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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For Your Reading Pleasure

Hello romance fans! I'm super glad to be here, but realize you should be scolding me. I nearly forgot that today was my day to blog. *ducks down behind desk*

I do have a good excuse though...well, at least it's a plausible excuse: I've been stuck in my office writing under a pressing deadline. The book I'm working on is The Temperate Warrior and it's due to release sometime in December. I'm almost finished, so all of my focus has been on wrapping up subplots, character development, and of course writing the perfect ending to a gripping, plot-twisted love story. I apologize for getting so wrapped up in my WIP and not realizing what day it was.

However, all is not lost. In a panic to post something of interest, I decided to share an excerpt from one of my contemporaries so you'd at least have something hot and sexy to read. It's from Silent Partner and in this scene, Chloe has just agreed to dance with Grayson, but eventually it leads to a passionate, out of control, one-night stand. I hope you enjoy it.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this story and would love to see it become a movie. Another highly recommended read by Renee Vincent!"
"5 Star TOP PICK" ~ Night Owl Reviews

Renee Vincent's balance of the self-absorbed hero meeting emotionally challenged heroine is stunning because of her research into the heroine’s background. This book is a keeper."
"LASR BEST BOOK" ~ Long And Short Reviews 

Silent Partner

Shit, it’s hot in here.

She doubted it had anything to do with the physicality of their fast-paced dance. For a moment, she started to blame the amount of alcohol she had consumed, thinking her body had finally absorbed it and was now feeling the unfavorable aftereffect. Once she felt his fingers move slightly across her skin, she quickly reneged on that theory.

The heat flushing her body was more likely due to the practiced man who held her in his arms and stared at her with an insatiable lust. It was, by no means, unfavorable. He was gorgeous, she admitted, and the only thing she could think of was how beautiful he must be when stripped of his clothing.

She imagined he was like a Greek statue—a modern day Adonis—his body chiseled, hard, and stunningly streamlined. Every part of him was straight out of an Acropolis Museum exhibit, from the beauty of his unforgettable handsome face to the perfection of his male physique. He actually made her want to try her hand at sculpting clay instead of painting.

She had never sculpted before, but it was easy to envision her hands molding over his chest and arms, kneading and shaping every bulge of muscle on his torso. She even dared to think of her hands forming the tight orbs of his cute little ass, how she’d enjoy spending a lot of time casting his entire body with precision, down to the finest detail of his supple lips and the slight shadow of facial hair around them.

Chloe found herself staring at his well-groomed goatee, though one could hardly call it that since it seemed more elusive than anything. His thin, dark mustache accentuated his full luscious lips, while the vertical strip of hair from his lower lip drew her toward his strong chin and jaw.

She could tell he must have spent a lot of time trimming his beard in that fashion and she assumed he did so because it was a part of him he wanted women to notice.

She noticed all right.

His mouth was so alluring, so inviting, so…coming closer!

Automatically, her face drew back. She stiffened and looked him in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, a tinge of a smile creeping into one corner of his mouth. “Not into public displays of affection?”

What was wrong, she asked herself? She came here with the intent of forgetting her troubles. And letting Mr. Gyration kiss her would no doubt erase all memory of that. And then some.

Hell, he was making her forget things now.

Like the fact that she should not get caught up in this ‘player,’ because, frankly, that was all he was. She’d be nothing to him but another oat sowed, a tally on his board, a number on his scorecard…and come morning, he’d never think twice about her.

So, why did those reasons, all piled up, not come close to the height of her curiosity?

She didn’t know. All she knew was she wanted him more than anything. More than another shot of Patrón, more than trying to figure out a way to save her business. She had only one thing on her mind and that was him all over her.

As if he read her mind, he moved into her, backing her up until she hit the wall behind her, his body pressed soundly against hers.

“I’m with you on the privacy thing,” he said coyly. “Because once I kiss you, I’m not going to stop, and no one else needs to see me tear off your clothes.”

Did he really just say that?

A red flag flew up and Chloe swallowed hard, replaying his words. But she didn’t have time to protest. He leaned his head into hers, letting his nose nudge her cheek as he took in a long breath.

“Wait here,” he mumbled. “We forgot something.”

As he pushed himself from her body and left her standing in the dark corner of the club, she couldn’t agree more. They had both forgotten something all right—their self-control. Well, at least she certainly had.

