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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandra Marshall


Diana Lambdin Meyer said...

I agree. Some people are vaguely interested in how writers go about their business, but for the most part, they want to read the topic that first attracted them to your work.
Good topic, good question. I look forward to what others have to say.

Sandy said...

Thank you, Diana. There are some interesting comments. I always find your travel blogs interesting.

Louise Behiel said...

good question. I don't think people read my blog because I'm a writer. From searches that bring people to my site, it's because they're looking for a particular topic. and never one I think should hit often. I'm working on a plan for my blog right now. I can't seem to get the energy to write regularly and yet I think I should do so.

good topic.

Sandy said...

Thank you for your comment, Louise. I think your blog fills a need for helping writers and others who need help to understand how to develop a character with a certain illness. It, also, helps those who need with family members.
You do a great service.

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