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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Interview of Writer Babs Hightower

We love having writers, readers, and other industry representatives do interviews! And today, we're happy to present an interview of writer, Babs Hightower.

Stay at home mom to 4 boys, 4 cats and 11 Siberian Huskies all of which are rescues as well as the cats. I am an editor, VA and promoter to authors. I enjoy writing myself, drawing, cooking/baking and working in my gardens when I have time. The kids keep me pretty busy. I am one of those that is married to my best friend. He works out of town and home on the weekends which leaves me as a single mom during the week. I don’t mind as it does allow me to be at home with the kids. TJ is not your typical male he comes home and does his own laundry, helps me clean and takes care of the kids on the weekends to give me a break. We still have date night on Fridays. I have to, to stay sane. Turning 43 this year I feel like a 20 year old some days and an 80 year old others.


Q: What genre do you enjoy writing and why?
A: I like to write mysteries with a hint of romance and historical romance. Mysteries were the first genre I ever started reading and enjoyed. Over the years, I never read anything else until a few years ago. I read Jane Austen for the first time and was hooked. Since then, I started reading more romance novels.

Q: What has been the most discouraging thing that’s happened in your writing?
A: I can’t seem to find the time like I use to. Now that the boys are getting a bit older it helps but my two little ones are 18 months and 2 1/2 years old. I have been doing more reading then writing. I have also started my own business helping other authors with their work that I have put mine on the back burner.

Q: What do you think is the key to a memorable romantic story?
A: For me, it’s the characters especially if the mesh well and have good banter going between them. They don’t have to sweep me off my feet, but a good story where their lives change for the better and they stick together or one of the characters realize they have grown to care for the other person.

Q: Where do you get your story ideas?
A: I have so many characters in my head they all want to come out on paper. The majority of my ideas come from ideas I get from other books I have read. One of my novels is a spin off one of Jane Austen’s characters we don’t hear much about like some of her other characters. My other book is about a private investigator which came to me after reading Lilian Jackson Braun's books. I sure to miss her. She lived about 30 minutes away form me in NC and I got to meet with her a few times. She was an extraordinary author and fellow cat lover.

Q: Hero or heroine. Which is easiest to write and why.
A: Hero is easy for me to write about. Men are easy to make bad, good or both. I can relate better to men. Since I was younger it was always easier for me to get along with men then it was women.

Q: Describe your writing routine (place, hours, time of day, mood, etc.)
A: When I can write, I am at the kitchen table or in my bedroom. Usually in the mid morning or middle of the day depending if all the kids are home. I don’t listen to music, but I do have to have my diet Dr. Pepper.

Q: What are you working on now, and do you have a publisher in mind to send it to?
A: I am in the middle of re-writes for both books I have written. I do not have a publisher in mind as of yet. I have already started a 3rd book that will be a sequel.

Q: You’re on a deserted island in a comfy beach house (with a magical power source), a laptop, iPad and two handsome cover models. What do you do?
A: I get my laptop out and start writing using the cover models as the main story line. Then they would give me massages.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you for having me on today. It has been a pleasure.

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Harlie Reader said...

Have you tried a Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper? If you like cherry flavored soda, its the bomb. :)

Great interview and if I had two cover models, I'd like the massages, too.


jean hart stewart said...

Wow you are one busy lady! I think it's a miracle you find time to write at all. Sending you a hyber-massage any time you need it.

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Great to learn a little about you Babs! Nice interview.

Nancy said...

Babs is one of my favorite people because she was the first person to give my first book a review-without asking! I did not know her, but I feel I do now. She eagerly reviews all my books, which has helped my sales. I appreciate her taking the time away from her busy life to help another author. Thanks. great interview!

~ Babs ~ said...

Marika... I have tried the Dt Cherry Dr Pepper love it.

Hi Jean I can use that massage right about now. I have been sitting at the computer all day. Thank you for stopping by.

Hi Cynthia glad of you to come by. I appreciate it.

Nancy one of my favorite authors thank you for the kind words. You know I love your writing :). I need a vacation form the kids and pets lol

Donna Cummings said...

After reading about your busy schedule, I feel like a slacker in comparison. :) I love the thought of the cover models giving massages--maybe one of them could type for you too. LOL

Barb D said...

Great interview Babs! You must have more energy than I do :) Thanks for sharing.

Tee said...

Wow! I thought I was a busy person but I think your busier than I. It sounds has if your always doing what you enjoy though.

catfish said...

nice interview Babs. Now i need to finish my book. lolol... to busy looking for lost towns southern new jersey. lolol

~ Babs ~ said...

Donna you are not a slacker by any means. I need to slow down a bit when I don't know.

Barb thanks for coming by and supporting me.

Tee I do enjoy every bit of it. I swear I have more energy now in my 40's then I have before it must be the babies lol.

Noreen ( Catfish ) Thanks for coming by dear yes you and I both need to finish out books.

Sandy said...

Babs, I have worked with both men and women in large groups. I prefer working with men, too. I learned a little secret though. Men are very similar to women among themselves. They are bitchy with one another and backbiting to each other, but weren't to me. lol

~ Babs ~ said...

HI Sandy you are so right :).

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