When it came to Mr. Gyration, she didn’t know enough about him to assume anything about his reserve. Judging by the way he was with the other women in the place, she doubted he knew what that particular word meant.

She searched the dance floor, not really knowing what she was looking for. Perhaps she was looking for a reason to turn him down. Knowing how badly she wanted to take him up on his offer, it would have to be a big reason. Like an unhappy girlfriend left dancing alone, or a woman who’d have good cause to raise a stink about her being with him. But no one seemed to fit that criteria.

It was as if no one even knew she was there, waiting. Waiting for Mr. Gyration to return to her and take her somewhere private to….

…tear off her clothes.

Holy shit, what was she doing?

She had to leave. There was no way around it. Though her body screamed otherwise, she knew she must walk toward that distant club door and leave him in the dust. If she left now, she’d walk away with her heart unscathed and her dignity intact.

Yes. Leaving him behind was her best option.

She closed her eyes, trying to convince her eager body that it didn’t need the dark, sexy stranger’s kiss or his talented hands ravishing her to the point of utter pleasure.

Shit, who was she kidding?

The thought of him doing those very things only made it harder for her to skirt out. And unless the bald, muscle-bound bouncer came over and dragged her out of the club, she was not going to budge.

“Ready to steal away to my humble abode?”

Chloe’s eyes flashed open and Mr. Gyration was but a few inches from her, holding two full shot glasses, one in each hand—the ones they had left at the bar. He stepped forward, his lower half pressing against her. “You’ll have to snag the keys out of my right pocket,” he suggested, glancing downward, “if you want that privacy. I’d do it myself, but my hands are full.”

On purpose, she’d bet.

By the way he wagged his brows and smiled at her, yeah, she knew it was on purpose.

Come on, Chloe…where’s your sense of adventure? Reach into his tight leather pants and pull out his keys.

With another wave of heat flushing her face, she took a deep breath and lifted her hand, hesitating as her fingertips just breached the open seam of his pocket. She didn’t want to look at his face for she knew he was probably sporting that half-cocked grin that made her hot, and she was already sweltering with heat.

He bumped his hips toward her. “What are you going to do, sweet thing?” he teased. “Ball’s in your court…”

Little did he know his trifling dare was all she needed to shove her hand in his pocket and grip him in her fist.

His mouth flew open and his body shuddered from the bold contact. “…or in your hand.”

She countered him with an equally half-cocked smile, reveling in the feel of his strong erection filling her grasp. Indeed, he was as hard as stone, but no where near as passive as a motionless statue of marble. She felt him move against her, his pelvis jutting forward.

“Keys,” he reminded with a shiver.

Chloe reluctantly released him and fished for his keys. The pocket of his pants was deep but close-fitting, making it difficult for her not to graze him repeatedly in the process.

“You’re killing me, darlin’.”

On purpose, she elected inwardly.

Finally, she drew the ring of keys from his pants and held them up like a prize. She watched his shoulders relax as if he were relieved the torment on his body has ceased for the moment. But she didn’t plan to keep her hands off him for long. His body was too irresistible not to have thoughts of touching it, torturing him with sinful foreplay.

Yeah, running from Mr. Gyration was no longer an option; leaving him breathless, was.

He stepped back slightly and gestured with his eyes to a narrow corridor behind her to the right. “After you.”


Tina Donahue said...

They're all great, Renee - love these columns of yours. :)

Alexa said...

We'll forgive you since you're on a deadline to bring us another FANTABULOUS story!

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Thanks Tina! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

And thanks for your forgiveness, Alexa. I am certainly working hard to write another award winning, 5 star historical romance. Been a while since I put one out....crossing fingers that everyone will love like the trilogy.

Again, thank you both for swinging by.

Adele Dubois said...

Best of luck with your deadline and upcoming release, Renee! Thanks for sharing your yummy excerpt, too!


Mary Corrales said...

*fans self* Um, yes that post will do just fine. Thank you. :)

Please excuse me while I go drink something cold.

Sandy said...

That was so hot. Let me at him. My great-grandson is named Grayson, so it must be a popular name.

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I love your historicals, but I have to say, your contemporary, Silent Partner sounds yummy, delicious. Loved the excerpt. Now get back to work. LOL

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