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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Share a SEXY Smile!

Okay - you can't really SEE him smiling but use your imagination - I couldn't resist using this photo!

Gotta get those hormones going and using the word SEXY will do it every time!
How often do you walk by people and (1) look away, (2) look down, (3) look up, (4) stare straight ahead as if you don't see them? We all do that...some of each of the above.

Sometimes my mind is whirling a mile a minute as I "head write" pages for a book or try to focus on my busy schedule. At those times, I may not even notice someone I pass, except in the vague recesses of my crowded mind.

Today, make a difference. Take the time to SMILE at someone. Doesn't have to be one of your famous SEXY smiles, just a casual one will do. People normally smile back...don't you? Look at these handsome guys and their winning smiles. You ARE focusing on their faces, right? Wouldn't you smile back?

In writing romance books, we tend to have our heroes and heroines smile. I have them do it frequently...and try very hard to come up with different ways of expressing that action. There's the full smile, the quirk to one side smile, the closed mouth smile, the teeth showing smile. The smile that curls your toes. That sexy smile, combined with eyes full of passion that gets your heart thumping and pounding in your chest.

Save those smiles for someone you love! For everyone else, the casual smile will be contagious. Try it. Smile. See how many people return the smile to you!
Photos: Flickr: TheresaSvea, rtbookreviews' photostreams.


Karen C said...

I'm retired and don't leave the house too often, but when I do go out, I always make sure I smile, say hello and wish the person a good day!

Anonymous said...

Okay Theresa - what you got to smile about today *smile*

Love it!

You're right - smiles are contagious - I wrote alittle ditty about it also...only mine didn't have the gorgeous man-incentive your's came gift wrapped with.


Liz said...

great post! and a lovely start to a Tuesday. Thanks Marianne. the "smile" that recently wrote made my heroine feel "utterly undressed. . . ."

Tina Donahue said...

Wow - some nice US grade beefcake. Thanks for perking up my Tuesday. :)

Anonymous said...

Smiles...a wonderful start for a new day and seeing that on the person you love and treasure your whole life is like a million fireworks display! Hotties too... :)

Nina Pierce said...

I always smile. Even when I'm talking on the phone. People respond. Seriously you know when someone's smiling on the other end of the phone. It really is contagious.

And all that eye candy certainly gave me something to smile about this morning!

Katalina Leon said...

I'm smiling Marianne, thank you for posting these guys!

mona karel said...

It's fascinating to be walking toward someone who seems glum and withdrawn - flash them a smile and watch their faces light up. Especially since I'm not what could be called eye candy
It does work to "share a smile."

Paris said...

Your post certainly made me smile this morning. What a great way to start the day, thank you!

Smiles are contagious and I try to share mine every chance I get:)

Cynthia Arsuaga said...

Good one Marianne. Smiles are contagious especially on the the man you've got your eye on!

jean hart stewart said...

This has long been one of my personal mantras. You affect everyone you meet and I want it to be for the good.

Cara Marsi said...

I agree a smile can do wonders. I don't smile enough. However, my characters smile a lot, maybe too much,

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