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Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Fun

So what have you done on your summer vacation? For me, now that the kids are out of school, that term doesn't mean much, but I still like to get out and DO something once in a while as long as the weather is nice. This summer has been a weird one, but we've gotten a little bit done in the home-improvement category and taken a few nice day trips to keep life interesting. In the process, I've discovered some great antique shops not far from home and even seen Full Metal Jousting in action, artifacts from the RMS Titanic, and lots of bad pirate costumes.

No, this hasn't been all in one place. Titanic, the Artifact Exhibition, is running through September at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. It wasn't, I'll admit, everything I hoped it would be, but it was a nice exhibit of some of the artifacts that have been recovered and mock-ups of a handful of rooms from the ship. If you're in the Detroit area, it's worth the $10. (Plus museum admission, if you're not a geek like me with an annual membership. But really, the other exhibits, especially the cars and trains are worth the price.)

We also spent a couple of horribly hot Saturdays in July at the Black Rock Medieval Summerfest outside of Kalamazoo. This brand-new festival was a deal for $10. a person, though the dust is pretty bad. I did really like seeing the actual competitive jousting rather than the scripted stuff you usually see at the bigger faires. We went on both the Celtic and pirate themed weekends and had a ball. Likewise, in June there's the Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival in Frankemuth, Michigan, with a German theme, that was also a lot of fun for a low price. My favorite thing about this one? TONS of shade. It was about ten degrees cooler inside than out. I love the shopping and live music, and yeah, I have a ton of fun dressing up in the cool costumes. Next weekend the big Michigan Renaissance Festival starts up in Holly, MI, and though it's more expensive, it's on a much bigger scale. Not a better experience, but a different one, and I'm looking forward to a couple different weekends of that as well.

Of course, to make summer the best it can be, you need reading material, for at the beach, or pool or just curled up in the air-conditioning. To help you out with that, I have TWO brand new print books out in the last week that I want to crow about. (Both are erotic romance with paranormal elements, and from Ellora's Cave.) I'm also in a new non-fiction book with 24 other romance authors, talking about how we found the real-life romance of our dreams. Check it out below, because that one is a FREE download for your summer enjoyment.

Stay cool!

 Holiday Hearts
by Cindy Spencer Pape

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Includes: Yuletide Enchantment, Like Bunnies, Valentine's Heart, and All Hallow's Evie

Born with the magic of the seasons running through their veins, the five Holiday siblings don’t believe in the family legends, until one by one, the magic happens to them. Look for year-round romance and passion

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Texas Passions
by Cindy Spencer Pape, Regina Carlysle, and Desiree Holt

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Includes: Eagle's Run, Eagle's Redemption, and Eagle's Refuge

Three unexpected half-siblings meet for the first time after their father’s death. Together, they learn to deal with life, love and each other.

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How I Met my Husband 

The real-life love stories of 25 romance authors. Now you can download it FREE at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

 * * * * *

And Now for the Contest:

Add a comment below about your summer, and I'll draw one random winner for a copy of their choice of the print books above. I'll even ship internationally!


Rhonda D said...

My summer vacation was a trip to Louisiana (my husband's home state). My mother-in-law passed away so it wasn't much of a vacation.
I would love Texas Passions. Desiree Holt is one of my favorite authors. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

laura troxel said...

My summer vacation was a trip to Lake Erie. We took my daughter to 4-h camp and then spent the rest of the week while she was gone at the lake. It was the first time in years that we went on a vacation by ourselves. It was a great week!!! I would love any book from Desirree Holt. Thank you

Karen H in NC said...

Well, I don't often see a rundown of things to do in Michigan on one of the blogs I follow. It's like a breath of home! I was born & raised in children still live in the area. In fact, I spent a few days in mid-July visiting my kids. Had a great time and the weather was beautiful. I like it! BTW, that Frankenmuth festival in June is the Bavarian Festival.

DDAY said...

