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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do You Have Computer Burnout?

Hi Everyone,

I have been facing the dilemma of computer burnout, and I don't know how to fix the problem.  I hate my computer because it takes my whole life.

For the last couple of months, I've stayed off the computer most of the time because I can't stand to be on it.  I'm tired of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and email (at least a hundred a day).

All the time I spent promoting just zonked me out.  Right now, I feel like I could throw my PC and laptop away and touch one again. 

I loved it when I just wrote and didn't have to do anything else.  Does anyone have the answer to getting the love of the computer back?

Please tell me.  I'll be forever grateful.


Sandra K. Marshall


Tina Donahue said...

I hear you - I not only have burnout on this - I hate my service provider. My DSL is slower than dial up and they can't seem to fix it. They've sent me notices for my Blackberry that the payment is late even though I have the cancelled check - with their endorsement on the back - stating that they took my money. I faxed an image of the cancelled check (front/back) to them as they instructed and they still can't seem to get it posted to my account. They keep 'forgetting' to send me bills and have never once spelled my name right on the account. OMG, I just want to jump in my car and start driving and never come back.

jean hart stewart said...

I just changed my provider, but kept the old account just to not have to change my e-mail addy. New provider is much better (So far). I havefew accounts on automatic payment as they always seem to get screwed up. Still my computer is a blessing. Nobody, not even me, can read my writing...

Katalina Leon said...

Sandra, I just blogged about my burnout yesterday and everyone else seems to be on the same page with you...
I think this might be a good sign. Perhaps all of us as a whole have reached critical mass in some way and are now ready for something more efficient and less draining. It obvious that what worked several years ago no longer works and changes must be made... so bring on the new changes!

Sandy said...

Tina, that's horrible about your service provider. Who is it? I want to make sure to never get them.

I feel like driving away and never coming back, too. Maybe, we could take the trip together. Grin.

Sandy said...

Yeah, Jean, I don't think any of us would want to go back to long hand or typing on a typewriter. lol

Sandy said...

Thanks, Kat. I think a lot of the burnout is all the Yahoo Groups on top of everything else. Although, I'm not very active on any of them much any more.

Paris said...

I can sympathize. The only solution I've been able to come up with is to write first and spend only a designated amount of time on the social networking thing. If I have to choose--I write.

Hales said...

I get tired of it too. Normally I just stay off line for a bit. I might take care of necc business and then pick up a fav book off my book shelf to relax or get out of the house.

I'm on a hundred loops and all but publishers are on digest. I go through and read and answer some. I've pretty much ended all loop chat and utilize the loops that host promos for certain days. I also set up days at the review companies to promo or hold contests. I had to because the loops and daily interaction with everyone was giving me migraines. I get my chat on on twitter and facebook when I'm breaking from writing :P I do do a blog a month at sweet n sexy divas and romance books r us and on my blog. I promote in splurts and so far it suits me, I could prob do more but I'd rathe write.

Marianne Stephens said...

Taking a break is what you need. Trying to do it all doesn't work. Trying to balance writing with networking is important, especially in the technology-advanced era we're now in.
I feel like I keep running after that technology bus and never quite catch it to get onboard!

Sandy said...

Thanks, Paris. That's what I'm going to do when I get started back writing.

Hales, I'm sorry about the migraines. Our job can cause lots of health issues.

Marianne, I keep missing the bus, too, and now Facebook is changing everything again. Grrrr!

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