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Friday, April 13, 2012

Conference Season begins

Since I'll be away at the Romantic Times Convention when this posts, I'm writing in advance. I promise to try to check and respond to comments, but expect delays. :-)

This will be my third RT and I'm doing things differently this time. No editor or agent pitches, to start with. Have agent, all set with that. Whew. That takes a big load off. Also, this time my focus isn't going to be as much meeting and getting to know my fellow authors, although that will be the FUN part of the conference. I've made such wonderful friends in the writing community and it's always good to see them face to face. Most of my publishers have some kind of private party for their authors, so I'll get some free meals in great company.

This year, I put serious effort into getting my butt on panels and hosting some reader events. My focus is on getting my name out to readers, and letting people know I'm there. As one of the hostesses of the Gaslamp Social, (Thurs. 2:45-3:45) I get to dress up in steampunk clothing, talk about my Gaslight books and give away fabulous prizes. Wednesday, I'm chairing a reader activity called the Build-a-Hero workshop, which should be loads of fun. I've also got two author panels that day: writing science fiction and the positives vs. negatives of writing under multiple pen names. (And if you know my story about that, you'll know I'm there as the 'don't do this' example.) On Saturday, in addition to the giant book fair, I've got a reader panel on steam and other punks. If you're going to be at the conference, I'd love to see you. I'll also be at the Lori Foster Get Together in Cincinnati in June.

So what do you think of writer/reader conferences? Attending any this year? What do you look for and what do you hate?


Paris said...

I would have loved to have attended your panels this year! I love learning what's going on but I also look forward to seeing people that I don't ordinarily get to see. Have fun this year and hopefully, next year in KC!

Molly Daniels said...

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! This will be my 1st major conference, even though I can go for only one day. And hoping maybe next year to attend Lori's:) Can't go this year; too close to daughter's due date.

jean hart stewart said...

It all sounds so great. I'd love to attend, but will enjoy it all vicariously and hope there are a lot of pictures posted...

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