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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello From Briny Bay

Hi, y’all. I hope you don’t mind meeting in my bridal boutique. You see, Dreema Driscoll is due in about thirty minutes for a fitting. Besides the fact I need every minute of her fitting because I have to grease her down to get her in the dress, she can be a bit persnickety and a regular faucet, so I don’t dare try to leave in case I can’t get back in time. I do love to talk and sometimes I find it hard to stop. You know how it is when you’re the unofficial AP for a small town.

Grab yourself some coffee. I have hot water and tea bags too. You choose. Now to why I’m here. My sister hijacked Bobbye’s blog again. You see, Trix is a bit out-of-sorts with Bobbye. Again. Seems our author has been finishing another manuscript and not working on ours. As Trixie says, The Shadow Knows needs to be finished yesterday because it comes out in December and will explode into popularity making bigger commotion than a bunch of ammo in a lightning-struck barn. She figured it was only fitting I explain why. Okay, the plain truth forces me to fess up to the fact I threatened her beyond an inch of her life if she tried to sneak in here and take over until I’d had my say.

Oh, my goodness, where are my manners? I’m Roxie Turner. Whatever lies my sister told you before, please ignore them. She’s still miffed I was the baby and got all the attention, not to mention I am only in my early forties while she’s twelve years older and facing senility. Oh, and then there’s the fact she’s married to Floyd, the Great White Couch Potato, while I am the gay widow. Gay as in happy, let’s not spread any rumors. Of course, she won’t admit such sister envy, but it’s obvious why she is, don’t you think? <pats the side of my hair>

Now, to the point about popularity. The Briny Bay mystery series is all about mysteries—yes, I know it’s evident. But it seems that when a person is writing amateur sleuth books, that’s what Trixie and I are, especially when they’re set in a small town, a writer like our Bobbye, can draw a person into the story with all its Southern charm and the idiosyncrasies of the small town. The town becomes its own character. These techniques make the sudden twists and turns contrast and it seems to delight folks who read about the escapades.
Now, as Trix told you, I’m sure, because she just blurts out everything she knows, our first book in the Briny Bay Mysteries, Buried in Briny Bay, was released in March from Turquoise Morning Press. The second book, The Marriage Murders, came out in June and told all about a marriage party’s murders, which I, of course, solved, even though I gave my sister and Greg some credit. Especially Greg, as that set of murders brought us closer together. I mean really close, if you get my drift. We also got rid   Marlowe Malone, snarling red-nailed she-lion that she was, not to mention competition for my love-bug’s affections..

Now I’m really in for it, because Greg has discovered he has a grown daughter and she’s coming to visit. She arrives just in time for a bunch of brand new murders, all men and all missing…well, you know. Only the shadow knows why someone would want to cut off the little things, but there you go. Why the murderer keeps dumping the bodies next to Greg’s dock is beyond me. .And then there’s the fact his mother died trying to save the original Genital Reaper back more than twenty-five years ago.

I suppose I’ve jumped too far ahead. First you need to join me as I get out of hot water and keep Greg and his father from joint jail sentences for the murders.  Time to go back to that fortune teller who can tell me who the shadow is. Check out The Shadow Knows in December, but the other two books, Buried in Briny Bay and The Marriage Murders are on sale now at Amazon and most electronic retailers.
Whoops! Gotta go now, I hear Bobbye coming back with a cup of tea. She’s such a Southern lady. See ya’!

Bobbye Terry is a multi-published author of several different genres. She writes fantasy and science fiction under the pseudonym, Daryn Cross. Her science fiction series, The Cash Chronicles, currently includes two cyberpunk novellas, Frozen Assets and Full Moon Rising. Writing under her real name of Bobbye Terry, she pens mystery novels set in small Southern towns, including the Briny Bay Mystery Series and the Climax, Virginia series beginning with Coming to Climax and continuing in November with Nick of Time.


Tina Donahue said...

Love your writing style. :)

Molly Daniels said...

Wow Roxie:) Who minds the store while you're solving the mystery and keeping Greg out of jail?

Awesome intro!

Cara Marsi said...

Very clever post. Thanks for the chuckle. Your Briny Bay mysteries sound like fun. I'll have to check them out.

jean hart stewart said...

Very cute...who wouldn't want to read more?

Renee Vincent said...

*waving to Bobbye*
Great post, darlin!

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