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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time to Settle

Much has been said recently about the advent of Fall.

It's pretty, that is for certain.

I live in a state that boasts some seriously amazing color.  And this time of year is fun what with all the pumpkins, colorful mums, spooky decorations and anticipation of the Long Slide Into the Holidays.

For yours truly, it's a busy time, what with my brewery's Tap Room ramping it up, kicking butt and taking names every single weekend and my hectic book release schedule only really getting going.

But I'm gonna admit something. In between all the beer blogging, beer selling, writer blogging and book promotions I'm ready to reach back and finish something I started a couple of years ago.   I'm gonna pull out a beloved WIP, a trilogy of hot novels that were my first foray into actual fiction writing, and do a big time re-write, finish the third book once and for all, polish and submit.

Yeah, I've had some success with a few publishers and I am thrilled to be with each and every one of mine so far. I'm not a rookie submitter by any stretch.  But you know how it is...some projects are just....more than that.  I am committed to settling down and making this project For Real.

So along with my buddy Katalina Leon, I am recommitting myself to 2 things:
Hot Yoga minimum three times a week AND
The Realtors: A trilogy spanning 10 years in the life of a young woman finding her way in life and love. And the men who complicate it.
Jack Gordon: Super Alpha successful broker with a female-shaped chip on his shoulder he has spent a lot of time and energy knocking off--until he meets Sara. Can he overcome his own hype and admit that his heart needs love?

Craig Thornton: Young, sexy, confident, with no issues admitting how he feels about Sara. But is she ready for what he has to offer?

I've had the first one (Floor Time--which I excerpted the living  crap out of on Six Sentence Sunday to a lot of kudos) CP'd and will give it a spit/shine first. Then I gotta bring the sequel (Closing Costs) up to speed then actually finish the darn thing with the final in the trilogy: Sweat Equity.

I'm pretty excited about it. the meantime...allow me to introduce the Deniz Family:
Twin brothers Tarkan and Emre (pronounced "Em-Ray)  and their sister Lale (pronounced "Lah-Lay")

From Decadent Publishing November 4, 8 and 18: The TURKISH DELIGHTS trilogy: part of the amazingly fun 1NightStand series!

Here's a bit of cover drool, um art....

I love these covers....truly and this series is way fun.

There are blurbs and what not on my site:

How does Fall make YOU want to pick up an old project or start a new one?


Vicki Batman said...

I'm a yoga girl too!

Love your determination. Much success going your way.

Started a new story. Need to get back to another and submit.

Thanks, Liz.

Suzanne said...

I tend to use the fall to finish off projects, end of the year and all that. The new year is more the time I might get back into something I've put on the shelf for a while. But hmmm, hot yoga, something I've been thinking about too.

wlynnchantale said...

Lovely. I'm going to polish up a few of those old manuscripts. Thanks Liz. I love the photos. I took a few of those myself.

Liz said...

Bikram Yoga is a life changer. It's mental, physical and emotional and you sometimes have to force yourself out the door to get there, but it's worth it! headed there now...cheers

Casea Major said...

I love the fall,too. Spring is my favorite but fall is second. And it is inspiring!

Nice post, Liz.

Nina Pierce said...

I know so many people who love fall. For me it's such a melancholy time of year. Yeah, it's beautiful, but it means the start of the holiday crunch (which I soooo don't enjoy) and the beginning of a long, cold winter.)

Your project sounds wonderful. Best of luck with the spit and polish!

Jessica Subject said...

Some hot covers Liz! I've just started to rewrite an old WIP too. It's the second in a series, and the third is not finished yet. All the best in your rewrites!

Katalina Leon said...

Liz, your new trilogy is going to be great! Sometimes there's a real sense of fate about when a WIP actually reaches a publisher. Several times I've been so grateful that I was held back for one reason or another and allowed to make changes or complete the work in a slightly different vein. Its always for the best.
I'm totally with you on the yoga! I've committed to get off my butt everyday and sweat a little. God knows I need it. Down Dog baby! Down dog! lol

Liz said...

thanks for all the great comments kids! and yeah, Kat, day 2 was more brutal than day 1 of the "recommitment strategy" AND I had the sort of asshole-ish teacher who chided me for sitting down so much. but it made me rally and work harder!

Katalina Leon said...

You sat? Liz you have to adopt a couple of passive poses that make you look engaged and deep in thought when you're really just slacking, that way the teacher won't say anything... lol

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Liz! Congrats on all of your wonderful accomplishments!

Liz said...

YES I sat. it was either that or run screaming into the nice, cool lobby! but I know tomorrow will be better!
thanks for all the good wishes everyone.
I counted today and realized I have 3 different MSs out for consideration....whew.

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