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Friday, September 2, 2011


Then you make lemonade.
Last night I got out of the hospital from an unexpected surgery, minor by today’s standards, but not how I intended to spend this week. What is frustrating is I’ve been dealing with one medical obstacle after the other since the beginning of the year. In-between all the chaos, I’m trying to write, promo, keep sane, and write again. But, life seems to step in and throw everything off kilter.
January the year started out with my debut release, Born to Be Wild, excited and ready to enjoy the fun of my first published book. Soon thereafter, I had a dental problem. An old root canal had caused me difficulties over the past sixteen years, until I finally couldn’t take the pain. Turns out the original dentist left packing cotton inside and didn’t fully drill out the root. Duh! No wonder my tooth hurt.
That little fiasco corrected, I moved to the next one. A pre-cancerous mole on my back and a squamous cell cancer on my face stunned me. Great! So I got those removed while I worked on promotion of my debut and editing of the second book, My Life as a Dog. Dang! If March didn’t roll around with the release and I start having muscle spasms in my back. I could barely walk and the pain was excruciating. Went to hospital and told by Emergency Room doctor I pretty much had to live with the pain and possibly should seek out an acupuncturist or alternative healing. Okay! What’s next to happen?
Well, I shouldn’t have opened my mouth, April came and I had my third book due out, so more editing and promotion, but the back pain flared its ugly head again. I fainted getting ready to see my family physician. He sent me straight to the hospital and I stayed one night and released with a brace to wear for eight weeks. Turns out I had two fractures in my spine but not serious enough for surgery. I wasn’t given any medication for the pain and home I went to spend a very long time in bed. So I finished writing the sequel to my debut book—Born to Play came into being. As well as a contemporary novella entitled Texas Heat. Whew! I thought I turned a corner. But noooo!
Remember the fainting spell I had? Well my family doctor thought I should have that checked out and sent to a cardiologist. Oh and during the first trip to the hospital in March, the MRI showed I also had pleural effusion, so off to the Pulmonary specialist. The lungs checked out okay after two trips to imaging for chest x-rays and an ultrasound, but the heart, no such luck.
After a battery of tests, EKG, nuclear tests, heart monitors, one for a couple days and another time for six weeks, the cardiologist determined I had what they call SVT. I’m put on medication for a month and didn’t do anything, so put on another medication and sent for a heart catheter to make sure there’s no blockage causing the heart problems. In between the entire medical calamity, I’m trying my darnedest to write, write, and write and then promo again, with editing for Born to Play, which releases in pre-sales today and officially next Friday.
Then, I had two strange episodes of pain in my stomach which flared up and disappeared with no explanation during the past two months. I had the heart catheter on Monday afternoon of this week and went home in some discomfort but okay. Tuesday evening I’m taken to the hospital by ambulance for stomach pain that made me feel like I was dying. After a few hours, I’m admitted for gallstones. Huh?
Wednesday afternoon I have the surgery and I arrived back home Thursday evening and had to figure out what to write for this blog. I almost didn’t get the blog written, but I made a commitment and had to honor it. So I guess what I’ve learned since the first of the year—if life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I know there’s another story in here somewhere. Now, I have to go write it!
Cynthia Arsuaga, Erotic Romance Author


Marianne Stephens said...

Good grief! You have had your share of lemons and making lemonade is all you can do...good for you! Stay tough and strong...but relax and let others cater to you for now.
Get well!

Tina Donahue said...

Wow, Cynthia - how awful. I hope you've finally reached the end of your health scares and you can concentrate on enjoying life and writing.

Paris said...

Sweetie you must have a very large pitcher of lemonade by now! Good luck with your recovery and I hope being able to focus on your writing will help.

Take care and hope you're better very soon!

Kenzie Michaels said...

Cynthia, maybe it's time for a ghost writer to take over your stories? Let her have all the medical issues while you go on an extended vacation!

Mary Corrales said...

Those were some lemons life gave. I think you've had enough now to set up a lemonade stand.

Thanks for reminding us all that writing is often the best way to keep sane and keep our spirits up when life attacks.

Here's wishing you a better last few months of 2011.

jean hart stewart said...

Sheesh, that's just too much for any one person. How you wrote through it all is simply extraordinary. Do keep us informed of your progress. Best, best of luck and good doctors...

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Thanks everyone! Yeah I could start a stand with what I've put up with! But, once I get through the next few weeks, I hope everything settles down and I can really do some good writing! Thanks again and next month's blog will be a good one not last minute.

Liz said...

Heavens! what a crazy year you've had! take care of yourself.

Delaney Diamond said...

Good grief! Surely things can only get better from here. I'm glad you're okay.

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