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Friday, December 2, 2011

OH MY GOODNESS~Christmas is upon us!

     Yes, it is!!! I haven’t done a gosh darn thing toward preparing. Heck, I barely got Thanksgiving done and over with and the next holiday is here. I don’t know about any of ya’ll (can you tell I’m originally from the South), but I’ll be glad when 2012 is here. Next time I blog on here the New Year will be. Woo Hoo! This has been one hellacious year to say the least.
     Now at 11 pm EST on December 1st, I have finished (except for this blog post) writing a post on my personal blog for the Christmas releases I have along with fellow authors also releasing theirs. I have two and Blogger wasn’t cooperating at all. I don’t know what possessed me to write two Christmas stories, but I did. One is “Naughty” the other “Nice” (read as no sex) which is highly unusual for me, but it did have vampires which is what I normally write. I think it is an indication of the way I want the year to end—on a sweet, loving note. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Love and giving?
     My family has been extremely supportive, caring and loving all year long considering all I have physically been through, and I’m ready to give back. Over the next few weeks left in the year, I want to do nothing but sit back, relax, enjoy and catch-up on reading and spending time with my family. I’ll have to throw in a few promotional blogs and chats to feel like I haven’t lost touch.
     So until next year, I wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season and will see you next year. Until then, here’s a little taste of my Christmas stories, A Gift of Love, the “Naughty” one and The Misadventures of Dick Grewcock: A Vampire’s First Christmas, the “Nice” one.

Christmas Eve. Jennifer Perkins needs the perfect gift for Sir and time is running out. Tough economic times have put a drain on her bank account, but she’s determined to give her lover something special. Short on cash, she sells a treasure, plus more than she bargained. Love—more precious than diamonds and gold.

Christmas Eve. Chris Bryant needs the perfect present for his live-in submissive, Angel, and he can’t wait until tomorrow. He may have lost his job of choice, but the New Year looks promising. Tonight is the night to make a change. The gift has to be extraordinary, and the only way is to give up his prized possession. Love—more precious than objects.

The two lovers are wrapped in a world beyond their control. Selflessness is the ultimate gift of love—one relinquishes a valued treasure, the other sells part of themselves for the special gift.

Richard “Dick” Grewcock is a fledgling vampire, turned by choice on Halloween Night. He is a computer geek, thirty-two years old, and learns vampires are handsome, powerful, and have women falling over them—everything he's not. Problem is, after he turns he doesn't get any of those qualities and wants his money back. All he wants for Christmas is a girlfriend.

Christmas Eve he confronts his maker and as he argues to get his money back or at least fix his problem, a pretty young woman walks in and disrupts his train of thought. 

Noelle St. Nicholas is on a mission to save her home and won’t take no for an answer. The only who can save her is Dick, the nerd staring at her and looking really weird.

On his first adventure to find love, Dick Grewcock gets a Christmas wish he won’t soon forget.

Cynthia Arsuaga
Erotic Romance Author 


Tina Donahue said...

I'm not anywhere close to getting my holiday stuff done, Cynthia, so I know where you're coming from. In any event, I hope you and yours have a great holiday season. :)

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

You too Tina. Hope I can start this weekend to make a dent!

Paris said...

Nice twist on the "Gift of the Magi" theme:) That's always been one of my favorite holiday stories because it speaks so well to the true meaning of the season.

Enjoy the holidays!

Janice Seagraves said...

I know how you feel, I did the nano and make two turkeys for two different Thanksgiving dinners on two different days. Can you say burned out? This month all I want to do with spend some time with my family and read.

Both stories sounds really good. Good luck with your newest releases.


Cara Marsi said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Cynthia. You have a great attitude about the upcoming holidays. I'm already stressing and it's only Dec. 2. I love the books you profiled. I too love Gift of the Magi.

Sandy said...

I know just how you feel, Cynthia. I don't even have my tree up, although all the other decorations are out.

I have two presents bought and a bunch more to get. Where is the money coming from though? Eeks! It's going to be a disasterous year.

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