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Sunday, July 22, 2012

It’s Not 50 Shades Greyer, It’s 100 Percent Hotter!!!!!

With all the publicity about the Fifty Shades Trilogy one would think erotic romance has just been discovered like the New World.
Not true!
Erotic romance has been around since Fanny Hill, Lady Chatterly’s Lover and Pearl. And today it’s one of the biggest sellers in romance fiction. And I am so excited to be a art of this growing market.
Ellora’s Cave copyrighted the term Romantica when it opened its doors more than ten years ago and blasted open the bedroom door with it tastefully crafted erotic romance. Others followed. And now Total-e-bound has taken the Fifty Shade phenomenon one step further. Clandestine Classics are red hot versions of classics like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. And my own selection, Northanger Abbey.
Trifle with an author’s voice? you cry in dismay.
Not at all. The five authors selected to launch this exciting series have been very careful to maintain both the author’s voice and style as we weave highly erotic scenes into the original manuscript. Implied sex is now vivid and scintillating and hopefully as arousing for the reader as for the characters in the novels.
So what’s the debut list to choose from?
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Sierra Cartwright
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Amy Armstrong
Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and Desiree Holt
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne and Marie Sexton
A Study in Scarlet by A. Conan Doyle and Sarah Masters
The series is creating quite a stir, with media from the London Daily Mail and the BBC to The New York Times, Fox News, The Hollywood Reporter, CNN and Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC discussing it. The news has gone viral. Did I pique your curiosity? I hope so. 

And here, for your tasting pleasure, a tiny bite of Northanger Abbey:
Darkness impenetrable and immovable filled the room. A violent gust of wind, rising with sudden fury, added fresh horror to the moment. Catherine trembled from head to foot. In the pause which succeeded, a sound like receding footsteps and the closing of a distant door struck on her affrighted ear. Human nature could support no more. A cold sweat stood on her forehead, the manuscript fell from her hand, and groping her way to the bed, she jumped hastily in, and sought some suspension of agony by creeping far underneath the clothes. To close her eyes in sleep that night, she felt must be entirely out of the question. With a curiosity so justly awakened, and feelings in every way so agitated, repose must be absolutely impossible. The storm too abroad so dreadful! She had not been used to feel alarm from wind, but now every blast seemed fraught with awful intelligence. The manuscript so wonderfully found, so wonderfully accomplishing the morning’s prediction, how was it to be accounted for? What could it contain? To whom could it relate? By what means could it have been so long concealed? And how singularly strange that it should fall to her lot to discover it! Till she had made herself mistress of its contents, however, she could have neither repose nor comfort; and with the sun’s first rays she was determined to peruse it. But many were the tedious hours which must yet intervene. She shuddered, tossed about in her bed, and envied every quiet sleeper. The storm still raged, and various were the noises, more terrific even than the wind, which struck at intervals on her startled ear. The very curtains of her bed seemed at one moment in motion, and at another the lock of her door was agitated, as if by the attempt of somebody to enter. Hollow murmurs seemed to creep along the gallery, and more than once her blood was chilled by the sound of distant moans. She began to wish for Henry Tilney to find his way secretly to her room to help allay her nervousness.
When the door to her room opened slowly she searched frantically for something with which to defend herself, not knowing if it was ghost of human who trespassed. When she saw Henry slip into the room, fingers to his lips, she poofed out a sigh of relief. Had just thinking of him conjured him up?
“What are you doing here?” she whispered as softly as she could, noticing that he had divested himself of all his clothes save a thin pair of breeches and a loose shirt.
“I feared the storm would disturb you and wanted to ease you through it.”
“But—But—But what if someone sees you walking around like that?” Her fingers gripped the bedclothes.
“General Tilney and my mother are long fast asleep,” he whispered back, “and I hope the same for my sister. However, since she sleeps two doors down we must be careful not to do anything to call her attention.”
“And what would we be doing?” she asked.
With a smile Henry approached the bed and eased himself down on top of the covers next to her. “I hope many things,” he told her. “I have felt this strong attraction between us from the first moment of our meeting and I have seen in your eyes a like feeling. If I am mistaken please advise me of it and I will leave a once.”
Even as the blood stirred within her and her pulse rate accelerated, she felt compelled to offer at least a token protest. “I assure you that I am still an innocent, an unsullied and respectable female.”
His hand cupped her cheek, turning her face to his. “My dear sweet Catherine, I am fully aware of that. I would take no advantage of that if you bid me leave. And if you bid me so I will be gone and this will be as if it never happened. But understand that you have my full respect as well as a number of other emotions that far surpass it. From our first meeting I have dreamed of being the one man to show you the pleasures of the body. I care for you so much. Please do not turn me away.”
She could have demurred further but she was so eager for his touch that it seemed to her a waste of time so she simply smiled and placed her hand over his. “And I have dreamed of the same things.”
Henry leaned his head closer to her face and placed his lips on hers. They were firm and moist and the touch was utterly pleasant. He brushed his mouth lightly over hers in a back ad forth motion, teasing her, until his tongue peeped out to trace he seam of her lips.
“Open your mouth for me, sweet Catherine,” he urged. “Let me in.”
She did so and when his tongue swept inside it filled her with a sensation of pleasure that danced through her body. Her nipples tingled and at once the sensitive muscles in her cunt trembled. She felt the liquid of her arousal soaking the crotch of her nighttime bloomers and had to press her thighs together. All this from a kiss! Imagine! But it was far beyond any kiss she’d ever imagined. Henry’s tongue touched the inside of her mouth everywhere, sliding over her own tongue in a movement that coaxed her to let hers dance with him. He thrust it in and out, mimicking the act of sex she and Virginia had read about and arousing her even more.
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jean hart stewart said...

Hadn't heard of this series and love the idea and the excerpt. I'll certainly be getting at least all the Jane Austen ones. Thanks.Jean

Sandy said...

Desiree, great excerpt. What an idea to make the classics hotter.

Desiree Holt said...

We're hoping to cross all groups of readers with this everything from erotic to historical. It's an exciting project to be part of.

Shelley Munro said...

Congrats, Desiree. I hadn't heard the buzz yet, but it sounds as if the concept is grabbing attention. Very cool!

Cara Marsi said...

Wow, Desiree, the series sounds great. I hadn't heard of it yet. I'm impressed, and I hope the Fifty Shades craze helps sell lots of better-written erotic romance. Good luck to you and the other writers in the series.

Elf2060 said...

Impressive melding of that style with your inimitable writing abilities. Congrats.

Mary Corrales said...

Wow, that's a tantalizing excerpt. This sounds like an excellent series.

Thanks for bring this to us today. I love it.

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