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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Interview of Author Tabitha Blake/Carey Abbott

Today it's my pleasure to present an interview of romance author Tabitha Blake/Carey Abbott.

Latest Book: Soul Extraction (Paranormal Suspense)
Buy Link: Hoping for a January Release

Tabitha Blake is a paranormal suspense and romance writer. Writing about the creatures of the night is her passion. She is fueled by the need to pen romances with dark twists. Her fascination with the paranormal keeps her mind reaching for the next great story idea. Writing brings her joy and with each story she writes her characters become a part of her. Tabby has a wild imagination that shines through in everything she writes.

She resides in the bustling city of Houston, with her husband and three crazy cats. She is the mother of four amazing kids that have taught her how to have fun and just enjoy life. Her passion for the written word started at a very young age and has molded her into the writer she is today. Most of the time you will find her with her nose in a book or at her computer writing. The need to read and write runs deep and is part of who she is.

Q: What part of the book is the hardest for you? Why?
A: The hardest thing for me to write is the fight scene. So much goes into a really great fight scene. You need action, drama, and peril. My one saving grace is I write paranormal. But then you get into a whole other dilemma. As paranormal writers, we are always trying to strive to do something new. In one, fight scene in Soul Extraction Craigen wraps, his wings around himself and spins. The edges of the feathers on his wings become sharp like razors.

Q: Who is your favorite character in your book and why?
A: Well I may get stoned for this one. LOL! But I just love my villain Nyx. He is so vile and so much fun to write. He is a sexual demon and his character is very dark. I love to write a really dark bad guy. The evil just flows from my fingers. I’m not sure what that says about me? LOL!

Q: If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity would you like to star as one of your heroines? Tell us about your heroine.
A: Lyric would be played by Charlize Theron. Lyric is a tough FBI agent that is throw into a world she can’t believe is real. She is about cold hard facts. If you can’t touch it then it isn’t real. But that idea get blown out of the water the first time she touches Craigen’s wings.

Q: If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity would you like to star as one of your heroes? Tell us about your hero.
A: Craigen would be played by Gerard Butler. Craigen is a fallen angel. His pride led him to be labeled on of the fallen and Nyx had a hand in the chaos as well. Now he has been given a second chance to catch Nyx and return to heaven.

Q: You’re on a remote island with a handsome man, a computer, and a “mysterious” source of electricity to power your computer. What do you do?
A: Huh? Sexy man and computer? Sounds like its time for a little research for my next sex scene. Sorry my mind went to a naughty place after thinking of Gerard Butler. LOL!

Q: What genre would you like to try writing in but haven’t yet done so? Why?
A: I would like to try to write contemporary men in uniform stories. You know police officers, firemen, soldiers, etc. I just love to read these kinds of stories. I mean how can you not like a man in uniform? So maybe some day in the future I will try. But for now I have four of five paranormal ms I need to focus on.

Tell us where to find you: website(s), publisher’s page(s), blog(s), Facebook page(s), etc. List them all!

Available Now! Tethered Hearts
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Lyric VanBuren, is a hardened FBI agent with a chip on her shoulder. Since the brutal deaths of her parents, she is driven by the need to hunt down sadistic serial killers. But she has never crossed paths with one so vile as the Red Rose Killer. She thought she knew the face of evil but now she’s not so sure.

Craigen Archer was once one of God’s most esteemed angels. Now he is just a drunk without a future. One mistake and he’s banished from the heavenly realm. Labeled one of the fallen, stripped of his angelic powers, until God summons him with a request. Hunt down the notorious soul-sucking demon, Nyx. Redemption is in his grasp; the only thing standing in his way is one very nasty demon.

Lyric and Craigen’s worlds collide when he is assigned as her partner to work the Red Rose Killer case. She works alone and makes that quite clear to him from the start. With time running out, he has to open her eyes to a world she never knew existed and hope for the best. He has to find a way to make her believe or she may lose her soul to one of the worst demons to ever walk the Earth. However, will it be enough to save her soul and establish his rightful place in heaven?

