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Monday, April 30, 2012

World Building

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I found building my Hell Realm for Demonic Persuasion Book One in Prophesies Implied and Makhi Incubus Enforcers Book One a blast. The realm build started off as something to just fill in the time. In an hour of doodling and and eating twizzlers I had a basis of the tiers of  my build. It wasn't until Makhi that I was able to build more and show the difference in demonic classes.

Demonic Warrior is in full swing right now. I'm delving more into the Navajo side in Hakan's story using Fatal and Orobus as the major sub plot that will evolve throughout Demonic Queen (tentative as the third story).  I found I could have two separate builds this way, the life of the Dine Gods and the Underworld with Earth as the mid line for between.

I'm ready for another challenge. Something a bit more complex but attainable. A way to broaden my experience and expand my imagination. 

Sci Fi romance is becoming more and more popular. I haven't read a whole lot of sci fi romance. I admit I'm a bit of intimidated by all of the technology that's used, but ready to try my hand and all off of a dream I had almost a month ago.

The Planet name? Zrazvy. That's the only hint for now. I could tell you the hero's name and the the blurb but I'll wait awhile. It's fun putting a bug in ears of readers just to tease.  Who knows I might even divulge more in the near future.

Until then... if you haven't picked up a copy of Maki it's on Amazon right now for .99 a great buy. And if you haven't picked up a Copy of Demonic Persuasion. Bitten by just did a fantastic review on it :P
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Blurb: Born of a Navajo healer and a high-level prince of Hell, The Dine Gods demanded Fatal be turned over to her mother's tribe to learn their healing arts and kept away from demon hands. But with her tutelage came cruel segregation and disrespect because of her father's heritage. Not knowing why her life has suddenly come under demon attack, Fatal sets out, armed with her knowledge and her fighting skills, to take out any evil that gets in her way.
As prince of a lower level of Hell, Orobus signed a contract in blood that he be betrothed to Fatal, the high prince of Hell’s half-breed daughter. Oracle by birth, he isn’t privy to complete visions with regard to himself. Having forgotten the fateful night he signed the agreement, he’s thrust into the fight of his life—the fight to claim his woman! Come Hell or high water, he will take care of what is rightfully his, even if it means making her face both sides of her heritage and teaching her there is no shame.


Exiled. From the only home she’d ever known. After the first set of demons came to Fatal’s tribal lands, Sani, her grandfather and the Dine God of the Navajo, ordered her to leave permanently. Head held high, she packed her few belongings and left, determined to live her life on her own terms.
New experiences would be good for her, Fatal told herself while barhopping from Broadway to Westport Road, hoping to find the perfect atmosphere. A niggling itch under her skin kept her alert for possible trouble lurking in the shadows, but the cool metal caressing the inside of her thighs reminded her protection lay within arm’s reach. She never knew when a new set of demons would pop into her life and resented the intrusion she was forced to endure.
As she ambled down the darkened streets, she moved with a sense of ease, gaining blatant glances or admiring stares. She knew she was breathtaking, however bad omens had few friends, no dates, and no boyfriends. People in her hometown hadn’t hesitated to ask her for advice, or to chant with them when it suited their needs. She lived in solitude, with the exception of her occasional visits from her grandfather Sani, and Taima her mentor. She pushed her musings aside and moved through an alleyway that broke off to the next major street.
Silence surrounded her. She turned to head south when something caught her eye. Intrigued, she meandered down a side street and came to a demonic-looking, gargoyle-protected, granite structure. An eerie blood-red sign hung above thick vault doors with the words “Demonic Persuasion” in black paint. She’d heard of the club that catered to just about anyone’s needs and decided to get in line. Reaching the final steps to the entrance of the club, Fatal flashed a smile at the doorman and waited for him to move.
"The fee’s ten bucks."
Digging in her boot, her gaze strayed to the bunched biceps peaking out of his black tee-shirt, roving over his cut physique. Slapping cash into his hand, she smiled. "Happy now?”
"I’ll be when you check your weapons, if it's even possible for you to have any hidden underneath your black corset and micro miniskirt.”
"Oh, you’d be surprised what one can hide against near-naked skin. My name’s Ackchetta, most call me Fatal." She smirked and hiked up her skirt. Buried between her thighs were two small blades. Thin metal stars she'd hidden on her hipbones slid into her palms without effort. Flashing an annoyed expression, she dropped them in his outstretched hand. "There you go. I want them back, though."
"The one behind your back too, sweet stuff."
His droll expression did nothing to alleviate the feeling of nakedness without her weaponry. "Aren't you going to be polite and tell me your name?"
Anger set in. She smoothed her hands over her short skirt and adjusted her scant top. Her hackles rose when he spun her around and tapped the slender blade. “No one said you could touch!” She let out a growl and removed the extra-slim blade hidden under her corset top.
"My club, my rules. No fighting, no weapons, and no magic, if--you know any."
"Since you’re scared of a small thing like me, I think I can behave myself for a few hours.”
He sent a dazzling smile her way and then turned to a young woman. Dropping her weapons into an outstretched hand, he whispered into the sleek brunette woman’s ear.
Fatal narrowed her eyes. "It's rude to whisper."
"Follow Marzena, she'll take you to the weaponry hold and issue you a ticket."
“I still didn’t catch your name.”
“I know.”
Rude and hot. About to turn away, her breath hitched when the shimmering tattoos sprang to life on his skin. From head to toe he was a sight to behold. Long black hair touched his shoulders. His blue eyes sparkled when he smiled. Thick muscles bunched with every movement. Long legs encased in black trousers, muscular thighs brought a silent moan of want to her lips. She’d never wanted like this. She stole a look at his goatee and wondered how it’d feel scraping across her face, his breath on her mouth before he kissed her with the same intensity he stared at her with. She’d do anything to feel those lips on hers, to touch the once-broken, too-many-times-healed nose.
While they were walking, Fatal glanced over her shoulder to continue drinking in the handsome man. Marzena stopped at the holding station for weapons, secured them and wrote out a ticket. “Here.” She handed the paper to Fatal. “When you're done mooning over my boss, I'll show you around the club."
Fatal pocketed the ticket. Boss fit his personality. She tore her gaze from the front door back to Marzena. “He’s beautiful.” She stole one last quick look.

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Adele Dubois said...

I agree that world building can be fun and challenging, especially in paranormal and science fiction.

Best of luck with your releases!


Anonymous said...

Your new writing project sounds like just the challenge you were looking for. Have fun!

jean hart stewart said...

I think it's fun to build new worlds and yours sounds great. Best of luck....

Hales said...

Thanks Ladies!

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