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Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Continuing Education...

Every year I sketch out a business plan and then periodically check my progress to see how realistic I've been. This year, even after a lovely spring cold that put me off my schedule by about two weeks, I'm pretty on-target. I have two contracts under my belt and my other projects are in the ball-park for their completion dates.

While I've set aside time for promoting the two short stories scheduled for this year, what I really wanted to squeeze in was a couple of writing workshops.There is nothing like the energy a good writing workshop produces. I used to come home from a conference exhausted but ready to work. I miss that excitement.

I don't miss the travel or that third day of the conference when 1200 people talking at the same time made me yearn for my writer's cave and a quiet cup of coffee. By then, I even missed the dog snoring while she slept behind my chair.

These days I enjoy the flexibility of online workshops and the variety of topics that are offered. How about you, do you prefer workshops in a conference setting or have you found online classes to be your cup of tea? I'd love to know and if any of you have taken a workshop that you've found helpful, please share:)

Until next month,
Happy Reading!

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Katalina said...

On-line workshops and tutorials are wonderful. I'm hooked.
Congratulations on the new contracts Paris!

Paris said...

Thanks, Kat! I'm always on the look-out for a great workshop:)

jean hart stewart said...

I love workshops, but hesitate to get involved lately because they're so time-consuming. Wish there were a way to know which ones are worth the time expended.

Paris said...

I know what you mean, Jean! I've been so busy with some self-imposed deadlines that I haven't wanted to take the time but I'd really like to find something on either social media or something to do with the steampunk craze!

Sandy said...

Congrats on the new contracts, Paris.

The last conference I went to I only attended 1 or 2 workshops. I spent meeting up with people I had met on-line and had a fantastic time. I used to try to do everything at conferences and it wore me out. You have to have down time.

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