EXCERPT: (This excerpt is the Villain, Nxy, and not the hero)
Nyx lifted up on his elbows. “Tell me I can have all of you, mind, body and soul.” He waited for the words he needed to hear. His resolve slipping by the minute. Once those words passed her lips, her fate would be sealed. He bit the inside of his cheek trying to hold it together for just a few more minutes. If he scared her then it would all be over.

“You can have all of me,” she whispered, still trying to work the buttons of his jeans loose.

“No, I need you to say I can have you, mind, body and soul. Say it, my beautiful, Shay.” He ran kisses down her arm.

She giggled. “You are strange you know, but I like it. The mysterious Nyx. Mind, body and soul.”

That was it he had her. There was no turning back now. Permission was given and so easily. They were always so trusting. He stood and stripped off his jeans. His need raged to the surface. He ripped her panties from under the leather skirt she wore and drove into her in one swift move. Her body clamped down in protest of such a sudden invasion and he moaned with the tight hold she had on him. She arched into him and clung to his shoulders. He laughed. “You like it a little rough, don’t you Shay?”

She bit her bottom lip and moaned. “Yes, Yes! Harder!”

The sweet smell of her passion hung heavy in the room. Her body soft and warm under his had him burning up from the inside out. It stole his breath. She dug her nails into his back and wrapped her legs around his ass. Soft moans came from her heated mouth that ran soft little bites over his chest. This one was a spitfire, giving as good as she got. He hated to have to cut the experience short but his need was too much to control. Small tingles started to engulf his body. It was pure bliss as her energy was drawn to the surface. He howled as the beast in him felt the pull. But sex was never enough, he needed more. Still joined he waited for her to shatter in his arms, he placed both hands on her face. his palms heated as, he glared into her eyes. They would both peak at the same time and he would take her soul in an explosion of power. He looked down and smiled.

“What are you doing? You’re freaking me out! Stop! Your …eyes…they’re red.” Her eyes widened with panic, she clawed at his wrists, arching her back trying to buck him off.

He jerked her head back against the pillow and held her there. “Don’t worry, I’ll be quick. It won’t hurt, too much.” He laughed.

She twisted her body and pounded on his chest as she screamed. The music from next door still boomed in the air. No one would hear her cries for help. He liked the feel of complete power he got when taking a soul. Total domination.

He released another dose of pheromones, not enough to bring pleasure just enough to calm her. “It’s useless to fight, human. I always win.” He tenderly pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. She stared at him in horror. Poor thing probably thought he was some crazed serial killer. Nope. She would have had a better chance with some regular sicko. With him her soul was doomed for eternity. “Shhh…” He put a finger over her mouth and shook his head. She quivered. “You can’t best me at my own game. I‘ve been playing this little cat and mouse game for hundreds of years.” He could feel her heart race in her chest as tears ran down her temples into her bright pink hair. “Awww…now don’t cry. You said you wanted to be part of my tattoo. Right?” Her bottom lip trembled. “These are all women that gave their souls graciously. Okay, maybe not graciously but they did give me permission to take them. Pathetic humans!”

She knew death was coming. He could see it in her eyes, the look of defeat softened her features. The molecules of her life-force seeped from her pores and glistened on her skin like an oily sheen. Her body slick as if bathed in suntan oil. Her eyes open wide in terror as Nyx ran his nose over the side of her face. The room reeked of power and fear. His nostrils flared as crimson tinted the tiny drops red like blood. He ran his hand across her neck as she whimpered and closed her eyes.

“Your fear is mouth watering.” Bringing his fingers to his mouth, he licked the tangy drops from them. “But not even close to the taste of your soul.” His lips smacked as he sucked every drop of her dewy essence from each finger.

