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Monday, July 25, 2011

Interview of Cover Model/Actor Scott Nova

Today it’s my pleasure to present an interview of multi-talented Scott Nova. His career encompasses many avenues; actor, singer, dancer, model, IT work, training to become a firefighter. His resume lists a variety of items to include voice, drum/percussion training, modeling competitions, theatre roles, EMT and Fire Certification, theatre director, martial arts and weight training enthusiast, dancer. Definitely a man of many talents!

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I had the great fortune to sit next to Scott at dinner one night at RT 2011. What a gracious gentleman! He made sure to answer all our questions and spoke with all of us at the table. AND, when I took my photo with the Mr. Romance contestants, I got to sit next to him again!

Q: With all the directions you’ve taken in career quests, is there one job you’ve thought about trying but haven’t attempted?
A: I've always wanted to own a restaurant...I love to eat (as most folks do) and now that I'm heavy into bodybuilding I'm constantly trying to find good recipes that are good for you and loaded with the stuff you need to build strong, lean muscle. I'd love to be able to share that with the people that would honor me enough to come to my establishment. Maybe someday! :)

Q: Congrats on your romance book covers! Tell us about the shoot you just did for Angela Knight.
A: The shoot for Angela Knight came out of nowhere. I'm affiliated with a new venture called On Your Cover and they were promoting me at RWA I think, and Angela saw Cindy Holby's latest cover for Quicksilver, which features me, and loved the look. So, I now became Tristan for her trailer promoting her latest book. Renee Needham is 1 of 2 photographers that I work with on a regular basis here in Columbus, and was very helpful and patient as I got the look that Angela wanted. Angela also bought additional photo's that I did a few day's after her shoot with Ken Tilley of Kens Fotoimages!

Q: How did you get your agent?
A: JD DeWitt is the owner of The View Talent Agency and she approached me Saturday night at the RT Con in LA and asked me to contact her after the competition to talk further. I explained to her that I was self-representing and that it was a daunting task. She has been an absolute GODSEND in helping me to make sense of this industry.

Q: You’ve entered modeling competitions, including RT’s Mr. Romance 2011. Tell us about them. Did you find other contestants friendly? Helpful?
A: HAHA...I almost forgot it was a competition in LA because I was having so much fun meeting so many great people. And to say my piece..I think it's a terrible idea to cancel the Mr. Romance competitions for future RT's. And getting back to the Question at hand...yes,. the other contestants were VERY helpful this year at RT. I made some good friends and picked up a lot of advice and tips from the other guys. Each guy had their own style of how to get to know the ladies and how to get their name out. My biggest, and most fun, was the dance floor at night. I had an absolute blast dancing.

Q: Your theatre credits are impressive! You played leading roles: Danny Zuko in GREASE, Seymour in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and Ichabod Crane in SLEEPY HOLLOW. Tell us about your experiences. How did you prepare for your roles? Which one did you enjoy more and why?
A: I absolutely love this question...cause its easy to answer *grin* I was raised around fast car's, drag racing, and that whole 1950's era was popular with all the car shows I grew up going to with my family. So getting to play Zuko in Grease, was my ultimate favorite. Stranded at the Drive-in was my favorite song from the show. Zuko came naturally to me because of being around race cars and such all my life. Sleepy Hollow I had a blast with because I love horror movies. And Crane's quirks were a blast to have fun with. Little Shop of Horrors was actually my VERY first theater experience and I had a blast. I did that my senior year of high school...and I was dating the leading girl, so that helped :)

Q: Obviously, you can sing and dance! What training did you go through?
A: Singing training was by my high school choir teacher..she saw my acting ability and knew that I had a good voice. I just didn't know it yet. So she talked me into trying out for Little Shop of Horrors and with some confidence building, and lots of voice coaching, I pulled it off well enough that I didn't get hit with tomato's. Dancing? Well...that just comes natural. I am blessed with great rhythm.

Q: Describe a theatre audition for us.
A: The one's I've been to were very warm. They were all in College and only for the first one. You are given a script, not necessarily from the show that you will be doing, but typically something that requires some tone changes in your voice, and also some emotion. Some directors will require you to memorize it..and they pay attention to see how well you can remember it with a short period of time to learn it. I love that kind of pressure...I thrive off of it.

Q: What will be added next to your list of accomplishments?
A: Well, I'm hoping to make it onto a "PRINT" full size novel sometime soon. I met so many great authors when at RT...I'm hoping that I can continue to make a great impression and a author will give me the opportunity. IF we are talking accomplishments in general...I'm crossing my fingers and praying every day to be hired onto the Columbus Fire Department. Nothing, I mean nothing would be greater than watching my son climb around on the fire engine of the department that I'm stationed at.

Q: What type of training do you do to stay in great physical shape?
A: I have a pretty strict diet with carb's and sugars. I make sure to take in over 200g of protein a day as well as close to 3000 calories. I weight train at least 5 days a week and I eat, and workout like my favorite saying says: "eat like a bodybuilder, train like a power lifter" I heard that somewhere, but it rings true. I'm naturally blessed with good skin and it has stayed young looking for me. Also with my martial arts background...I keep tabs on my technique and form at all times.

Q: Favorite food?
A: Lasagna or a New York Strip steak...about 18oz worth.

