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Friday, June 15, 2012

First edits are here for My Sexy Sensei...

Got them this morning, and will be finished by noon tomorrow...

I'm excited...hoping this one will be out by end of month.  I have two more to go, since I have three contracted right now.  

As an author, I know the value of a great editor, and even though my writing is "perfect" and I make absolutely NO errors, it's great to have someone proof-read and grab my ear and tell me when my "perfect" writing sucks. LOL!

Here is an excerpt from My Sexy Sensei:

I glanced at him coolly, and my smile was perfunctory and polite. “I’m looking for Shihan Rhee.”

He lifted his dark brows and cocked his head to one side. “Well, now, the boss isn’t down yet, but maybe I can help you with somethin’. I’m his right hand man. Name’s Jose.” I managed to look suitably impressed, as “Jose” crossed his powerful arms across his amazingly well muscled chest and walked around me as I stood on the sidewalk, his eyes moving over me assessingly. “You wantin’ lessons, honey? I’m the best. I can teach you.”

I pursed my lips and calmed my urge to whomp him on the head with my bag. “Tempting, but no, thank you. I’m here to work.”

His eyes widened. “I didn’t know the boss had hired a new secretary. I can see why. You’ve got great qualifications.” Those dark eyes slipped over my suit, and he ran his tongue over his lower lip.

I managed not to choke with laughter as I said quietly, “I’m supposed to see Maria at 6:30. Can you please tell me where the employee’s entrance is?”

He glanced at his watch, and I noted that the other man was now shifting off his car, and gravitating across to stand beside me, too. “Ain't any employee entrance, sweet thing.”

The other man leaned his muscular arm across Jose’s shoulder and grinned lecherously down at me. “If you wanna learn karate, we’ll teach you everything we know, right, mi amigo?” He grinned as his friend said something in Spanish, and they laughed. I knew just enough Spanish to know that what he was offering to teach me had nothing at all to do with karate.

I was saved from having to form a fitting reply as a car pulled into the lot. Maria had arrived just just in time. The woman struggled from the car and waddled to the door. She was almost as broad as she was tall, and she looked very unhappy with something. Her dark eyes swept me critically as she inserted the key in the door, and she said, “You must be Lisa Hampton. The boss won’t be down ‘til 7:00. You come with me.”

She opened the door, and we followed her into the darkened building. She flicked some switches on the wall, and I glanced about at one of the best-equipped martial arts schoolrooms I’d ever seen. I felt a slow, masculine hand on my rear, and I didn’t even have to look to know which one it was.

Maria shot me a strange look as she gestured for me to follow her to the back of the dojo, and down a long hallway. She talked as she waddled, and I had to hurry to keep up despite her short legs and large body.

“I can’t believe he hired a woman to work alongside those piranhas. Hope you know how to keep your feet on the floor and your head out of the clouds, honey, 'cause those guys will take you for one hell of a ride. Don’t believe a word they say to you. They eat little girls for breakfast and spit out the bones.”

“Thanks for the warning, but I’m not exactly a little girl.”

She rolled her eyes and gave a bark of laughter. “That’s even worse. Be careful. They’re like a bunch of horny tom cats,” she grinned good-naturedly. She opened the door to a sewing room, and I watched her bustle around, find a tape measure, some pins, and a few odds and ends. She came back to plop a small stool in front of me. I stepped onto it at her gesture, and she waddled around me like a mother hen.

“Okay, arms out.” She measured me from top to bottom, and made notes. In a surprisingly short time she said, “I’ll need you for a final fitting in about an hour. There’s a coffee room down the hall. Make a pot, will you?” I nodded, leaving her to her work as she pulled a couple of rolls of suede-soft canvas material from a shelf and began to cut.

* * * *

I found the coffee room without any problems. It was a mess, so I spent a few minutes cleaning it up. I was just pouring some cold water into the coffee maker when my nostrils caught the tangy scent of recently showered man. My skin tingled oddly, as if sensitized to his eyes moving over me.

“You’re here.” It was a statement rather than a question. “You’ve seen Maria?” He opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of orange juice, and poured a glass.

I drew a deep breath. He was wearing a second-skin T-shirt that left no rippling muscle unseen, and I tried so very hard not to stare. He was even better built than Jose. “Yes.” My reply was strangled.

He put the orange juice away and drained the glass he’d just poured. “You’ve met the guys?”
I pursed my lips. “Just two of them.”

He laughed. “There are six instructors in all — now seven, with you. All very young and very eager. You’ll get to meet the rest later.” He rinsed the glass out and put it upside down in the drainer. “I see you did KP this morning. Thanks. The guys are supposed to take turns.”

“How’d you know it was me?”

“The glass was clean,” he replied.

Have a wonderful June...and keep in touch...

Fran Lee


Amber Skyze said...

Woo Hoo...there are happy Fran Lee fans eagerly awaiting. :)

Paris said...

Wonderful news, Fran!

Anonymous said...

Great news Fran!

Anonymous said...

What a fun excerpt, Fran!Congrats!

jean hart stewart said...

Got another best seller on the way...wonderful.

Katalina said...

Fran, I'm so happy to see this book get a new life. Your fans are going to love "My Sexy Sensei"

Sandy said...

Fran, your excerpt is hot. I would have to read this book in one setting. You hooked me.

Adele Dubois said...

This looks like a winner, Fran! Best of luck with your release. Love the cover, too.


Catherine Lee said...

What a cover! OH SO SEXY.

Fran Lee said...

Thanks everyone! Hoping the book will be out late this summer. I am also waiting for edits on Come, My Love, and Never Tempt Fate.

Fran Lee said...

Thanks everyone! Hoping the book will be out late this summer. I am also waiting for edits on Come, My Love, and Never Tempt Fate.

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