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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Writer's Guide To Creating A Hero:)

Physical Requirements:
-6 feet tall or more
-Expressive eyes; color not important
-Kissable lips
-Broad shoulders
-Light sprinkling of chest hair (or none)
-Lean muscles; no Mr. Universe wannabees
-8-10" cock (or at least have a 'massive' erection)

Character/Personality Traits:
-Must be flawed, either by past hurt or misunderstanding/lapse in judgement
-Kind, but staunch defender of values
-Have a great sense of humor!  (thanks Tina; this one was left out:)
-Willing to do Whatever It Takes to keep chosen female in his life
-Carry a never-ending supply of condoms
-Must be a committment-phobe before meeting said female (in some books, anyway!)
-Occupation: Doesn't matter.
-Oh yeah; must be SINGLE! Don't want any cheaters here...then he gets downgraded to the 'slimy ex-prick' status.

Sprinkle in hair color, eye color, a chance encounter with female, and heart-stopping, instant connection, along with mind-blowing sex and you've accomplished your goal: An erotic romance hero.

Some authors build their stories around heroes with money, be it any high-powered career. Others go for Public Service. Some go for the blue collar man. They all have the above characteristics and fall head over heels in love with the woman (or man!) of their choice. 

Here's an interview with the hero of my latest release, Kyle Sampson from Forbidden Love.  Enjoy:)

I sat down with Kyle Sampson, leading man of Fobidden Love.  He's fresh from his shift at the hospital, and decked out in green scrubs.  His vivid blue eyes are tired, but they light up whenever Keri's name is spoken.

M:  Welcome Kyle:)  It's been a long time.

K (nodding his head):  Yes it has.  How've you been?

M:  Doing well.  Inquiring minds want to know:  What possessed you to get involved with a college coed eleven years younger that you?

K:  Ever walk into a room and just know you're meant to be with someone?  That's what I felt when I looked into her eyes.

M:  Wow....that's romantic!  But another question I've been getting is why did you try to keep Keri a secret?  I spoke to her the other day and even she doesn't fully understand.

K:  At the time I thought I was doing the right thing.  Lisa, my ex-wife, has a nasty streak in her, and I didn't want Keri to be the target of her wrath.  And with my son Rusty to consider...I just did what I could to protect Keri from all that.  She had enough to worry about, with school, her job, and working at the 500.  She didn't need any extra baggage; not when she needs to concentrate on the team.  What I regret is not meeting her before Lisa and I married....but she would have only been fourteen, so that would have been a definite no-no.

M:  Yeah....let's not go there.

K:  I appreciate you giving me a voice in this book; it shows I have a heart instead of just wanting her for her body.

M:  I decided it wasn't fair to you, to only show her side of the story.  I hope I got it right.

K:  I just wish you'd left in the early parts.  Couldn't you have squeezed it in somewhere?

M:  When I wrote Elicia's story, I didn't know I'd be cutting the first six chapters of yours and Keri's.  And then I had to cut the last few chapters because it bled into Gretchen and Caty's, so I felt it didn't need to be told three times.

K:  'Bled into'....I'm assuming you mean our story does continue?

M:  Oh yes.  Anyone who reads books 4 and 5 will read more.  She doesn't graduate until book #6...I think.  I might have graduated her in #5.  If she is in #6, she only plays a minor role.  Moving her age didn't bother you?

K:  Not in the least.  She doesn't act young; she's focused on her studies and future career; and I'm thrilled she chose me to be her first lover.  You have to remember; I grew up during the 70's, when sex was synonamous with 'Hello'.  It was actually refreshing to meet someone who had never even had a serious boyfriend before.  I was able to show her- teach her, if you will- how to live with a member of the opposite sex, and encourage her to explore her sexuality.  I borrowed the Kama Sutra from Sid's girlfriend Carole and-

M (holding up hand):  I get the picture! Thank you for sitting down with me today, Kyle.

K:  Thanks for giving me another chance to explain my side of things!

Forbidden Love is available now: 


Tina Donahue said...

Great 'wish' list for the perfect guy. I'd add only one thing - a great sense of humor. I love a guy who teases the gal he adores. :)

Molly Daniels said...

A definite in my book Tina! I can't believe I left it out. Gotta love a man who knows how to laugh:)

Adele Dubois said...

Fun interview, Molly! Who doesn't love a memorable hero? Best of luck with your release.


Adele Dubois said...

Fun interview, Molly! Who doesn't love a memorable hero? Best of luck with your release.


Anonymous said...

Using the interview technique to tell us about your book is so fun and descriptive. It's also a good tool to use while writing. Just another way to learn what's inside your character's heads and hearts.

Liz Flaherty said...

Hi, Molly! Good post.

jean hart stewart said...

Great post. Would leave anyone dying to read the book...

Anonymous said...

Loved the Interview with your hero! Sounds like a book I need to add to my TBB list now!

Hugs, Kari Thomas,

Molly Daniels said...

@Adele: Thank you:)

@Polly: A friend of mine began posting fun interviews with her characters, and now I love doing it:) Esp when they 'talk' to me, lol:)

@Liz: Thanks for stopping by!

Molly Daniels said...

@Jean: Thank you:) You're so sweet! I always hope these interviews capture an on-the-fence reader:)

@Kari: Thank you:) I was about halfway into writing Keri's story when it dawned on me Kyle was clamoring to be heard. I realized I wasn't being totally fair to him.

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