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Monday, October 17, 2011

Book giveaway, help me celebrate!

Well, that's a bummer. The middle part of my post got lost in the air someplace. I'm giving away books based on excerpts from the two books whose covers did make it. Quest for Magic...I want the heroine's name in this one. I want the hero's name in the quote already published from Victoria's Visions.

Quest for Magic Excerpt:
Then she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with all the enthusiasm he could desire.
Her hot and sultry voice reached his every bone. “So show me, Jono. Show me everything I don’t know. I’ve wanted to kiss you for the longest time.”
“I shouldn’t do this,” she added in a mutter. “But I’ve missed you so.”
Jono stared into the eyes that mesmerized him from the moment he’d seen her. If he hadn’t already been completely aroused those eyes alone would stiffen him.
“I’ll never force you, Hayley. In any way. Unless you want it, I won’t make another move.”
She drew back, a slight smile quirking her lips. “That doesn’t sound like the Lothario I’d expected.”
“Which do you want, Hailey? Me, or the mythical lover in your mind?”
“I want you,” she wailed. “Not the legendary Lothario. But I can’t forget all those other women.”
“Hayley, look at me.” His voice shook with intensity. “I won’t deny I’ve had other women, although not as many as you probably think. But I’ve never wanted anyone like I want you. I think I fell in love with you on sight.”
As she stared at him, he continued with a sincerity he hoped she could not mistake.
“I’ve loved you from the moment I saw you. No, even before. When I first heard your beautiful voice.”
She still looked doubtful and he leaned down and captured her lips again.
“Hayley, Hayley, let me show you my love for you. I’ve never told another woman I loved her. Never. I adore you, Hayley. You’ve put a song in my very soul.”
He wanted so badly to give her pleasure. He longed to show her she meant the world to him. He wanted her to recognize he was essential to her and to know it with every fiber of her being. He’d never desired any woman the way he desired her. And above all he wanted every move he made to be one pleasing to her.
She drew back, leaning against the circle of Jono’s arms. Looking deep into his eyes, he felt as if she saw directly into his loving and regretful soul. Regretful that he’d ever spent one minute on another woman and couldn’t come to her as pure as she was coming to him.
Then she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with all the enthusiasm he could desire.
Her hot and sultry voice reached his every bone. “So show me, Jono. Show me everything I don’t know. I’ve wanted to kiss you for the longest time.”

Victoria's Visions Excerpt::
"And Victoria, beautiful, beautiful Vicky, stood by, smiling sweetly and with a curiosity he recognized. She wanted to know much more about him. A temptation he’d never expected. The memory of how he’d pinioned her in his arms when he’d kept her from running to the rabid dog warmed his heart, as well as masculine parts he’d rather not acknowledge right now. She’d fit so beautifully in his arms. Every curve the most tempting size and in just the right place. She was Eve personified, an Eve with fragrant, luxurious hair. Did she know her smile was a sexy invitation to take her to bed? He doubted it. Her eyes were those of an innocent. But he’d be happy to follow any temptation she offered.
If he only could.
She was achingly beautiful. A beauty of soul and body he suspected he’d never be able to forget. Her sweetness and warmth shown from her interested eyes. From this day he feared he’d compare every other woman to this lovely girl.
But she could never be for him. He’d better stop admiring her even in his thoughts.
He definitely didn’t need this added complication. He didn’t want to be here in the first place. He had a life and a future with a beautiful girl waiting for him in Boston. He certainly didn’t want the sterile existence of a British nobleman. And he didn’t need to feel attracted to some damned English female. Let alone wanting to grab her and lead her to the nearest secluded spot where he could pound his penis into her until they both screamed. Hell, he’d probably take her in public if given the chance.
What the hell was wrong with him? This was utterly ridiculous. He’d never had such uncontrolled feelings. No matter how lovely she seemed to be, he couldn’t follow the beckoning path of his wicked thoughts.
Suddenly Cabot felt he didn’t know himself at all, and liked himself even less."

Love giving away books, so please enter...


Tina Donahue said...

Wow, Jean - what covers - they're so beautiful! Wonderful excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks Tina, but something went wrong here. There are supposed to be two excerpts. I'm asking for the hero's name from Victoria's Visions and the heroine's from Quest for Magic. Am hoping to add the missing part of the blog, but if anybody wants to comment at all I'll count it. Being on Pacific time when you're blogging doesn't help either. GRRRRRR!

jean hart stewart said...

Blog is now corrected to its original form. I've sent out message to various sites with slightly different directions how to win. At this point, any comment will be accepted as an entry. Thanks..

Katalina Leon said...

Hello Jean, I enjoyed the excerpt.

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks for the comment Kat... Got this up too late for much response, but that's life.

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