Q: Favorite drink?
A: Well...if we are talking good for me drink, then it's a tall, cold, glass of milk. If we are meaning what I drink on my cheat days (or mental healthy days, whichever you want to call it) then I love a cold Full Throttle Energy Drink :)

Q: What would you plan as a romantic night out?
A: Well...this is one that I'm sure has been answered by guys with the "walk down the sandy beach and a candle lit meal that costs way more than its worth"...well, ladies, that just ain't me. Born and raised in southwestern PA, out in the country and definitely DOWN in a hollar...that type of stuff just doesn't fly with me. Beach's are nice...but there's NOTHING like sitting in the back of a nice tall truck over-looking a golden field at sunset. Easton Corbin playing on the radio, and my arms wrapped around keeping ya warm. Of course, that's after I cooked a killer meal (yes, I cook too) that consisted of a nice warmly cooked steak, and a robust, oak tasting wine.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you all for reading..I can be a little long-winded so I apologize :) but I am honored to have this opportunity to allow you ladies to get to know me. Please, do NOT hesitate to send me a friend request on my Facebook page. I will update it weekly with new photo's and information on my career and whats going on. I also will be working with certain agencies to have giveaways on my page. I wanted to have a little more control of my fan page so I did a whole profile, instead of just a "likable" fan page.

Be sure to keep your eye's open for "On Your Cover", where I will be featured along with some other guys from RT2011. Also, PNG Stock Pics with Franny Armstrong. *HUGS*

Thank you all again for reading, and take care!
Scott Nova


Janice said...

Great interview. It's always nice to know what those sexy models on romance books have to say.


Jacquie Rogers said...

I hope you put up a fan page as well. I'm at the 5k friend+like limits so I can only "Like" from my author page.

Thanks for the interview today, and good luck with your career!


Tina Donahue said...

OMG, love the tat, abs, back, face. Yum. :)

Awesome interview.

Liz said...

As someone who is new to the industry, it's exciting to realize that someday I might get to actually SET UP a cover shot---not just choose from existing art! Great article--you seem like a lovely man...inside and out.

Nina Pierce said...

What a great interview! Best of luck with the fire department.

(Oh, and I love your romantic date night. I spent 20 years in farm country and it's something Mr. Nina and I enjoyed doing.)

Renee Vincent said...

Great to meet you, Scott. You are one busy man! Best of luck to you!

Cara Marsi said...

Great interview and terrific pictures. Love the tat. Good luck in your career.

shadow_kohler said...

Great interview! Its nice to know what the sexy men on covers have to say. Thanks for sharing with us. Great pictures! ;)

Katalina Leon said...

Fun interview, great look, wonderful attitude. Thank you for introducing me to Scott Nova.

Anonymous said...

great interview ! love the pictures :)
How many tats do u have ?

LisaLee said...

Hi Scott! You truly are a gentlemen inside and out...not just "another romance cover model."

Please understand, I am NOT saying that in disrespect but as an observation. The readers and authors might not get the opportunity to know our cover models every day.

I admire that you are a man who has stayed true to his country living upbringing and not let success change his character or attitude!

Soar high with your career with the fire department and I know you will pass the are a determined go-getter who loves a challenge (at least that is what you revealed to me on the blog). Keep safe in all of your endeavors! Some can be life threatening.

Thank you for having the best romantic night out. It is a quiet and a special way to block out life. Nothing can compare to sitting in the bed of a big truck or a blanket out on the prairie watching the sunset and cuddling up and staying warm with "the chef of the hour."

Love your tattoos, pictures, and all of your answers that you graciously had given.

Thank you Scott for a great interview! Letting us "get to know and meet you" and for the invite to “face book you” to keep in touch; follow your career; and I look forward to more pictures…OH YEAH!

I think you have noticed that I too am long winded…lol. I apologize if it is too long. I wanted to address more like Grease is my all time favorite movie!! “Grease Lightening” is another good song! In fact, I thought that would have been your favorite song because of your love for cars!

Marianne, thank you for sharing your interview you had with Scott. It is definitely appreciated!

myst6812 at yahoo dot com

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Great Interview! Such a nice man. I hope your hopes and dreams come true for your career as a firefighter as they are truly hard working people. We had a small forest fire on the acres next to us and the forest service were swift with a helicopter & bucket, and that fire was out within a couple of hours. We then had a forest fire on the mountain last month across from the one I live on, and had the fortune of 998 firefighters having the daunting task of getting the fire out. Bless them. They rock! thank you for the awesome interview and I always love visiting authors blogs and learning about how you create wonderful books...*S*
Thank you!



Teresa K. said...

What a very nice interview. Scott you seem to be a very down to earth guy. And being from the country I like your ideal of a romantic date.

I'm not the kind of lady that all that fancy smancy stuff works. I'm simple, heck you can take me to Mickey D's and get me a happy meal and than go sit on the back of a truck and just enjoy the time together works for me.

Don't get me wrong I like to dress up on occasion but simple and healthy works for me.

Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us. And good luck with your career as a Fireman. You will sizzle the unit.

Teresa K.

Renita Phillips said...

Great interview! My one question is what is with the tats? I don't understand why anyone would want to mark up a beautiful body. Although when friend showe me his tats, I did find them a little interesting. But this is from a person that doesn't like needles.

Scott Nova said...

Thank you for all the nice compliments ladies...and to answer the question about the tat's...They both mean something to me very dearly. the one on my right shoulder is made up of small dragon heads, forming a Chinese throwing star and in the middle is the symbol for my martial art. I'm the Year of the Dragon, Shotokan is my beloved martial art style and so it was a perfect fit ;)

The one on my left shoulder, is a celtic cross with a tribal underneath. I'm Irish/Scottish and love the unique'ness of a custom tribal.

I am done though. I won't get anymore as it is JUST enough that I feel they compliment my style and my body. And the Tat's are WAY more excepted in this industry of modeling than in the more pretentious industries like runway.

I'm as happy as I can be with as busy as I am with shoots for authors. Check out the link for Angela Knights latest book trailer. I'm depicting Tristan of the Knights Round Table.

Thanks again all..


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