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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have you "Liked" our new Facebook page yet?

Hey...I spent the past couple of days working the page, and have got us a couple hundred friends and a few "fans"...

But we haven't seen very many of our Yahoo Loop fans or our RBRUS members over there yet.  Could be you don't have a Facebook persona...but if you DO, please come over and friend us...and LIKE our fan page.  Here are the URLs for both pages:

Our FAN Page:

Our Facebook page:

And especially if you are a GOLD or Silver author or a RED VIP over on our RBRUS website, please make sure you go over and friend us and LIKE our fan page.

Social media is the life blood of public name recognition these days.  Hey...even Ashton Kutcher has a Facebook page...not to mention Hugh Jackman and loads more.

So please jump on our little bandwagon and make it into a HUGE bandwagon?  And if you go over an "like" our fan page, and e-mail us at, your name goes into a drawing for a great prize!

So what's to lose here?  Jump on!  Have fun!

Hugs to all!

Fran Lee


Adele Dubois said...

Yes, join us!


Paris said...

I've been spreading the word and hope everyone stops by to see us:)

We are a friendly bunch!

Fran Lee said...

Thanks ladies! And if folks "like" our fan page, and send an e-mail with "fb fan" in the subject line, I drop their name into the hat to win a nice gift! Yes...that goes for all of our members, as well. LOL!

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