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Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Play God Without Developing a Complex

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Big deal, fantasy authors do it all the time.

Need to bend the rules of physics? As long as you keep it consistent and credible, go ahead. Want to have demons, angels, werewolves, and other shapeshifters existing in the same world? Fine, just make sure your characters are believable. Hey, you do believe in these beings, don’t you?

The most important rule to writing fantasy is to build your world and characters so your reader believes they exist. These creations must operate under a specific set of criteria that you set in the beginning throughout the story. For example, if a werewolf can only shift during the full moon, don’t suddenly have one of them able to shift at will—unless in your world the alpha can do anything or it is a new mutation, but be sure to let your reader know this from the start.

Once you have established the rules of your world, you can have fun. Let your imagination run free because you’re the God of your world. A God without a complex, no guilt allowed here, no remorse permitted. Torture your characters, destroy your worlds, rebuild and start anew, it’s all in a day’s work for a God. And I do so love being a God.

LJ DeLeon is an Army brat and a world-traveled former CIA Intelligence Analyst who has seen enough of this world to appreciate other worlds. Working for the CIA was great training for writing fantasy, paranormal, and futuristic romance--and understanding the warrior mentality.

Amazing how real life and fiction overlap.

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Paris said...

Creating a world with rules your characters must abide by is probably the most challenging and rewarding part of writing paranormal/fantasy but I love it!

Just don't forget to take a day of rest:)

Molly Daniels said...

I'm in awe of those who can world-build, and I agree: In order for it to work, a 'bible' must be written first, to keep it consistent.

Tina Donahue said...

When I first started writing paranormals I was all stoked thinking: wow, this time I can create my world. Rules won't hold me in.

Yeah right. I soon learned that I had to follow the rules I made up so it all made sense.

Wasn't as easy as I thought but definitely rewarding. Great blog. :)

Sandy said...

Sorry, I'm so late. I don't write or read much fantasy, but I understand any world we build must make sense.

Good blog.

Anonymous said...

Great post! And so true. I will stop reading a book if the "world building" and the "rules" arent clearly there in the story. I agree completely with what Paris said: I love it!

hugs, Kari Thomas,

Fran Lee said...

How true. I love fantasy, shifters, vamps, angels, and bookshelves are fairly bursting with them! LOL!

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