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Friday, February 17, 2012

New book and giveway!!!

My birthday was two days ago and don’t even ask which one it was! Hopefully, only my children know. My latest book, Fiery Pursuit from Ellora’s Cave came out last week, and it’s my first venture into erotica. I found writing erotica quite different from my usual sensual, mostly in the language used. Much more graphic vocabulary. But fun to have a new challenge. And speaking of precise vocabulary, here’s two wonderful quotes from my favorite Mark Twain.

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”

“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”

Good thoughts, aren’t they?

To celebrate the book’s release I’m giving away a copy to a commenter on my blog. Picked at random, so everybody gets an equal chance. And just to entice you here’s an excerpt from Fiery Pursuit. These are the opening lines in the book. Please go comment. Anything you want to say is welcome. I love to give away a book…

"Stephen Mallory stood staring at his downed rivals, his face contorted with triumph. One on the floor in an ungainly sprawl of death, the other on the floor, her tantalizing breasts moving in shallow breaths. Not only had he managed to kill his most formidable academic rival, but he’d overcome and chloroformed the desirable daughter. The girl he’d lusted after for months. He’d never planned on Sophia hearing their argument, let alone come barging into the room to protect her father. She’d doubtless seen him plunge the dagger into his rival. Well, he’d planned to subdue her sooner or later, but hopefully after she was his wife.
Damn this added complication. Perhaps a forced marriage? His groin tightened at the thought of holding her down by any means necessary. It would a pleasure to conquer her any way he could. His cock swelled at the thought of plunging into her again and again while she fought to hold him off. But she was feisty and he wouldn’t want to mar her beauty. He’d probably need another man to still her while he took his delight in that gorgeous body. He leaned over, caressing the delightful curves, now totally at his pleasure. He took the cap and snood from her hair, and drew a deep breath as the most glorious blonde hair he’d ever seen spilled down around her shoulders.
Fingering the silky mass, he felt his penis swell even larger. He forced himself to step back. He needed to think now, decide what to do on the basis of his mind, not his cock.
There were many complications to the fact she’d seen him murder her father. He opened her blouse and ran his hands along her body, thinking furiously even as he fingered her firm breasts and nipples, his breathing coming ever more quickly.
Then his mind started functioning, slowing his groping hands.
Even if she agreed to marry him, which was doubtful since she’d seen him strike the killing blow, she’d never give him the information he wanted. That brilliant mind of her would rebel against helping her father’s murderer unless he somehow forced her. He could tie her down and plunder her body, but he wasn’t sure he could control her mind. Rape might not be enough to get her under his complete control. The damned bitch would likely hie herself off to the authorities unless he somehow imprisoned her for life.
Staring at her seductive beauty, Mallory decided he didn’t want to kill her. It would be such a damn shame. He fondled her almost absently, wondering what to do, his erection diminishing as he pondered .
Pacing the room, he considered his options. Marriage wasn’t the answer, then. Torture, of course, but even he balked at deforming that perfect face and body. She’d defy him to the end, and he’d be forced to take measures that might spoil her even for him. Not that he’d hesitate if that were the answer, but he needed her bright mind also. Still, her knowledge of the murder was a menace and must be dealt with.
Regrettably, he couldn’t afford to let her live."

Comments, please.....


Paris said...

Hi Jean,

Congratulations on the new release and good luck with your foray into erotic romance. Judging by your beautiful cover and wonderful excerpt, it looks as if you're off to a wonderful start.

Hope you had a fabulous birthday! I've always enjoyed Mark Twain's wry humor and observations, lol, so thanks for including them this morning.

Tina Donahue said...

Congrats, Jean - wow, what a cover. Happy belated birthday and may you have a zillion sales! :)

Molly Daniels said...

Wow...what a conundrum for Mallory! Can hardly wait to see how you get him out of THAT fix, heh heh!

Hope you had a happy birthday and love that cover!

Adele Dubois said...

Big congrats and best of luck with your new release, Jean! It looks like a winner. I wish you many sales.


jean hart stewart said...

Thanks Paris. I'm having lots of fun with erotica, but it's so different from sensual it's hard for me.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks Tina. I love love love the cover. Have had new bookmarks made using them and they're well received, believe me.

jean hart stewart said...

Mallory is an extra bad villain who keeps showing up throughout the book. Love getting rid of the bad guys....Glad you like the cover. Jean

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks so much Adele, I've got my fingers crossed. Am writing the next in the series now. Also erotica, of course.

Debby said...

Congrats on the new release. I never thought about how hard it would be to change.
debby236 at gmail dot com

jean hart stewart said...

Debby, there are rule you don't violate in writing sensual and I think erotica upends a lot of them.
Thanks for commenting....Jean

Katalina Leon said...

Congratulations Jean on your first "erotica", and happy birthday too!

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