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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Yeah! Go Team U.S.A.!!! Did you see the Women's Gymnastics the other night? Wow!

In the back of my mind, I knew the time neared for the 2012 Olympics. Surprisingly, not much advertising on the network television pushed them this year. At least, I didn’t’ notice. I kept wondering when the date for the opening ceremonies was because I love the theatrical spectacle. Fortunately, I caught an announcement a week before and watched last Friday night and I was glad I did. Got me motivated to write a new story.

Motivated not only to watch, which I didn’t plan to in the beginning, two gave me some ideas to write, and three because it was London! A couple of years ago at Christmas-time, our family went to London and there was talk then of us returning to attend the Games. We loved it there and wanted to return again one day and what better way than for the Olympics. But, alas, other life events took over and we didn’t get to go. So, watching and seeing some of the sites we visited are bringing back fond memories.

On the writing side of this story, years ago, and too many to confess to, I had an idea about an Olympic love story but never wrote it. At the time my idea was that. I didn’t write, my husband did, but not me. What’s better to write about than a handsome, athletic, hero-type Olympian falling for an equally attractive young woman? Well, I’ll tell you. These games have certainly stimulated my brain.

So my question posed to authors and readers alike, if you wanted to read about an Olympic hero and heroine, what sport would they be competing in? Where would the Games take place, forgetting where they are currently planned in the future? Would they be in the same sport or different ones? Would they win their events and medal?

For me, I have four years to revisit that story I kicked around many, many years ago. Oh wait! Isn't there the Winter Olympics in two years? Maybe it will get written sooner, just a change in venue. Hmm, the ice skater and the hockey player. What do you think?
Cynthia Arsuaga  
Erotic Romance Author


Tina Donahue said...

Saw a movie on Lifetime a few years ago about a young female ice skater and a washed-up hockey player who was pairing with her for a skating competition. Don't know if it was the Olympics or not. Really enjoyed it. Their chemistry was great. Can't recall the title though.

jean hart stewart said...

Get going on that book idea, girl. Sounds intriquing to write and to read.

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

I remember a similar movie Tina. Can't remember the name. And Jean, that idea was over 30 years ago. I couldn't remember all the details except the title! I just might have to resurrect the idea for the next Olympics!

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