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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec.17th is a very important date

December 17th means a lot to me, sentimentalist that I am. Which makes me wonder, are all romance writers as soupy as I am at heart?
My husband's birthday is today. He's been gone over a year now, but this date always makes me smile. He came from a loving family, but not one used to showing it. I think sentimental me completely rocked them all, but we soon adjusted and I adored them. However, they had never made any fuss at all about DH's birthday. The first year it came around after we were married I floored him with a cake, candles, presents, and a special dinner of all his favorites.

He was absolutely astounded. However, I must say he adjusted quickly, and basked in all the attention. Our childrens' birthday are in January, and I made a big deal out of celebrating each of them. Birthdays are special, damn it.

I've got three books coming out in January. Never had them cluster like this and I've been spending all my times going from edit to edit. Here's a an excerpt from Fiery Pursuit, coming out from Ellora's Cave. Don't you love the cover? Here's an excerpt, but not the final edit since I don't have that yet.

Adult Excerpt: Language
Stephen Mallory stood staring at his downed rivals, his face contorted with triumph. One on the floor in an ungainly sprawl of death, the other on the floor, her tantalizing breasts moving in shallow breaths. Not only had he managed to kill his most formidable academic rival, but he’d overcome and chloroformed the desirable daughter. The girl he’d lusted after for months. He’d never planned on Sophia hearing their argument, let alone come barging into the room to protect her father. She’d doubtless seen him plunge the dagger into his rival. Well, he’d planned to subdue her sooner or later, but hopefully after she was his wife.
Damn this added complication. Perhaps a forced marriage? His groin tightened at the thought of holding her down by any means necessary. It would a pleasure to conquer her any way he could. His cock swelled at the thought of plunging into her again and again while she fought to hold him off. But she was feisty and he wouldn’t want to mar her beauty. He’d probably need another man to still her while he took his delight in that gorgeous body. He leaned over, caressing the delightful curves, now totally at his pleasure. He took the cap and snood from her hair, and drew a deep breath as the most glorious blonde hair he’d ever seen spilled down around her shoulders.
Fingering the silky mass, he felt his penis swell even larger. He forced himself to step back. He needed to think now, decide what to do on the basis of his mind, not his cock.
There were many complications to the fact she’d seen him murder her father. He opened her blouse and ran his hands along her body, thinking furiously even as he fingered her firm breasts and nipples, his breathing coming ever more quickly.
Then his mind started functioning, slowing his groping hands.


Fran Lee said...

How wonderful to have those memories to hold dear, Jean. And the book sounds hot and sexy. Thanks for sharing!

Paris said...

What a lovely remembrance, thank you so much for sharing. And yes, I do love your cover, very sexy:) Best of luck with your new book(s)!

Tina Donahue said...

I so feel for you, Jean. I lost my husband a few years back just before Christmas. Totally unexpected. These days are always hard. But at least you (and I) knew these wonderful guys.

Your cover's amazing.

jean hart stewart said...

Fran, you're such a sweetie. Yes, I'm a lucky woman...Merry
Xmas to you and yours...Jean

jean hart stewart said...

Tina, thanks sooooo much. Yes, wonderful memories see us through the bad spots. My VERY best to you...Jean

jean hart stewart said...

Paris, thanks. Love those hot covers and this one is special to me since it's my first try at writing frankly erotica. Have always had a lot of sex in my books but this one is a little hotter...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful memory, Jean, thanks for sharing. Im having a hard time getting through the Christmas season this year. My beloved dad passed in April, and Christmas was always his favorite day.

LOVED that excerpt!

HOLIDAY HUGS, Kari Thomas,

jean hart stewart said...

Kari, the holidays are tough for so many. Wish I could hug them all. Jean

Cara Marsi said...

What a wonderful tribute to your husband. Your memories of him will sustain you and your children through the holidays. I love your new cover, and the excerpt is hot. Good luck with your new releases.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Cara.. I appreciate so much all the nice comments. Merry Xmas to you and yours.. Jean

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