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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too many ideas????

I’ve got so many ideas running around like mice in my mind I can’t decide which one would be the most interesting to you, my reader.

How you know a manuscript is ready to send off is one? And how can you bear to let it go? You might realize you’re on the verge of over-polishing, but really, shouldn’t you look at it one more time? Of course the main objection to that is that after a while you no longer see your own errors in typing or logic. Luckily I’ve always had wonderful editors to guide my path to publication. I must give them fits at times, especially when I keep making the same mistake, or overuse my latest favorite word.

And how do you decide how much time to spend on promotion and how much on writing? I hate promo, and know I should do better at it, but writing is so much more fun. I usually have to force myself to do promo.

Or third idea for a blog. Is your writing the same as when you first began to be published? How do you think you’ve changed? For the better? Which writers have influenced you the most?

Obviously my jittery mind is not going to settle on any one topic. Perhaps some kind readers would give me their thoughts on blogging. What do you like or dislike about it? The best answer can go to my website, and take their pick. I definitely need some advice on what readers really want when they read my blog. Please tell me what you think!!!

Here’s my new cover for Love’s Magic. It’s just out in both print and e-book from Passion in Print. Both Seducing Simon and Twice the Magic are now in this one book, so you get two books for the print of one. Here’s an excerpt from Seducing Simon, since Simon is one of my favorite misjudged bad boys.

"He found Troy in the pool. She uttered a squeal of joy when she spotted him, and he smiled in delight. His response evidently pleased her, as she stopped treading water and moved to more shallow waters.
“Do you want to come in, or shall I come out?”
She stood and smiled back at him with such love and welcome he was speechless. But only for a moment. Then she stood, water dripping from her hair and perfect body. Simon had known she was beautiful, but drenched so every perfect curve showed plainly, he could do little but gulp and stare.
“I’ll come in,” he managed. And proceeded to cast off clothes with speed, even though his hands were shaking. Soon down to nothing but his shorts and undershirt. Then, his eyes fastened on hers, he slowly pulled off the shirt and added it to the pile on the ground. He knew his instant erection was too obvious to miss. Dear heaven, she aroused him to a state of intensity he’d not imagined. Even as his erection pulsed and grew, he kept searching for some sign this was not what she wanted. Surely she knew what would happen if he got in the pool.
A haze of desire almost clouded his vision, but he could tell she was still pleased.
“You’re impressive in so many ways,” she murmured, a wicked smile on her lips.
She opened her arms to him in invitation and moved a little closer to the edge of the pool. He was lost. Lost without a thought in the world but that his love wanted him as he wanted her. It would take everything he had to resist her, at least for the most part. Surely, it was safe to show her a fraction of his love.
Trying to hold onto his control, he walked to the deep end of the pool and dove in. Cleanly, he was relieved to note. In his state of lust, he was surprised he could do anything physical with any grace at all. Oh, he’d be deft enough with Troy if he could give in to his desires, but he wasn’t about to do that. He’d just give her a hug and a few brotherly kisses. Her lovely face ablaze with welcome demanded at least that much acknowledgment.
His resolve lasted for the few seconds it took him to swim to Troy. The water only made her long, slim legs more caressable. He stooped, his hands reaching for her ankles, moving up to her sleek thighs, then brushed the sides of her breasts before he rose in the water to stand beside her, their bodies touching lightly. With no hesitation, he put one hand on the back of her head and the other on her hip and molded her to him with gentle force.
She sighed deeply and Simon rejoiced at this sound of her pleasure. Sheer, gratified pleasure. His head dipped slowly toward hers, giving her a chance to change her mind, but she tugged at his hair impatiently. At last, he kissed her the way he’d craved for so many weeks. Fully, the way he’d long desired, even though he hadn’t recognized how strong his emotions could be. His tongue teased her lips until she opened them, her eyes startled and expectant. And then he plunged in to taste the delights of Troy.


Tina Donahue said...

I've had the same questions whizzing through my mind as you present here, Jean. It's enough to drive you crazy. I've learned that at some point you just have to say 'enough, I've done my best', then move on. Otherwise, you'll be stuck in the same place forever.

Too, readers don't see the mistakes authors do. They read for the story. If you move them with your work, you've done your job.

Great cover! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Tina. I know I go on super-drive sometimes...But I think once in a while a reader does catch a mistake... I know I do as a reader, although I've had no personal complaints about my books.

Sandy said...

Jean, I have a tough time deciding what to blog about, too. Readers who only read usually aren't interested in the writing part of books, so I try to blog about things that might interest anyone.

I enjoyed your excerpt and your bookcover is lovely.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Sandy. I'll take your advice. Although I get so many questions from my friends about my writing your comments surprised me a little.

Katalina said...

I'm sorry Jean, I have all the same questions you do and no answers!
I did love your excerpt!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Kat. Consoling to know from a truly excellent writer that I'm not alone.

Adele Dubois said...

I know what you mean about having too many ideas! I guess that's better than none, though, Jean. LOL.


jean hart stewart said...

Definitely, Adele!!!!

Paris said...

Oh boy, does this strike a chord, lol! I usually know when I've started putting things back in from the cut file that I keep for each project that I've polished too much. After I finish a project I usually let it sit for a week and then go back and try to find dropped words, logic problems and stuff like that. Then I send it to my crit partner and she looks it over for me.

jean hart stewart said...

I do pretty much the same thing, Paris, but I after I get it back from my crit partner is when I over do and dither.

Cara Marsi said...

Jean, I know exactly what you mean. Too many things are rattling around my head too. And I haven't figure out yet how to organize my day, devoting only so much to promo, then writing. Many times my writing gets shortchanged.

jean hart stewart said...

Cara,you know I agree completely. I'm obviously still struggling to find the perfect balance. Even if there were more hours in the day Idon't think my brain could do much more.

jean hart stewart said...

Hey, all you ladies who were kind enough to comment. Just e-mail me at and tell me which book on my backlist you'd like. Simply couldn't pick one of you. Fiery Pursuit, my first erotica is available too.

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