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Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Part One

Yes, I am one of the Twilight fanatics who just HAD to see Breaking Dawn. For a year, I had been looking so forward to this movie and the night had finally arrived this past Saturday evening.

Accompanied by about fifteen other Edward/Jacob fans, we began our night eating at the Claddagh and having a few drinks before the start of the show. I, of course, had my usual Irish Coffee, while chatting it up with some of my best friends about what we were anticipating from the movie. Most of us were excited about the honeymoon scene, but were not quite sure if the director would follow the book or blaze their own trail.

To my delight, the movie showed more than what I expected. When it came to Bella and Edward's honeymoon rendezvous, the book never went into detail about the amazing first night together as husband and wife. Being a YA romance, I could certainly understand why, only allowing us - as readers - to get a glimpse of the aftermath the next morning with pillow feathers floating about, a chunk of the headboard bitten, and the room torn asunder. However, the movie didn't have as much discretion, allowing us to be present during that special intimate affair. I was tickled pink.

But one of my favorite moments (in both the book and the movie, since being a mother myself,) was when Edward could finally hear the thoughts of the baby, finding that connection he so direly needed. For most of the time (after he'd been shocked by the revelation of her unexpected pregnancy), he could only think of the baby as a demon, something evil that was killing his delicate human wife. He resented the baby for what it was doing to her, and couldn't see it the way Bella saw it - an innocent life and a miracle.

In one special scene, Edward stopped what he was doing and placed his hand upon his wife's rounded belly. You could feel the excitement as he listened and foretold of how happy the baby was and how the baby loved his parents' voices. At that endearing moment, when he bowed his head in utter joy and put his face to Bella's stomach, he became the protective father who accepted the child as part of his family and not something that would tear them apart.

My heart leapt for joy, even though I knew it was coming. I've always been on team Edward, swooning countless times over his beautiful smile. But the smile he gave, when he recognized his own child's thoughts, was better than all the smiles from the past put together.

So, what was your favorite parts of the movie and/or book? Did you like the cinematic version of the Ms. Meyer's work or were you disappointed with their efforts to represent Part I of the final chapter of the Twilight Saga?

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chirth7 said...

I haven't seen it yet. But from what I heard everyone thought it was more and better than expected. I can't wait to see it. My Mom is coming in finally and I've been busy so I'll probably have to wait for it to come out on DVD. Unless she finds her own place pretty fast. We'll see. I'm so glad you loved it. I'm so curious how they'll show this rapidly growing baby. W/O making it look like different babies and kids. lol But thats for the next movie right?
Thanks for sharing! You made me really want to go even if I have to leave Mom behind at home. lol ;)

derekd said...

Several years ago, my girls and I started the tradition of going to the Potter and Twilight movies on midnight premier night.

I thought it was well done for the most part. The scene with Charlie escorting Bella down the aisle and when they are alone before she leaves for the honeymoon had me tearing up. With 3 of 4 daughters at legal marrying age, I saw myself doing the very same thing...soon.

I didn't like the fight between the vamps and wolves. Not in the book, and wondered if they thought it needed more conflict. Reminded me of a couple having an argument in a book just for the sake of creating tension. Not necessary.

Renee Vincent said...

Chirth7:Yes, it is a movie you have to see (even if it means leaving mom behind haah) just kidding.

I can't wait to go back and see it again! *squee*

Derek: What a great tradition! And I teared up too when Bella and her father walked down the aisle. It brought back memories of when my father held tight to my arm as he led me down the path. Very moving scene!!!

And I so agree with the unnecessary fight at the end of the movie...there was enough tension with waiting for Bella to open her eyes!!!

kbcutter said...

I'm one of the few people on this Earth who have yet to crack open a Twilight book or see the films.

I think one day I'm going to break down and see that the hoopla is all about.

Renee Vincent said...

If you decide to either book or movie, I recommend reading the books. They are far better than the movies will ever be, but it's the characters in the book that make the characters in the movie so great. If I didn't read how awesome Edward and Jacob are in the books, I wouldn't understand what the hype of the movie is all about.

I never thought I'd ever read a vampire book, much less a YA vampire book, but I was hooked by chapter 3 and went out the next day and bought all 4, reading them in less than a month. They are that good.

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