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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do You Like Sequels????

Do you like sequels?

Since I write mostly sequels, it’s past time I find out if readers like them or not. And I want to know why or why not, so please share your thoughts.

As a writer, I find I want to know what my characters do next. They’re real people to me, and I can’t write about them without bringing them to life in my mind. So the hero and the heroine get together in the first book. Of course they do, if it’s a romance. But is it really a Happy Ever After? An HEA, as authors call it. 

You and I know life doesn’t work that way. So what comes next for these beloved characters? Do they have children? How many and what sex? Do the children have children? You can see to an author a series is almost irresistible. In all of my series, on druids, mages and elves, I set the first book around 1890, because I know darn well I’ll want to follow the family for a long while.  

Fiery Pursuit is my first book in the series on elves. Lars and his family are descended for a Swedish line of elves, so they lithe, handsome, and sexy as hell. Think Legolas in Lord of the Rings. Although my elves are definitely sexier. 

The second book in the series, called Stormy Pursuit, is in edits so should be out very soon. The third book is already on my editor’s desk, and number four is about half way finished. So I’ll be talking elves for a long while.  

Don’t forget, please comment and tell me how you like sequels!!! 

Here’s a sneak passage from Stormy Pursuit. Remember, editing might change it, although I hope not too much. Oh, and I edited out the erotic passages that might offend some readers. 

“Several minutes later Quinn and Max regained enough breath for their shuddering to subside. Max drew away from her with an abruptness that left her still limp and shaking. 
He took her cheeks in his hands. “My god, you were a virgin. Why didn’t you tell me?” His tone was as accusatory as his stern face.
Quinn looked as his black brows, frowned and then bristled. She straightened and smoothed down her skirts. Her own brows arched and her elf’s ears grew even more prominent.
She didn’t speak for a moment, and when she did it was in a frosty tone.
“I didn’t know that was a crime, Chief Inspector. Or should I say another crime. I’m sure you came here expecting to arrest me for something or other.”
Unexpectedly he laughed at her cold tone and words. Reaching for her again, he held her lightly in his arms.
“Hardly a crime, my sweet elf. But I must admit you’ve given me more surprises in the last hour than any man could handle with grace.”
She remained silent, her eyelids downcast as he gazed at her, his intelligent eyes revealing a hint of how much he still longed to ask her.
“Quinn, it’s obvious you’re not used to being so, well so amorous. Why did you give this most precious of gifts to me?”
Quinn didn’t have the slightest idea of how she should answer. Damn the man for being so irresistible. She’d really muddied the waters. She didn’t know what to tell him he’d believe. That she cared about nothing in the world but exploring the delights she’d sensed in his eyes from the moment she’d met him? That he could turn her into a puddle of shameless yearning by looking at her with those blazing eyes? Tell him she’d like to do it all over again? Now. This minute.
When she lowered her eyes and refused to answer, he held her tighter. She kept her gaze on her toes, but flushed a bright pink as she felt his body harden again. She wiggled against him, even though she hadn’t meant to, and he responded by grinding his hips against her.
“Quinn, have mercy. I can’t keep assaulting you here in your own home. We’re lucky a servant, or much worse, your father or twin hasn’t walked in. Name a place where I can meet you. Any place, any time. I want so badly to truly know you. You’re much more to me than a beautiful body.”
He gently pushed her hair back so he could kiss the tips of each ears.
His words and his tenderness sobered Quinn as nothing else had done. They had no future together. He knew she was an elf, but he had no idea she wrote the articles he regarded as seditious. The minute he did he’d want nothing to do with her, no matter the sexual attraction that left her limp and longing for more. She couldn’t bear to witness his scorn when he knew what she was. She didn’t doubt he’d find out. He might not even suspect her now, but his brilliance would soon lead him to the truth.
Would he then believe she’d fallen into his arms from desire, or would he imagine she’d planned their wonderful interlude to deliberately throw him off the track? She couldn’t bear to face his wrath when he discovered she was the writer he was seeking. She swallowed a sob and raised anguished eyes to his.

“I do not want to ever see you again, Chief Inspector.”


Tina Donahue said...

I love sequels. Sadly, most of them don't live up to the original work (think "The Matrix"). I believe most writers could learn a lot from episodic TV (Gray's Anatomy, Suits, etc.) on how to keep the characters and situations fresh and the pulse pounding as you wait for the twists/turns/outcomes.

Congrats on your Pursuit series, Jean. Sounds awesome. Can't wait to read. :)

Paris said...

Great excerpt and I love the cover. I love sequels and your Pursuit series sounds very sexy and very interesting. Bring on those sexy elves:)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Tina and Paris. I love my elves. Toned the excerpt down a bit though, don't know how x-rated to be on this or any other blog. But my elves are super-motivated, to say the least.

Mary Corrales said...

I very much enjoy sequels. It's fun to follow the lives of the characters.

How many books will be in your elves series, or is that set yet?

jean hart stewart said...

Mary, I'm aiming for eight. Stormy Pursuit is under edit now. Wicked Pursuit is accepted for edits, but we can't settle on a title. Dangerous Pursuit is almost finished. Thanks so much for your interest...

Cara Marsi said...

Your stories sound terrific. As a reader, I don't particularly care for series or sequels. But I'm in the minority. I think most readers love them.I like an epilogue to know what the characters are doing, but I don't necessarily need another book. But that's just me, in the minority. Good luck with your sequels.

jean hart stewart said...

Cara.everyone of the books in my series is completely stand alone. Doesn't matter where you start, or if you go to the next one. I just personally like to see what happens to the family. But as I say, you can pick up any book in teh serie and don't have to read the rest. Thansk so much for commenting. Jean

Elf2060 said...

I like sequels as long as they continue to be fresh and provided they give me glimpses of those whom I liked in the previous works. Nice excerpt.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks... love the picture of your dog!

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