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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Interview of Author Michele Hart

Today it's my pleasure to present an interview of romance author Michele Hart.

Latest Book: Gangbusters
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Greetings, Romance Books R Us and all the readers out there! Is 2012 treating you right so far? Are you watching the skies for alien spacecrafts, deadly solar flares, World War III? Yeah, me too. ***Wink!***

A latch-key kid raised in Brandon, Florida, Michele found the world outside her house boring, so she lived for shows about futuristic worlds, fantastic places. Star Trek, Bewitched, Night Stalker, Logan’s Run. Naturally, she found her future in alternate realities. She’s keeping it unreal.

Michele writes fast-paced Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romantic Adventure, seared with a little erotic suspense. Sizzling daredevil heroes, smart heroines, creepy-as-Hell villains doing awful things on foreign worlds. Mind control, shape-shifters, prison breaks. Doomsday machines. Discover passion and adventure under all-new moons and stars. Investigate Michele Hart.

Q: What’s the first thing you’d done when you’d received word you’d sold a book?
A: My family had taken me out for prime rib and strawberry daiquiris. Will Write For Food. It’s on the sign I hold up at my day job as a street performer/pan-handler. Not many want to pay the roadside writer, but I’m hoping to change that.

Q: What part of the book is the easiest for you to write? Why?
A: I’m a pantser, so I ride by the seat of my pants when it comes to visualizing the story. I can’t say any part is harder than the rest. There are times when the story doesn’t come to me, but that’s a demand from my muse to rest. Otherwise, I’d write in a frenzy until I collapsed.

Q: Tell us about Faith, the heroine of Gangbusters. If Gangbusters was made into a movie, what celebrity would you like to play her?
A: Faith is an energetic truth-seeker delving into the roots of a new black-market drug when she’s dropped into the hands of a gangland hit man working for the monsters that orchestrate a criminal empire. And she falls for a demon-slayer she’ll never forget. Or can ever write about. I think Bryce Howard could nail it.

Q: Tell us about your hero Danny. Which celebrity would you like to play him?
A: An anti-hero, Danny is a composite of many different gang members and hit men about whom I’d read, so he is several real people. Danny battles evil on the outside with a badge and a blade, but he’s fatalistic on the value of his shadowy soul. I’d like to be in the room when he tells on-the-job stories. Colin Farrell would be dark enough.

Q: Is Gangbusters a sequel?
A: Yes! Gangbusters is part of I-Marshal Stories, a sci-fi universe where an underworld of spiritual war exists, and mortal demon-hunters look to angelic influences to guide them in destroying evil. Check my website for more I-Marshal Stories.

Q: Do all your heroes and all heroines look the same in your mind as you “head write”?
A: No. To me, they’re unique people living different stories. I don’t imagine generic mannequins living out deeply constructed stories until I decide to “dress” them into people. I’m guessing that would be a tool of a plotter who does a lot planning. I doubt if any of my characters are like one another in many ways. That wouldn’t entertain me long.

Q: Do you eat comfort food when writing? If so, what food inspires your imagination?
A: When I write, I have to be reminded to eat, but when I do reward myself with food, it’s an incarnation of chocolate or some sweet thing.

Q: What hobby do you enjoy when not writing?
A: I give my time to an action group in which I’m involved. We’ll soon assist people in keeping their homes from foreclosure and bank fraud. Feels good.

Q: What are your strongest points as a writer?
A: My reviews most mention that I’m a good world-builder and I surprise the reader. That’s the mission in my books, to take the reader to a new world and surprise her. That’s what adventure is about.

Daniel Tierney and his fellow I-Marshals take down the organizations producing the most dangerous substance in the Alliance. But reporter Faith Vedder turns up at the worst times, including Danny’s near-assassination. He’s had enough of her interference and requires her source of information.

Faith won’t tell him anything that compromises her Pulitzer-worthy story, not even under the magic of hot attraction. She doesn’t know she’s surrounded by fallen angels at war. Danny’s not finished making demands. She doesn’t understand until a giant, snorting, winged monster slobbers down her back, threatening to flay her.

The gangbusters can’t delay in their mission to shut down gangs until Danny learns the new criminal kingpin of their world is a man who once held Faith’s heart. In the guise of a gangland executioner named Heretic, Danny will destroy him. Even if it destroys Faith.

