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Friday, December 30, 2011

Measure Your Year

How Do you Celebrate the Year's end and Ring in the New Year?

I love this song. Hell I love this emotional broadway play turned Movie. I've never been one to do a New Year's Resolution. I don't have a goal to lose weight or some other thing I'l l not follow through on. I like my frou frou *decaf* coffee drinks and zingers too much.

I begin by celebrating the birth of my son who was the last baby on New Years Eve 1996. After that I plot out the journey I've led, the type of mother, sister, aunt, fiance, friend I've been. I look at where I've floundered, at the times I've been selfish and concentrated more on myself than someone else and I make a note to get it better the next year around. I take a glimpse at what I believe I've done well and think yay me! There is always something to improve on.

I've been a work in progress for like....36 years and some change. I wasn't always a fire cracker full of Energy...well maybe I was but I prob had ADHD. There came a time when I was just tired of the crap. Pent up agression is exhausting. I think this then play in New York came at a great time. It showed me years ago what was really important and what was a waste of time and energy.

Would it surprise anyone to know I was once a people pleaser? Or that in Highschool I pretended I was an idiot because boys didn't like girls smarter than them? How about this one. I am friends with every ex boyfriend or lover I've ever had. The grandparents of my children all plan on helping with my wedding to a man outside of their families. Grandpa Norris my ex's father wants to give me away.

I'm surrounded by odd shit everyday. If anyone else has an ex's father who wants to be in the wedding party please stand up lol. It's incredulous but amazing at the same time, to be surrounded by so much love. Has to be where the excess energy in me comes from. Those were all moments of my journey.

When I look back at the time where there wasn't much love or sunshine. I see where I was led and to the people who stepped into my life, and those who I've come in contact with that needed someone.

My grandma used to say to smile at everyone you came in contact with cuz God only knew that one person really might need a glimpse of joy to turn their day around, which would turn their week around, and possibly rub off on them.

So when you're doing your pact for the year think about something outside your normal box. Think of what you've gained the past year, lost or even reclaimed.

How did your four seasons go this past year? I had a great Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes.

Measure Your Life in Love.




Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Hales!

You wrote: Would it surprise anyone to know I was once a people pleaser? Or that in Highschool I pretended I was an idiot because boys didn't like girls smarter than them?

Nope, it wouldn't surprise me - in fact that sounds like how I used to be. Then I got smart and decided to start pleasing myself because - as they say in the L'oreal commercial - I'm worth it. :)

Hope your 2012 is just awesome!!

jean hart stewart said...

Great blog...and you incorporated my rule of life, smile at everyone you pass by. A smile might be just what they need and a frown might make their day worse. Have a great 2012.. Jean

Harlie Williams said...

Great post Hales. I'm not sure what my goals/resolutions or anything else are for 2012. I just know that I will love my son and husband even more that I do now.

I will learn to say "no" more and realize that as a people pleaser too, I'm not going to please everyone and that's okay.


Jessica E. Subject said...

It's a hard lesson learning that you can't please everyone. I'm still being educated in that one.

All the best in 2012!

Alexa said...

Great post! Happy New Year!

Hales said...

Thanks Tina!

I love to smile Jean :P Gettin my Smile on!

Harlie when you decide let me know loving the fam is a great way to start. I actually ask my kids what they think I can do better on.

Jessica- It's like a never ending battle that leaves you tired. I got tired of trying years I'm just the best I can be :P

Thanks Alexa Happy New Years!

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