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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"I'd Like To Thank E.L. James...."

I have to confess, I've only read a few snippets of 50 Shades of Gray, and read what other author friends have had to say.  So while I cannot comment on her content, I can state how this has impacted me.

I happen to live in a relatively conservative area.  And in previous years, my attempt to garner readers for myself and other authors has been met with 'Is it Christian Fiction?'

And you may remember I recently acquired a Kindle.  And I take it everywhere. 

Last week, I spent three days in the hospital with my daughter and new granddaughter.  Nurses would come in, see me reading on my device, and either mention they were reading 50 Shades of Gray or wanted a Kindle.  And I would graciously pull up my own work, which usually involved handing them a business card.  And in the case of the former, this gave me an awesome opening into Kenzie's work, along with other authors' work I admire:)

So thank you, E. L.'ve opened up the eyes of Rural Indiana readers and have provided me a way to promote my work!

Here's an updated photo of my lovely granddaughter, Alexandria aka 'Alex'.  I may still call her 'Lexie' in the near future; right now I greet her every morning with 'There's my little sweetheart!'  Yeah....go ahead and laugh....I'm a proud grandma of this little person who has managed to wrap her grumpy grandpa around her tiny finger!  Good work Alex; you took a snarling grizzly and turned him back into a teddy bear:)

And no, you may not read Grandma's books until you're at least between the ages of twelve and eighteen.


Paris said...

LOL! I live in a rural area also and the librarian, who is a friend, former boss and knows I write erotica confided to me that so many patrons had asked for 50 Shades of Gray that she finally ordered it. So erotic romance has come to rural Kansas also. Maybe we should throw her a party!

Congratulations on the new little charmer! I totally get how Alexandria could wrap Grandpa around her tiny finger:)

Paris said...

I think I need more coffee. I did mean throw E. L. James a party, not my librarian:)

Harlie Reader said...

Its come to rural Texas, too. My library now has it but you have to ask for it. *giggle*

Alex is beautiful! Isn't it amazing what babies can do to men?


Adele Dubois said...

Your post made me smile. Authors of erotic romance are coming out of the closet. Lol.

Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter!


Molly Daniels said...

@Paris: LOL:) Sounds like we need to throw ALL librarians a party:) I've not checked with mine yet; I heard it was at Walmart, but not at ours (as of two weeks ago).

@Harlie: My spouse declared he was going to have nothing to do with her, outside of buying diapers and whatever else was needed. But yesterday, he walked by the daughter's room; asked, 'What are YOU looking at?'; PICKED HER UP; and carried her into the other room so he could rock her! Now tell me miracles don't happen.

@Adele: Exactly:) Maybe now I need not be so scared of the racier covers? I'm still petrified of seeing mothers hustling past my table with their hands over the eyes of young children, lol....that's why I also request a 'PG' cover to display! And thank you:)

Rhonda D said...

That's hilarious! I live in rural Oklahoma (middle of the bible belt) and last night one of the moms on my son's baseball team asked if I had read 50 shades. It was hilarious. She was whispering. I mean we are mid 30's here people lighten up!

Lynne said...

I loved you comments! I live in NW Indiana and have seen the fifty shades of grey in the local Jewel grocery store! I moved here from the east and was used to getting whatever type of romance book i wanted but found I had to purchase online to get what I wanted. Not anymore! The library is getting into the mix cause they also ordered the trilogy and have widened their PB's. Yeah!

Davee said...

I agree E.L. James opened up doors for romance/erotic romance authors. However, it seems a bit out of control, I heard on the radio this morning there will now be a 50 Shades inspired fragrance line and household furnishing line. lol

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Ahhh Molly, she's beautiful. I know you're soooo proud and are a doting grandmom.

My how times are changing quickly. When I used to tell people I wrote erotic romance, the gasps and wide-eyed expressions had them turning away or me explaining it wasn't "porn". Now, the responses are, "Oh, is it like 50 shades?" Hmm, amazing is all I can say. BTW, I live in a big city not rural and got these reactions.

Anthology Authors said...

That's wonderful, Molly! Use it all you can. (g)

As for grandpas, DD has done the same to hers. He's a gruff guy and not given to PDAs, but since her arrival nearly 8 years ago, he gets upset if she leaves his house without giving him a hug. (g) At first, the hugs were awkward, and he'd say, "Oh, okay." Now, they aren't at all, and the hugs have extended to his second granddaughter. (g)

It's amazing what the innocence of children can do. :)


Liz Flaherty said...

