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Sunday, December 4, 2011


What makes a book an irresistible purchase? Why do you press that online Buy button?

Authors spend a lot of time and money on book promotion. We’re always searching for new and better ways to reach readers. Lately, I’ve been using the Goldilocks Method to tinker with the prices of my titles on Amazon and Barnes & Noble to see what works.

What is the Goldilocks Method, you ask? It’s the name I coined for testing whether or not a book price is too much, too little, or just right. I also pay close attention to the tagline and excerpt, hoping to find the most appealing blend. Cover art is extremely important, but authors have no control over covers issued by publishers. We do get to choose covers for re-releases, though, like the cover I created for my revised and expanded paranormal erotic romance novella TEMPTED.

Why do you choose to buy a particular book? Is it a combination of the factors I mentioned or something more? What makes you press that Buy Now button?

TEMPTED by Adele Dubois

Emily never dreamed that getting hooked on interactive television would lead to so much trouble…


Is sexual fantasy cheating? If so, Emily’s got a problem. Though she’s never been unfaithful to her husband in reality, she’s found a new hobby with 3D Mental Image Projection. In the privacy of her home, she indulges her secret desires on interactive TV. What else is a lonely woman of a certain age to do?

When Emily wins a weekend getaway to mystical Isle de Paradises, she swears she won’t stray. But temptation lures her at every turn. Desirable men want her and beautiful women pursue her. When Paradises’ youth-restoring powers crumble her resistance, Emily is faced with an irrevocable choice. Her decision will forever alter her life and the fate of her marriage.

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Tina Donahue said...

The cover has to intrigue me first and then the blurb. Sometimes I'm hooked by the title. It all depends. Like most authors I wish there was a science to book selling but it's more an art and probably always will be.

Claudia said...

I press that button if: 1)the author is an auto-read for me, 2) if the blurb catches my interest or 3) if someone highly recommends the author/book.

Love the new Tempted cover!

Paris said...

I have authors that I always buy but a title will intrigue me enough to read the blurb and excerpt and that's usually a deciding factor for me. I know that covers can be misleading so I rarely use that as my first criteria.

What ultimately gets me to push the buy button though is the author's voice in the excerpt:)

Harlie Reader said...

As a reader, the excerpt used to be what got me to buy the book. Covers are nice but like you said, the publishers control that. I used to buy a book based on the excerpt and almost got burned by it. The book was pure porn and I couldn't read it or buy it for what I read as an excerpt.

Now days, I really research what I buy. I read reviews and ask friends and authors that I know about books. I also read blogs.

I have my go-to authors but lately some of not lived up to what they have written before.

Great post, as usual.

Harlie Reader said...

One last thing...this blog is great when yall talk about your new books. In fact, that's how I found about Liz Crowe. I'll be honest though about Liz...she had me at beer. Seriously. :)

Liz said...

author recommendations go a LONG way towards making me buy...and covers...yes.. the covers.

Adele Dubois said...

Tina, Claudia, Paris, Harlie, Liz--

Good to see you on this beautiful Sunday. Thanks for posting. I found all of your answers interesting. Most notable to me was that none of you mentioned price. I assume, then, that if all the other factors are favorable, price won't necessarily deter a purchase.

Is that right?


Paris said...

Price is rarely a factor with me if the premise of the book and the author's voice intrigues me. I might go over my monthly book budget for an auto-buy author and put a new one on my TBB list for the next month but I will eventually hit that buy button if I want the book.

Harlie Reader said...

Price is not an issue with me either. That said, if a publisher is running a % off sale, I tend to buy books that I have been putting off buying.

Sandy said...

I love your cover, Adele. What an intriguing idea for a story. How old is your heroine? I think all women eventually get a little bored in their marriages and that's why love has to be more than just sex.

jean hart stewart said...

Lots of reasons.. cover, price, if I already like teh author. I'm easy. Love the new cover...Jean

Cara Marsi said...

I love Tempted, and I love your cover. There are a lot of reasons I buy books - I personally know the authors and want to support them; I found a new author and loved the book so I buy the backlist. Of course a good cover and a great blurb get me all the time. I don't always go by reviews, especially on Amazon. It's usually the story that makes me buy.

Janice Seagraves said...

I'm a picky reader and a hardback snob, but I have a new Acer tablet (an early Christmas present from hubby) so my reading habit has widened a bit with more ebook buys. :)

The cover and title attracts me, but it's the blurb and excerpt that have to hook me for me to buy it. If I'm in a brick and mortar store I'll read the first page or two to see if it'll keep my attention for the full read.

I'll also buy books from people I have gotten to know online and strike up a friendship with.


Carly Carson said...

I buy mostly based on the author's voice after reading an excerpt. I love if they have a free story on their blog and that motivates me if I like it. Price is a factor only when it's too high. I went to try a book that sounded interesting last week and it was $11 and change. Nope. Now I don't remember a thing about it. I will give less thought to making a 99 cent purchase so that's good if it's a new-to-me author. But anything under, say, $5 is okay. After $10, I have to know you're an author I love. Good question.

Adele Dubois said...

Sandy and Jean--So glad you love my cover. I thought it was stunning and I'm glad others agree.

Yes, TEMPTED is the story of a woman who's been married to a great guy for 25 years, but their marriage has reached a crossroad.

Thanks so much for your comments!


Adele Dubois said...

Paris and Harlie--I, too, will buy a book from an author I love without much thought to the price.

I'm offering TEMPTED for $1.49 to attract new readers--I hope!

Thanks for chatting!


Harlie Reader said...

You're cover is gorgeous. I like it when authors take a chance and write about a married couple that is at a crossroads. You don't see those kind of stories around too much and it bothers me. For me, that's real life but it can sexy at the same time. Know what I mean?

Adele Dubois said...

Cara--I'm so pleased that you bought TEMPTED (at the full price, no less!) and loved it. Glad you also like the cover.

I buy books for all the reasons you gave. Makes sense.

Thanks for everything!


Adele Dubois said...

Janice--Nice to meet you. I don't think we've chatted online before. I appreciate you taking the time to share your buying and reading habits with us. Enjoy your Acer tablet--and welcome to the world of ebooks!


Adele Dubois said...

Carly--Nice to meet you! I'm glad to know that excerpts interest readers, since I post them weekly on my blog.

I agree with you about voice. I tend to buy books from authors whose voice I like, who also write well. No matter how interesting a premise might be, I won't finish a book if the writing is poor.

I appreciate your comments!


Adele Dubois said...

Harlie--I do know what you mean! I wrote TEMPTED with the hope that mature women would relate to the story and celebrate their sexuality.

Thanks for chatting with me today.


Ashlyn Chase said...

What makes me push the buy button?
#1- I know and love the author. Yes, I buy my friend's books first.

#2- I have to love the storyline according to the blurb.

#3- I have to be sure there's a happy ending. Books not included in the romance genre are a big if for me.

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