Angels are watching. Demons are plotting. Faith is the key.

“Stand over here, in the candlelight.”

Faith went to the spot where Danny pointed, and she stood in her Pulitzer gown for his inspection. He gained his feet, produced a thornless red vine rose from the side table, and he twisted it around the dress strap, then he returned to the bed and took in the sight of her. A rose was a gift of love, not a gift of acquaintance or friendship. The flowery fragrance enhanced her longing for him. The candlelight silvered his gray sight in a tactile way, but she always did feel his eyes when they were fixed on her.

“Do you like the gown?” she couldn’t help asking. His concentrated attention through overlong salt-and-pepper bangs caused her nipples to rise and brush against the soft cloth, quickening her for his capture.

“Very much. You look stunning in the dress, Faith,” his baritone voice murmured. His lips pressed together, revealing the tension it gave him. “The threads of the lace shimmer in the flame glow.”

Oh… Soft, flickering light seemed to cling to him instead of illuminating much else in the room. His breathing livened. His study of her lasted so long, she began to shy from his devoted gaze. “Have you had enough yet?”

“No. You aren’t enforcing a time limit, are you?”

She broke into an embarrassed smile, and his sly gaze said he enjoyed his torture of her.

“I’m divided. I want you to eat, but I want to take that dress off you.”

“Some people think they have problems.”

Rising from the bed again, he collected the covered plate and eating utensil, and set them in her hands held out before her. Then he removed the cover to present a dish in the meatball family. His smile bordering on the diabolical, he loaded the utensil and put it to her mouth. Her sharp eye on him, she accepted a flavor she’d never encountered before, savory, mysterious, delectable. So was Danny.

Stalking, he roved around until he was behind her, and he leaned, pressing his nose to her exposed neck, inhaling her freshly bathed scent as she chewed. The act carried such an animal-feel to it. The alpha-male predator had brought his chosen a meal...and he savored his upcoming reward for that.

Having already been beneath him, arrested and detained by him, she chewed quicker. Was she sweating yet? She soon would be. Oh, gawd, she already throbbed, her body programmed now and eager for his possession. Did he know he owned her? She bet he knew.

His hair danced over her bare shoulder. “You smell like delicious dinner.”

Every word he uttered with that deep voice was verbal chocolate, making her ache all the more for him. “You always have an invitation to feast upon me, Danny.”

She felt his lips thin into another secret smile against the sensitive flesh as he pressed sizzling kisses up her neck to her ear. “Every night I’ll figure out a way to put you in my bed.”

Should she tell him how easy that will be?

Weakened, she scooped up a forkful of dinner and fed him over her shoulder. He groaned his approval, and he sent his big hands to span and stroke her figure in the silky gown, a sensuous experience that blotted out everything for the moment but his contact and body heat. She would memorize a list of the things that made him groan. Hearing it launched cascades of thrill through her. His exploration slipped downward from behind her and onto her belly, pressing her against his long, hard physique and sliding downward to the heat between her thighs. She almost dropped the plate.

Mm…Danny and good food together. That was total pleasure.

Again, he commandeered the fork and sent a bite to her mouth. As she chewed, he placed a sucking kiss below her ear. Then she forgot to chew, taken by the fantastic shower of ecstasy he inflicted, and she had to remind herself again to chew. His breath on her body enticed her to a new level of want.

Another bite administered, he drew the zipper of the dress all the way down her back, and he slipped his hands into the dress, around her, and cupped her breasts.

"Oh…” The rough surfaces of his palms and fingers abrading her tender flesh played with her nipples, stoking the fire.

“Take another bite.” His whispers rushed lightning through her.

Hands slid from her dress, and she turned to watch him pull his T-shirt from his torso, all iron-worked muscle, pale flesh, a thin scatter of body hair she wished to feel scrubbed against her. Again. His lion’s mane skimmed broad shoulders. His silvery sight never left her. Before, they’d made love in shadows, and she hadn’t seen him wholly nude. Just shirtless, he was beautiful, blessed with a holy kind of glamour that activated her soul.


He fed her another bite of dinner, then he released the clip holding back her freshly dried hair, and his long, tapered fingers caught her tumbling tresses. Stirred to a corrupt snicker, he took in the scent of her hair as though it told him everything about her, as if it fed every hungry part of him.

“How can your T-shirt say you’re faster than light when you’re so torturously slow with me?”