Hi, Mollie. Good post. I'm here in North Central Nowhere, too. I don't know if our library has 50 Shades, but I'm doubting it. I do know many the teachers at the elementary school have been passing it around.

Cris Anson said...

Mollie, your granddaughter is beautiful.

I've had my name on request for 50 Shades at my local library ever since I read the first review oh so long ago....and my name STILL hasn't come up. Must be everyone in the county reading it LOL.

But as an Ellora's Cave author, I'm grateful for the publicity. A rising tide lifts all boats, and erotic romance is becoming a household word. Yay!

Molly Daniels said...

@Rhonda: Yup; conversation at normal level, then voice dropped. "I just finished/am reading 50 Shades..." along with a quick look around to see if anyone is within earshot! I tell them Kenzie's not quite that graphic, and to look her up:)

@Lynne: I thought with my month's worth of free Prime I might be able to download it free, but no. (snaps fingers) Guess I'll have to buy it. Unless someone wants to (looks around) 'lend' it to me???

@Davee: Seriously? A fragrance line? Household furnishing? Yeah...that's taking it a bit too far....although....Passion Parties may soar....

Molly Daniels said...

@Cynthia: LOL..I know! Back in 2009, when I was first pubbed and doing personal promo, I offered both a 'spicy' and 'tame' excerpt. Women would look around, drop their voice to a whisper, and tell me, 'ooh, the spicy one.' And then quickly scan it, nod at me, then stuff it out of sight! A few would come back to ask me for the link:) And thank you:)

@Marci: He calls her 'the pup'...'Is the pup hungry?'...'Do we need to take the pup out to show her off today?'...'How's the pup's diaper rash?' ROFL!

@Liz: Thanks for stopping by here:) I need to get over to the library to see if it's there.

@Cris: At least my kids no longer refer to my books as 'Mom's Porn' any longer:) And as for Miss Alex...I need to have a photo shoot of her in her mom's old baby clothes soon. And I'm still thinking she'll eventually be blonde; she does NOT have dark eyebrows.

Cara Marsi said...

Molly, I hope you get tons of sales. Maybe the 50 Shades phenom will help all of us romance authors, but especially the erotic romance authors. I live on the East Coast and I've not heard much at all here about 50 Shades. I assume our libraries carry it. There was a letter to the editor today that made me chuckle. The letter writer mentioned 50 Shades and Rosemary Rogers. It was a good letter, very tongue in cheek. Never thought I'd see 50 Shades and Rosemary Rogers mentioned together in a letter to the editor.

Alexandria is adorable. One of my nieces is named Lexie and Lexie is the name of a heroine in one of my books.

Janice Seagraves said...

Love the photo of your new granddaughter. She's a cutie.


Molly Daniels said...

@Cara: My Arbor U series is more sensual, but the last one, Balancing Act, I spiced it up a little in the last chapter:) It threw the proofreader for a loop, and then I explained WHY I did that. Thankfully, they didn't make me cut it:)

Molly Daniels said...

@Janice: Thank you:) And thanks for stopping by!

Sandy said...

Isn't it just amazing how a little tiny being can turn a grizzly bear into a teddy bear? I love it, Molly. Alex is adorable.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Sandy:) And as of yesterday, D was calling her 'Al':)

B.C. Brown said...

It is amazing to hear women in our area talking about 50 Shades. And, yes, their voices drop and their eyes shift to see who might overhear. So many people still think sex and romance need to be hidden away, or only whispered about. Sad.

I'm going to stick with Lexie, I think. She looks like a "Lexie" to me. Of course, knowing me, it'll get shortened to Lex at some point. But that's cute too. Just like she is.

I had a feeling he'd soften up after a bit. Even I, notorious for not being sentimental around the darling little parasites, find a sweet spot for them. And she's certainly not my granddaughter, a serious point when softening hearts in their favor.

BC Brown ~ Paranormal, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
"Because Weird is Good."

Molly Daniels said...

@BC: Daughter rolled her eyes the other day when I called her 'Cupcake'. She has two onezies with that treat on it, and, just 'fit':)

Thanks for stopping by!

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