Her eyes shot wide and she struggled to get free. He only laughed at her feeble attempt to escape his grasp. The smell of her burning flesh hung pungent in the air. “Time to finish this beautiful.”

He closed his eyes and called upon the dark power that dwelled in his body. His skin changed from his tan human facade and morphed into the black scaly skin of the demon he kept hidden from most humans. Nyx opened his mouth of razor sharp teeth and commanded her life force to yield to him. Her mouth stretched wide as shock stole her voice. Pure terror radiated through the room. Nyx grabbed her under her chin and forced her to witness the abomination he had become. Tears tracked down her temples as realization hit her and the will to fight lessened with each passing second.

“Your soul belongs to me. You have given it of your own free will.” He hummed with satisfaction as her essence turned into a fine white mist and hovered in the air. In one deep breath, he engulfed every bit of the misty fog.

The muscles in his body seized up as the power of his climax mixed with her soul and rushed over him like tiny electrical pulses. Nothing ever compared to the high of taking a soul and he had done his fair share of drugs. Her life force strengthened him. After the electrical shock waves eased up, he rolled over and sunk into the bed. He glanced over at his latest victim and sighed with satisfaction. One less worthless human to take up space.

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Sandy said...

It's not often that I'm left speechless, Tabitha, but that excerpt was something else. It scared me to my soul.

Tabitha Blake said...

LOL! Nyx is one nasty demon. My goal was for him to be a little bit scary but also sexy at the same time. And from the responses I have gotten I I'm pleased that I accomplished that. Thanks for stopping by Sandy!

Victoria Adams said...

Awesome cover and awesomer excerpt.

Brenda said...

Tabitha your excerpt was excellent. Wow. When will your book be available??? I'm dying to read it.

Anonymous said...

It cracked me up where you said "This is th villain Nyx --Not the hero." Like we were all gonna fall for your bad boy. Is it that you know us too well? Congratulations on your up coming release.

Daryl Devore said...


Roxy Boroughs said...

Love the excerpt.

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Victoria!

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Brenda! I'm still in the editing phase but I'm hoping no later than Feb. I can't wait to get it out there to readers!

Tabitha Blake said...

LOL! Well I didn't want you to think it was the hero and hate him right off. Oh I know how it goes. If the readers hate the hero then the book is a failure. Don't want that and yeah I know you guys pretty well. I just really like this scene. It gives a really good insight into Soul Extraction. Thanks for stopping by Casea!

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Daryl!

Lynda Bailey said...

OMG! That excerpt was...awesome and scary and thrilling and I don't know what else.

Though I'm not a huge fan of paranormal, SOUL EXTRACTION is one I'm just gonna hafta buy.

Best of luck with your sales!

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Roxy!

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Lynda that just made my day! Nothing like the feel you can get someone to read your book that normally wouldn't. Awesome!

Nicole Morgan said...

Great interview! I am 100% on board with you trying those men in uniform stories! ;)

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Nicole! Man there is nothing sexier than a man in uniform. I tend to be partial to Firemen. Yummy!

Sheri Fredricks said...

Congratulations on a riveting scene that grabs the reader! All your stories, whether in uniform or paranormal will be great - I just know it!

Anonymous said...

Great cover and extract. Congratulations on your book.

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Sheri!

Tabitha Blake said...

Thanks Ella!

Liza O'Connor said...

I think that guy might be my Ex. Except I refused to give him my mind, body or soul. In fact, when he said we should marry, I said when hell freezes over. But then my mother got involved and I ended up married. Those were three dark years. I will never marry again. Ever. Thanks for bringing that back to me. lol.
well written though...
Lizs, now grumpy.

Author Nikki Prince said...

What an excellent excerpt Tabitha. Can't wait to read this one.


Melissa Limoges said...

Nice interview! And what a great excerpt. The cover is pretty too! :)

Stacey Brutger said...

Great interview. I liked the excerpt. Congrats on your book!!

Robyn Walters said...

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