“I know, the longer I take with you, the more you’ll moan in my ear. And I like that a lot. It’s a triumph to feel you under my power, Faith.”

That just made her moan.

He took the empty plate from her hands and set it aside on the table, then he put her in his arms. He’d said he wouldn’t let her go to Max’s without making love to her. The intent in Danny’s eye revealed his plot to ruin her freshly bathed scent.

“Are you enjoying the moment of marking me for the demons to detect?”

“Enormously. I’ll kick them in their heads if they touch you.” His demon-slaying grin gave away his entertainment. She knew he meant for Max to get that message, as well.

“This is like unwrapping the most fun present.”

She loved being explored by him, adored it, and she noticed each lithe movement of his heavenly warrior-body, marveled at how well he’d been put together for hunting criminals and hellish merchants of misery. She’d never discourage him from doing that duty. Those monsters better run and hide.

Danny wasn’t a monster. Was he?

She reached for his jeans and unbuttoned them, feeling him hard beneath the metal teeth of the zipper. He pushed the jeans to the floor for the unwelcome interference they were. Her mouth went dry at the unveiled sight of him, worthy of an artist’s sketch, all muscle, brains, instinct, skill, action.

Danny was better than perfect. He was physically superior.

But what was he on the inside? The progeny of an angel, the breed of a demon. She recalled her brief study of the heavenly races. If Danny turned out to be more angel, what would that mean? Angels did many benevolent things, but they also struck down populations with disease, disaster, and genocide. A single angel wielded the power to destroy cities, cause famine, flood a planet.

Angels were heaven’s hit men.

Danny snatched her up by the waist, capturing her, pressing her against him, and snickering over his plans for her.

Oh... She could barely wait.

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Tina Donahue said...

Great interview, Michele - Gangbusters sounds intriguing. :)

Faith said...

Any character named Faith has to be a kickass heroine! :-D

Sandy said...

Welcome, Michele. Interesting to learn about you. It's wonderful what you and your group are doing to help people hang onto their homes.

I enjoyed your blurb and excerpt.

jean hart stewart said...

Nice to learn about another enticing writer. Love reading about other worlds.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the interview and found more books to add to my TBR.


Rose Anderson ~ Romance Novelist said...

Great interview Michele. Gangbusters is sitting in the "to be read" stack. You can't go wrong with the I-Marshals series. After the last one, I know it's going to kick butt!

Michele Hart said...

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by!

[Great name, Faith! :-)]

Happy reading to you all!
Beware the night and sexy dark creatures hiding in the shadows!

Michele Hart

Miriam Newman said...

Cool stuff, Michele. We look forward to more from you!

Imogene Nix said...

There needs to be more SciFi romance in the world. This is going on my to purchase list.

Nancy G said...

Great interview-this sounds like a book I need to add to the wish!!!

Kathryn Merkel said...

Gotta love a fast guy who knows how to go slow too. Yummm!

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Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Great interview Michelle. You mentioned all the great sci-fi programs I grew up with! Love, love the excerpt and can't wait to add to my TBR list.

Victoria said...

sounds like a great book! Thank you for interviewing.

Vijaya Schartz said...

Great writing, Michelle.
Definitely piqued my interest.

Susan Kohler said...

Sounds hot, sexy and exciting--would love to read the whole book!

Kristina Parmenter said...

Great interview! It is always nice to get to know new (to me) authors!

Michele Hart said...

Thank you, everyone, for visiting!
I'd glad you liked the excerpt. Please sign up for my Twitter list and read about more I-Marshals.

Michele Hart

Romance Reader Enthusiast said...

Thank you for a great interview Michele. Your blurb left me wanting to read more. Thank you.

Great way to start 2012!

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to be included in contest? I have an ebook friend who would love this book!

desitheblonde said...

The interview is a know out and the book sound great and t hen i like the cover of the book wow stand out
will do good

htompki said...

GREAT INTERVIEW,I do have a question ,whats your favorite part of writing your stories ?

Michele Hart said...

Hi, htompki,
I like the surprise! Don't you? I definitely don't plan a thing.

Thank you, everyone.

Michele Hart

nylnestill said...

thanks for the giveaway opportunity1

mcv said...

Would love to read your book! Great excerpt.
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This book sounds amazing!! And I love the title..LOL. This is a cool blog!! I just followed.

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