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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Were's, Vamps, Ghosts & Ghouls: What's Your Favorite Creature of the Night?

I enjoy a good paranormal romance anytime of the year but there’s just something about the crisp fall air and Halloween that makes me want to snuggle under a blanket and read about hot-blooded shifters that make my heart beat a little faster.

I admit that I do love the were-creatures because of their very primal natures but what creature of the night does it for you? Vampires? Ghosts? Zombies? What do you like to read when the shadows grow long and your attention is drawn to the things that go bump in the night?

Something else that makes my heart beat a little faster these days is a bargain and if you’re looking for a hot paranormal full of Jaguar shifters, action and adventure you can find Assassin’s Kiss on sale now, just in time for a little Halloween reading.

Assassin’s Kiss- Erotic Romance/Paranormal/shapeshifter

By Paris Brandon

Copyright 2009

Ellora’s Cave

You can only take so much away from a person before they either fight or give up.”--Kira Randall

Her only crime was being born. She is the key to a secret that the Jaguar Council will kill to keep and their ancient enemy, the Brotherhood, will kill to possess. Kira Randall, a two-natured, jaguar shifter in heat treks to the Guatemalan jungle, desperate for the sex she craves. What she finds is danger, death, and Bastian, a blatantly sexual three-natured, Jaguar assassin who rescues her from the rogues he tracks, only to find she is more dangerous.

Halflings have been forbidden for centuries. Killing her should have been easy.

Torn between his desire for Kira and his duty to protect the Jaguar People, Bastian can’t resist the first touch of her naked flesh or her heated demands. Until their enemies make that impossible.

Caught in a treacherous web of deceit they race to uncover the secret that will save them both. Their only hope is each other.

"Brandon has created a detailed world and provides a well-crafted plot filled with action, danger and great characters..."
Romantic Times Book Reviews

"...Assassin's Kiss is a must read for fans of suspense, action, shifter and erotic romance genres"
–Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"... As a rule, I usually enjoy stories of this genre and Ms. Brandon totally brings the idea to the next level"
Romance Junkies


Ellora’s Cave:


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Whatever your reading pleasure, have a safe and happy Halloween. Until next month…

Happy Reading!

Paris Brandon!/ParisBrandon


Tina Donahue said...

Love the title of your book, Paris - and the cover - wow! Great reviews. Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Ghosts, Paris. I love ghost stories during Halloween. Okay, all year, but fall really makes me want to curl up in a fuzzy blanket and write or read a good, scary ghost story. I love watching Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, etc. Though, I do love vamps, but I love them all the time! lol

Assassan's Kiss is a gorgeous cover, by the way. I always loved that one!

Have a great fall!

Liz said...

wow! what great reviews! congrats!

Paris said...

Thanks, Tina! You wouldn't believe how many times I changed the name on this book before I came up with it, lol:)

Paris said...

Hey Taylor,
I love ghost stories too and hopefully I'll have one to share with you in the near future:)

Paris said...

Thanks Liz:) I think that it's possibly my favorite cover so far. Thank you, Les Byerly:)

Molly Daniels said...

Sounds intriguing Paris! I'll have to put this one on my TBB list:)

Paris said...

Hi Molly:) Thanks for stopping by!

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Shifters and ghosts are my favorites, but I love all of it if it's done well. And Paris, Assassin's Kiss is a fabulous book! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves shifters, any time of the year.

Paris said...

Thanks Cindy:) you're a doll and may I add that I'm saving your last Urban Arcana, Motor City Werewolf for my reading holiday when I finish the WIP!

Anonymous said...

Great Cover, Paris ---HOT! And the book sounds yummy. I love all ghost stories and when they have a Shifter in them its all the better. This time of year is soooo fun! All the stories out there and all the new ones to discover! Ghoulies and Ghosties, bring them on!

Wishing you great Sales!

Hugs, Kari Thomas,

Paris said...

Thanks, Kari! I agree:) There are so many really wonderful stories out now that we have a great selection to choose from. Bring them on!

jean hart stewart said...

This sounds irresistible.. gotta find out what two-natured means.

Paris said...

Thanks Jean:) Two-natured is the ability to assume human or jaguar form but the hero's third nature is that of a hybrid man/jaguar hence his third nature.

Katalina Leon said...

Great reviews and a beautiful book cover too! You're so right Paris, this is the prefect time of year to surrender to the spell of a great paranormal romance. They're a favorite fall treat of mine, especially in October.

Paris said...

Thanks, Kat! I do believe this may be my favorite time of year:)

Tessie Bradford said...

For me, it is a toss up between shifters and vampires!!

Congrats on the great reviews!

Paris said...

Thanks, Tessie:) I know what you mean. I was just sitting here thinking I'd like to watch a True Blood marathon on Halloween:)The best of both worlds!

Marianne Stephens said...

Ghosts. Always intrigued by ghost stories and knowing the ghost was once "real".
Great reviews, Paris!

Paris said...

Thanks, Marianne! Ghosts have always intrigued me too. Who were they and why are they sticking around--so many possibilities:)

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