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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ginger Softerware Review by Janice Seagraves

Ginger Software Review for Self-editing 
By Janice Seagraves 

 I tried out the Ginger program for self-editing. And here's what I think:

It's a big program and took a lot of space on my laptop and slowed it way down. Going online is a pain, so after I finish trying it out, then I'll delete it off my hard drive.

It works online so staying online as you use the program is a must.

It's fast. It checks over your prose one sentence at a time and shows the sentence at the top of your screen along with the sentence with the suggested changes just underneath. You have an option of skipping or accepting the changes.

It only checks your words, not your punctuation. But it will check for correct word usage, which is great.

However, I suggest you look closely at what words are being suggested before you click on accept. Some of the suggestions on names was laughable, especially since I'm currently working on a SF Romance series, so you know some of my names are going to be far from normal.

It also corrects your email and posts online.

Here's what I think: for a free program, it's an excellent tool for self-editing. Just make sure you have the room on your hard drive before you download it. But, if you're looking for a program to check for punctuation errors, then you'll have to look somewhere else.
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Sandy said...

Janice, thanks for the information.

jean hart stewart said...

Very interesting... doesn't sound worth it to me. Thanks.

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Sandy,

You're welcome.

Hi Jean,

Yeah, it does seem that way. I'm deleting it once I'm done with it.


Faith said...

Every time I install a program like that it frigs up my computer. I would, however, like to try the Dragon program, but I've heard that one takes a phenomenal amount of hard drive memory.

Victoria Adams said...

Give me a human over a program every time.

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Faith,

Ginger slowed down my computer. I have dragon too and yes it's another program that takes a lot of memory.

Hi Victoria,

True nothing beats getting a second pair of eyes on your work.


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