and whether we have dinner for four or twenty, I love the idea of coming together to celebrate family, friends, and abundance. Even in lean years, there was always food on the table. That's something to be thankful for.

So enjoy your November, whether you're like me, or even if you're one of the early-Christmas-ers. It's okay to do things your own way. I'll be here, stashing those Christmas romance stories, saving them for Dec. 1. It works for me. :)

BTW, if you're interested in a book that features Thanksgiving, I have two that come to mind. For erotic romance, check out One Good Man, from Ellora's Cave, by me and Lacey Thorn. Or if you like a more paranormal tale, you can read Motor City Mage, from Carina Press.


Adele Dubois said...

The Christmas displays went up before Halloween in many stores. That REALLY rushed it for me. I agree that AFTER Thanksgiving is soon enough to decorate my house.

As much as I love Christmas, I always sigh with relief on January 2. It's like our world stands still during the holidays.


Mary Corrales said...

For me, Christmas can't get here soon enough. It's been a rough year and Christmas to me just represents happiness and hope for better days.

It'll be yummy to eat turkey for Thanksgiving though. I intend to gain a pound or two for sure. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Couldn't agree more. I adore Xmas, but not so soon, please.

Paris said...

I've ranted for years about the stores putting up Christmas displays alongside the Halloween candy.

I avoid Black Friday and this year I hear some stores are running sales on Thanksgiving. Enough is enough. I plan on enjoying Turkey day with family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cara Marsi said...

I agree, Cindy. I'd like to spend more time enjoying Thanksgiving before we go into Christmas. I avoid Black Friday like it's the zombie apocalypse. I don't get the rush some people do from fighting for bargains with screaming crowds. I'm trying to lose a few pounds now in anticipation of all that Thanksgiving-Christmas eating.

B.C. Brown said...

As someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, it is dismaying to see another family holiday bypassed so easily. I understand the spirit of the holiday - the warmth of family and friends in the middle of the darkest time of the year - but merchants' desires to jump over the time of family to increase their sales is appalling.

Give me my holidays individually, please.

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