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Sunday, October 2, 2011


 Aw! October.
When the hint of autumn wafts in the air with only a turn of the calendar page. The childhood memories of visiting a pumpkin patch, or the scent of apples and caramel, or the crispness of the cooler weather, all rushed back to me yesterday. The calendar indicates October 1. With that significant date all thoughts of the horrendously hot days when I got into my car wearing shorts; the humidity dissipated that played havoc on my hair, and the boring reruns on television.
With the change of the calendar, at least here in the U.S., fall comes with many changes. It’s sweater weather! Time to pull out those transitional clothes and spice up our wardrobes. Not only the weather is noticeably different, but the season is the one for the harvest bounty. Time to hit all the farmers’ markets to get the fresh fruits and vegetables. Yum!
In my family’s household, the month also brings with it the anticipation of the World Series, and football gears up with the local high schools, colleges, and of course professional sports. Time to snuggle in with a loved one and watch movies on DVD that we didn’t have time to see over the summer. Also, time to get serious about catching up on the numerous books I’ve been purchasing, because you realize those intriguing blurbs and titillating book covers called to me.
October for me also signals the start of the Holidays. Yes, I know, officially it should be at least another month or so. But, hey, Halloween could be considered by some to be more than an old pagan celebration or an excuse to dress up weird and throw a party. If you hit the stores you’d think there was a retail marketing ploy to bolster sales. Not unlike the other end of year holidays. Either way, I’m enjoying the fun. With a little one residing in my house, Halloween is a month of preparing for the big night. She delights in dressing up and walk our neighborhood asking for candy she shouldn’t have, but hey, the girl is like her Nana and loves her chocolate.
This year we’re celebrating with more panache, more fun, and embracing the whole craziness than other years. Hubby and I will travel to New Orleans for the Anne Rice Lestat Vampire Club Ball along with the Undead Con the last week. Let the good times roll! We will meet other authors and readers, some we’ve “met” on blogs and chat groups, and others reacquainting with friends from other events.
Yes, October is a wonderful month; sports, food, celebration, good reads and good writing to all. Change of seasons don’t happen here in Florida, at least where I live. Only lots of fruit trees, live oaks, and palm trees dot the landscape. So here’s wishing everyone a Happy Autumn! Go out and kick up some leaves for me.

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Tina Donahue said...

I love fall and I have very fond memories of Halloween. My BFF and I would dress up in the weirdest costumes, that we came up with ourselves, and giggle like crazy as we went trick or treating. Even though all the other kids coveted the candy, I was really into popcorn balls. I traded all my Hershey bars and other sugary junk for the other kids' popcorn. Good times. :)

Sandy said...

I loved popcorn balls, too, Tina.

I love fall and Halloween. I like having trick or treaters come to our house. Some of them are adorable. All of them are cute.

Liz said...

I love fall period. My parents were both college professors so for us, it was "New Year" more so than Jan. 1!
great post. thanks

Janice said...

I love the cooler temps in fall. My hubby loves pumpkin pie. My daughter at 20 enjoy dressing up for a custom party.

The only thing I hate is raking the damn leaves!


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