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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guest Blog: Nicole Morgan: Going to Love-Mart? Can You Pick Me Up a Happily-Ever-After?

If only it were that easy, right? You could just stroll on into the local Love-Mart, peruse the different choices available to us in the life partner category, maybe add on a few last minute impulse buys they keep near the register like ‘extra charming’ or ‘devastatingly handsome.

Unfortunately no such “Mart” exists, and with the hustle and bustle of today’s fast paced world it’s hard to meet that person who will sweep us off our feet. A million different things can get in our way of finding that special someone who falls head over heels in love with us despite our many idiosyncrasies or flaws.

While all little girls have dreams of that prince charming who will swoop in and knock their glass slipper off, over time our image of him changes. Instead of having that almost porcelain look of perfection like we see in the fairy tales, we may now picture him with a rugged five o’clock shadow or maybe a tattoo here or hidden there.

Let’s face it we all can be pretty finicky with what we perceive to be out perfect mate. Is that realistic though? Are we ourselves perfect? Do we have the perfect body, the ideal shape, hair or eye color and look? One of the most amazing things about the human race is that we are all unique in our own special way. All of us, men and women alike come in different sizes, shapes and colors. The fact of the matter is the old adage “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is truer than any of us may realize.

What if that one person who gives us butterflies, makes us feel like we’re floating on a cloud and gives us more love than we ever dreamed possible is right there underneath our noses, but merely come in a package which looks different than our minds eye had envisioned? What if we are so busy looking for perfection we are missing the beautiful opportunity before us? What if we take a moment and just look around? What if?

Don’t limit yourself with fantasies that really only belong on the pages of a fiction novel. The true happiness you find may be even better than what you hoped for.

Nicole Morgan is an avid reader who kept having one recurring problem. Ideas of stories kept popping into her head. She ignored her desire to write until her curiosity got the better of her and she decided to research what steps she would have to take if she truly wanted to take a chance and write.

Nicole took a chance and followed her dream. She has been blessed with some fabulous opportunities and has met some wonderful people along the way. Writing is a true love to her and has brought her a new and profound happiness with every step she’s taken along the way.

BLURB: Sweet Affliction [Sweet Awakenings 4]
After spending years serving his country as a Navy SEAL, Commander Nick Slater is ready for retirement. Mercenaries hired to kill him ambush him, and his plans take a drastic turn.

AJ Harwood is facing one of the most difficult times of her life. A chance encounter with Nick Slater is the last thing she wants, yet she is thrust into his world and trapped in its surroundings.

AJ is Nick's only hope as he tries to find out who is out to kill him. With each passing day, more secrets are uncovered, and the reason behind the attack is revealed. Nick joins forces with his former teammates to find the person behind the high-priced hit put on all of their heads. As precious time ticks away, Nick and AJ are faced with the possibility that after finding each other, they may lose everything in an instant.

Buy Link:

Note: 10% of the author royalties on this book will benefit nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing educational assistance and support grants to families of wounded and fallen United States Navy SEALs.


Nicole Morgan said...

So glad to be a guest here today.. can't wait to see what fun comments people have to leave. I had fun with this one. :)

Paris said...

Hi Nicole and welcome to Romance Books 'R' Us! As tempting as the Love-Mart sounds I think I'd rather fantasize about the hero in your new book!

Sweet Affliction sounds wonderful and it's going in my TBR file asap!

Nicole Morgan said...

Thanks, Paris.. The hero in Sweet Affliction is rather tempting. So I can't say that I blame you. :)

Anonymous said...

Good looks can be a deceptive draw to someone who might not be best suited for us, but if they aren't, what a bonus to love!

Nicole Morgan said...

LOL.. Very true Polly. It would be a bonus.

Mary Corrales said...

It's amazing that when we give love a chance, all those imperfections fade in our eyes. How lovely. :)

Sweet Affliction sounds delicious.

Nicole Morgan said...

Mary, said very well. Giving love a chance can be very rewarding! :)

B.C. Brown said...

And some times (I've found) you stumble on someone who is perfect by ignoring everything you would normally look for in a mate! Great article. All the best with Sweet Affliction.

BC Brown ~ Paranormal, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
"Because Weird is Good."

Lisabet Sarai said...

Greetings, Nicole,

Love will find you, whether you're looking or not!

I tried to get rid of my husband when we first met because I didn't want a long distance relationship. Didn't work - and am I glad! (We celebrate 30 years in two weeks!)

Nicole Morgan said...

B.C. Brown - Thanks so much for the well wishes and I couldn't agree more. Sometimes our eyes deceive us and keep us from seeing true perfection. :)

Nicole Morgan said...

Lisabet - Wow! 30yrs is so wonderful. I love hearing stories like that. Good for him for making you give that long distance thing a try! :)

Harlie Reader said...

I married my perfect man almost 8 years ago. Couldn't be happier with my selection.

Great post Nicole! I do the idea of a Love Mart...


Harlie Reader said...

Also, congratulations on the new release.


Nicole Morgan said...

Harlie - Aww.. I'm so glad that you found your Prince! And thank you for the congrats on Sweet Affliction. :)

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