Since my daughter was taking summer classes at her college this year, it was one of the summers we didn't travel. So I decided to work two days a week at a summer camp (I work at a school and usually have my summers free. We travel....a LOT). My summer was lazy and quiet with only a family reunion to deal with. I laid around and read a lot of trashy romances...the best summer ever!

jean hart stewart said...

Not competing for the prize, just wanted to say I enjoyed reading about your summmer....Jean

Jennifer Mathis said...

this summer i didnt see alot of my kids they spent all summer traveling from one family member to another and had lots of fun doing it . so i spent the summer doing traveling my self ( went on the road with my hub who is a truck driver) and when i was home i read alot of books and enjoyed the quiet

Cara Marsi said...

Cindy, you've had a busy summer. I haven't done anything this summer. The last few years we've been doing most of our traveling in September and October. Next month we head to Santa Fe, NM. Our trips recently have been to the Southwest. I'm sorry to see summer go. I always am. Autumn isn't bad, but it's what comes after that I don't like.

You're books sound wonderful. Here's my email:

orelukjp0 said...

I had a mixed summer so far. A lot of doctor appointments to get ready for my surgery tomorrow but on the bright side, I also went to Disneyland twice, Chicago and Maui.
Thanks for the wonderful contest.

orelukjp0 at gmail dot com

Sheila said...

My summer has been catching up on reading and spending time with my family.The weather has been hot and thunderstorms so we'll wait until it cools off to do anything.

Alison Rush said...

Unforunatly i spent almost 3 months recovering from surgery on my knee.. watching gtv and reading.. love ELLORAS cAVE BOOKS !

VenusBookluvr said...

My summer vaction was to Michigan. My mother and sister love Frankenmuth and I love visiting a different lake area every year we go. Next year we are planning our annual trip a little later in the summer so we can attend the Ren. Festival. Hope to see you there!!

Paris said...

I'm not competing but I loved reading about your summer fun! It was so hot here that we didn't get out much. Congratulations on your new print books:)

Jacki C. said...

I haven't had my summer vacation yet - I'm going to Vegas in September with my husband.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Venus, seriously, let me know when you're going to be in MI and we WILL meet up!

Thanks, everyone for the great answers and for playing along.

Janice Seagraves said...

Oooh, I love renaissance fairs. I even have a costume for me and my family. :)

Good luck with your latest release.


susan said...

Well my summer is one I won't forget for many years. In June I suffered mini strokes and so my doctor wanted to find out why. In July I had 9 appointments on separate days between the hospital, a specialist and my doctor. In August so far I have had two and one is to be done end of the month. They found I have a hole in my heart, I have high cholesterol so nothing will be done but I am on blood thinners. I am dealing with high blood pressure and thyroid problem as well as being diabetic so on three separate diets. BUT in all of this I am trying my best to enjoy every day and have been in my yard a lot, painting which is my hobby when I am not in a book. I always have a book going..that's my number one hobby and we have been having cook outs. I am not going to let my health issues pull me down. I will live each day to the fullest. I still run the small community library here in the area and look forward to that. Part of my summer is painting with TRI CHEM paints and I have done 6 larger tablecloths and several smaller items which will be Christmas presents to friends this December. I love to hand paint items and give away. That sums up my summer if you can picture I live surrounded by woods and in an country setting alone in the woods and we have black bears and deer visiting quite often. My hubby has trains as his hobby so we are contented here. I love this contest and entered since it is for printed books..I perfer the print ones yet. Have a great summer what is left of it. sue Leech

Molly Daniels said...

This summer has been hot, hot, HOT! In June, our granddaughter was born and two weeks later, I had tooth extracted. In July, we attended a wedding and kidnapped the other grandchildren for two weeks, taking them to the pool, the movies, and playing putt-putt golf. And now the first two weeks of August, I've spent taking care of my mother. Now the kids are back in school, and while I'll be watching the granddaughter every afternoon, it's nice to 'get my life back', lol!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Thanks so much to everyone who posted.

Congrats to ALison Rush, the winner. Alison, email me at to sort out your prize.

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