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Monday, January 23, 2012

TEN Things to Make You Feel SEXY!

TEN things to do/buy/wear for sagging self-images and to make you feel sexy:

1. Buy fancy lingerie...and wear whatever you buy! Don't keep these items hidden in a drawer. Wear them everyday to confirm that "I am sexy" feeling!

2. Buy dresses, top, sweaters, that cling to show off your curves...lower cuts show off your cleavage! Stand tall and strut your stuff!

3. Wear high-heeled shoes to give you that long-legged look to capture a man's attention as your hips wiggle with your confident, feminine walk.

4.Hair styles. Treat yourself to a session at a hair salon. Try a new look; maybe wear your hair long, presenting that "Hollywood" celebrity sexy look, creating a alluring image.

5. Use make-up. Emphasize your best facial feature...perhaps your eyes or full lips.

6. Polish your nails. Toenails, too, can make you feel feminine.

7. Use sweet, wonderful smelling perfumes. Find a scent that you like and mixes well with your body temperature to give off that wonderful aroma a man will recognize as yours.

8. Use satin sheets. That wonderful feeling of satin running along your skin will tingle and spark your sensitive areas.

9. Get all dressed up and have some professional photos taken.

10. Love yourself, believe that you're sexy and attractive, light candles, sprinkle rose petals on those satin sheets, and tease or flirt outrageously with the man of your dreams! Your ultimate goal: a passionately satisfying rendezvous/relationship that affirms your sexual charisma.

Sometimes women in romance books question their sexual attractiveness. In "Gone to the Dogs" by Marianne Stephens, Katie had been dumped by her ex-boyfriend, and that was a blow to her sexual confidence level. In "Anything You Can Do", also by Marianne Stephens, Allison had been betrayed by a man she thought she loved, and was never made to feel sexually attractive. Both women gained strength in their new relationships with men whose passion flamed their own desires. Ultimately, they found true love.

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"Gone to the Dogs" is available in ebook and print versions
"Anything You Can Do" is available as an ebook and will be in print form in April/May 2012.

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Fran Lee said...

Great advice, Marianne! Now, if I wore stilettos and wiggled my way out the door, I would likely strain something. LOL!

Harlie Reader said...

Great advice Marianne. Wish I could wear heals to work but sadly I work manufacturing plant. Our office is connected.


Tina Donahue said...

Good advice, Marianne. Since I work from home for my EDJ, I'm usually in sweats. However, when I go out on the weekend, I get all dolled up. :)

Renee Vincent said...

Great suggestions, Marianne! For the way I've felt here lately, I'm due to have some pampering done so I can feel better inside and out. I've spent the last two weeks in pjs and a robe. Just now getting around to getting dressed in regular clothes haha

Liz said...

hear THAT. If I may, I would also recommend EXERCISE! Any form or format, even a brisk 20 minute walk a day. There is nothing sexier than feeling refreshed and healthy.

Paris said...

Think I'll take your great advice, lol. The lady in the mirror needs a haircut and a facial and...well, you get the idea.

Lately exercise is something I keep telling myself I'll get to but Liz is right, it's a great motivator for feeling good:)

Thanks for the great post!

Sheri Fredricks said...

Nothing like having my husband read your post over my shoulder and start pointing! LOL!! I think he said "That one!" to every suggestion.

Sandy said...

I love the advice. I remember those days when I actually did those things. lol

jean hart stewart said...

Past even hoping to wear stilleto heels, but all great advice for you younger chicks..Loved reading the column..

Janice Seagraves said...

I'm fifty years old and have been married for thirty-two years. Hubby and I still flirt with each other. It helps to know that we still find each other sexy.


Cara Marsi said...

Great advice. I'm past wearing stilettos. Don't think I could walk in them anymore. Like some of the others here, I spend my days at the computer in sweats. But I do like to dress up, and I usually wear makeup when I go out. I love clothes, always have. Love the naughtiness of wearing sexy lingerie. I agree about the excercise.

Adele Dubois said...

Great post! A day shopping for new clothes, a pedicure, or wearing make-up always perk me up. My routine walks energize my body and spirit.

Best of luck with your release!


Marianne Stephens said...

Thanks, all. I can't believe I was ever able to wear high heels and actually balance...ah, the flexibility of youth!

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